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Businesses can use vanity phone number services that have an instant vanity phone number search tool intergrade with the SMS 800 national database of business toll free numbers. A vanity phone number is a toll free telephone number thata€™s easy to remember and spells out a word that means something. Use a phone company such as UniTel Voice, with vanity phone number services that allow you to search the SMS 800 National Toll Free Database in real time so you can instantly find any and all available custom toll free vanity numbers. Printable supplement log - create !, Are you supposed to take a supplement three times a day but you just can't seem to remember?

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If the number you want is unavailable, try thinking of other words related to your business or industry.

When conducting a vanity phone number search you may want to consider searching under the complete toll free prefixes list including: 855, 866, 877, 888, because 1800 numbers may not be available.

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