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Eric, Julie and Neal discover an enchanted stairway in Eric's basement, which turns out to be a portal to the magical and troubled world of Droon! Keeah, Julie, and Neal are determined to find a cure for the poison that transformed Eric into the evil Prince Ungast. Abbott currently lives in Trumbull, Connecticut with his wife, two daughters, and dog Comet. To stop him, Eric, Julie, and Neal must travel to the city of Tortu, where Hob has sought refuge and is crafting a new mask for Prince Maliban.

Their quest takes them to a lost empire deep in the desert, where the mischievous Sand Children are hiding a magical elixir that may hold the secret to Eric's recovery. His most popular work is the book series The Secrets of Droon, which includes over 30 books.
His father, also a writer, kept many books around his house during his childhood, and this became Abbott's first source of literature.
After unsuccessfully studying both music and psychology, he decided to study English, and graduated from the University of Connecticut with a bachelor's degree in English literature.

He has sold over 8 million copies of his books and they have been translated into several other languages, including Italian, Spanish, Korean, French, Japanese, Polish, Turkish, and Russian. When he was eight years old, his family moved to Connecticut where he went through elementary school and high school.

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