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TrueCaller, the online number directory has partnered with twitter and will now offer even Twitter handles along with numbers. While the new feature might excite the Twitterati, it also brings up certain serious questions. However, at the time of entering details, at no point does Twitter present any disclaimer that the details will be shared with other apps or with anyone else. Twitter might be a public platform but there are many users who prefer to stay anonymous or share their tweets and information with just a few. It might be good to create transparency and link accounts but this might also lead to much unwanted attention and a rise in security breaches. The feature is presently only Android exclusive and will soon be added to even iOS devices. Did You Know Virat Kohli Batted In Yesterday's Match Despite Needing Stitches On His Left Hand?
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Truecaller is a global phone directory, which you can use to find out the names associated with unknown numbers. Though this app is useful for those who get frequent spam calls, there is still a question of privacy for others. Please note that you will not get an SMS or any other kind of communication from Truecaller to confirm the removal of your number. TrueCaller is an online service that serves as a very large phone-book for reverse phone number lookups.

TrueCaller claims to source the user information present in their database partly from partnered directories and partly from crowdsourced data.
The service does pose a threat to user privacy, however there are certain benefits of using it too. It’s also handy to search for an unknown number, say if you get a missed call from a number you do not identify, you can simply search on the TrueCaller app or its website to see the owner of that number.
One of the reasons why Cyanogen exists and is so popular is because the developers are intent on building a better Android experience than even Google can deliver. Also, while most users have login verification enabled to protect hacks and their privacy, sharing the same details with a third app kind of kills the entire point of privacy. This app shows the details of anyone who calls, even if their mobile number is not saved on the phone.
Keeping this in mind, the creators of Truecaller has provided a way to remove your phone number from their directory.
This is not surprising, considering that Truecaller does not intimate you while registering your number. You can search for an unknown number and the app will display the details for that number, including the owner name and their network, provided it is stored in the database. Though in countries where there are no reliable public directory service available, the information is mainly contributed by the users. In 24 hours, your number will be unlisted, and looking it up will return no search results. For example, an advantage of using TrueCaller is that telemarketing and other unwanted calls can be avoided via the app’s comprehensive caller ID feature.

It's a bit of a lofty goal, and part of the strategy entails bundling in third-party apps and services that users will find most useful in place of Google's own collection of software. While numbers of users are not normally shared on Twitter, you are asked to enter your number when you sign up for login verification. Now the tricky part here is that once you enable the feature, TrueCaller will automatically upload your entire contacts list to its server, where they’ll form a part of its publicly searchable directory.
TrueCaller has a section on the website where a person can tap in their phone number and remove it permanently from the service’s database.
One of those services is Truecaller, a Caller ID application that will be fully integrated into the native dialer on future Cyanogen OSes. For example, if hundreds of people reported a number as being spam, you'll see that information and probably decided to at least decline the call, if not block the number outright.Truecaller integration will roll out to future devices that come preloaded with Cyanogen OS. Also, if you are using Twitter through SMS and not the app, your number is registered with Twitter.
So you don’t have to worry about your number re-entering or about repeating the process again.
In addition, OnePlus One and YUREKA owners will be able to download the feature in a future over-the-air (OTA) update.
For now whenever someone searches your mobile number on TrueCaller, your details (name and mobile number) won’t be displayed.

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