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The conventional definition of success says, it is the accomplishment of an aim or purpose. Finally, you should be dependable and honest, and should be able to take up responsibilities.
Tagged gaye crispin, Jean Giraudoux, poster, quote, secret, sincerity, success, taolife, The secret of success is sincerity.
Though the definition is true to the core, it’s more advisable that every person should have their own definition of success.

So, your first job is to transform your mind into a fortress so as to keep it safe from any negative thoughts. It is up to you to make your mind stronger, bring in more focus, and expand it so as to influence other people around you. It’s about moving out from the shadows of others and start something new, something innovative. So, you should never be afraid of failure, rather you should be brave enough to embrace it with open arms.

Realizing them, and having the eagerness to learn from them is another stepping stone towards success.

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