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When at your best, you are vigilant, perceptive, intense, aspiring, with a well-defined goal toward which you strive constantly and in the seeking of which you may have to walk over other people ruthlessly. Aquarius Gemini Taurus Aries Scorpio Sagittarius Capricorn Pisces Cancer Leo Virgo and Libra.
They tend to be introverts, so don’t be surprised if your Scorpio prefers to play alone for hours or only enjoys the company of one favorite friend or sibling. Start them young with toy instruments and craft sets and they’ll entertain themselves for hours. Scorpios have a jealous streak, so if they feel ignored or think another sibling is being favored they are sure to act out. Learning their favorites is a good idea if you want to have an easy time keeping them occupied (the babies can spend hours fixating on a musical mobile above their cribs). You may be shocked at how well they can emulate their favorite TV character or copy an accent.

Although you are not introspective, experience must have taught you what you are capable of when you let yourself run away and get out of control – and it also must have taught you how perfectly the world responds to your wishes when you are in full possession of yourself.
If your Scorpio is being excessively quiet (or giving you the silent treatment), sit down for a judgment-free talk and let your kid tell you what’s going on. If you want to teach them a foreign language, they’ll pick up on it quickly at a young age. Everything is colored by your personal biases; you have little capacity for objectivity or detachment. They can be remarkably intuitive, and you may just learn something new about yourself in the process!
Like Scorpio Bill Gates, they could learn to channel their fortunes into a good cause one day. Principles mean little to you – it is human beings, worldly ambition, worldly goods, worldly loves, hates, jealousies, enthusiasms, that matter to you.

You are the human embodiment of the principle of the struggle for survival: you feel that if you take care of yourself everyone else will do the same for himself. You are essentially dramatic, and the drama of your life will find you either the hero or the villain, for you are your own best friend – and your own worst enemy. Nobody can really help or hurt you except yourself in so far as you allow lack of self-control to give other people control over you. You’re an ardent if somewhat hard, lover, exceedingly jealous and possessive, though keeping your own freedom. You are proud, shrewd, intuitive, forceful and likely to go far, even from a pretty poor start in life.

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