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24 hour rule – After you book, check the next morning to see if the price of your airfare fell.
Book in advance – A revealing study from Airlines Reporting Corporation found that the best time to purchase your airfare is about six weeks prior to travel.
In addition to saving money by knowing when to book, it’s also important to know WHERE you can find deals on booking. Search multiple sites – Relying on only one site to give you the lowest cost can actually cost you. Use social media – Airlines have been experimenting with blasting fares via social media, especially JetBlue. FlightFox – Much in the way Airfare Watchdog relies on a travel agent to sniff out the best deals, FlightFox uses multiple experts to do the hard work for you. Search the airline’s site – Airlines can host private sales, reserving the cream of the crop for their very own websites. There are more ways to save, like racking up reward miles, using connecting flights and using alternatives to expensive luggage shipping companies, such as Bags® VIP luggage delivery service if you are traveling heavy. Bags® is the world leader in multi-airline remote check-in and luggage delivery services, and the premier provider of valet and guest services for the airline, airport, hotel, cruise, convention, and hospitality industries. Why are you asking me for personal information?We collect personal information including your contact and demographic information for the purposes of identification, account administration and display of personalised content and advertising.
With summer travel season in full swing, we’ve rounded up the best money-saving tips out there. If it did, give the airline a call to cancel your flight and often you can rebook without penalty. On Tuesday, they'll email offers for the coming weekend or following one to fliers who signed up for alerts. Airlines have been experimenting with blasting fares via social media, especially Jet Blue, reports the AP. Become an elite member of the airline's frequent-flier program or use a credit card that's tied to the airline to get a leg up on other travellers, says U.S.
Likewise, if you're using a credit card that offers rewards, check to see if those rewards can be redeemed for miles or travel gift cards, suggests Ask Mr. Much in the way AirfareWatchdog relies on a travel agent to sniff out the best deals, FlightFox uses multiple experts (called 'flight hackers') to do the hard work for you. You can even rattle off a list of specific demands that a computer can't check, or travel novices wouldn't include to refine your search, says Money Talks News' Brandon Ballenger.

Early morning is the time you'll see the most deals, says Bortz, although some airlines release discounted tickets throughout the day. Check the biggest online ticket-sellers--Expedia, Travelocity and Orbitz--and don't forget to search the little guys like Kayak, AirfareWatchdog, Yapta and Hipmunk for deals too. Try adding a couple days to your trip before or after peak travel days to lower the fare, suggests the AP.
Travel search engines push smaller carriers to the bottom, but you'd be foolish to overlook them.
Just make sure you leave enough time to make your connecting flight in case the first flight arrives late. Airlines can host private sales, reserving the cream of the crop for their very own websites, says Bortz.
One sneaky way airlines attempt to make the most profit is by charging different fares for people in different countries.
However you can beat them at their game using a VPN (Virtual Private Network) to hide your location or pretend to be somewhere else.
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These days it’s easier than ever to compare prices, find deals, and book cheap, yet most of us end up spending more than we want on flights. When you book, what day you leave, what time you leave – these are all important factors that, when combined, can drastically alter the price of your tickets. Bureau of Transportation Statistics, airlines made $3.3 billion in baggage fees alone in 2011. Most airlines now sell one-way flights at reasonable prices, meaning one might be cheaper for the outbound flight while the other works better for the return. The site uses real people to vet the deals rather than computers, so you're bound to turn up some offerings you wouldn't have found otherwise. Rather than fly from New York directly to Maui, you can fly from New York to Los Angeles, then go from there to Hawaii.

For example, booking domestic flights from outside the country will often be more expensive than booking inside the country. Travel in Peru has become easier than ever before; but there are still some thing you need to know before booking!
The airline in based in Chile, but operates flights in and out of the country, as well as between destinations within Peru. They have a good safety record, serve snacks on every flight, rarely delay, and can be easy if you want to plan connecting flights throughout the rest of South America. Their flights tend to be cancelled or delayed more than other airlines, but have a good safety record so far and for the low price, you can’t complain.
They do not charge a foreigner tax, but do offer special deals advertised online that are only available to Peruvians. Star PeruThis airlines operates within Peru between all main cities, with average prices and some delays.
The benefit of Star Peru’s booking process is that you can make a reservation online, but do not have to pay for 24 hours- so you can save a seat while you finalize plans! Offering flights into Lima from abroad, as well as domestic flights within Peru, Avianca Peru can be a hit or miss. They have a good safety record and offer convenient timetables, but sneak in the foreigner tax on some flights (Lima to Cusco and Lima to Puerto Maldonado). LC PeruLC Peru operates propeller planes that travel between smaller destinations off the beaten path. Sometimes this can be avoided by booking through a travel agent, but most of the time there is nothing you can do besides swallow the fee or choose another airline.You may also notice that those airlines (as well as others on occasion), offer different prices when you search their sites in English versus Spanish (LAN does this as an automatic filter for who will face the tax). You may also notice differences if your browser takes you to the US or UK version of a site.Flight compare websites often miss the tax, so it really is best to go directly to each airline’s website and try playing with it (with our descriptions above, you can see which airline is the best for you to get started with!). Also, keep in mind that policies and taxes can change at any time- make sure you read your receipt on any of them before buying to see if you’re getting hit with that ‘gringo tax’!If you plan to fly between several destinations in Peru (and are a foreigner), then your best bet is to work through a local travel agent who can usually get deals on any airline and often avoid these increased fares and fees for foreigners.Ready to book?
If you up for doing it yourself, head straight to any of the airline’s websites directly and start searching!

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