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You can see the separate river banks, or the united stream of energy, that's the secret of 11.
Spirit wants to restore your faith in a higher order, and it uses facts and figures because these never lie. As a scientist, I am also someone who requires a high burden of proof before I believe new theories. There is a veil in society that all psychics are dodgy and that educated people shouldn't go near them. This really bugs me - surely if you are a scientist, you should be willing to change your mind in light of new evidence? The whole point of science is to keep evolving.

I can talk you through these in a full reading.You might be at an important testing period in your 9-year personal cycle. Perhaps you are going from a 9 year of letting go and conclusions to a 1 year of new beginnings.
As a result I can often predict when someone will come in for a reading, and what they might ask me about.
Handy, huh.Spirit will send you repeating numbers when you are at a milestone in life to let you know they are cheering you on. For those with Master Numbers 11, 22, 33 etc., you are part of a group of teachers on the planet.

For this reason some people cannot be read by a psychic until they find someone they can trust. I have a good success rate with sceptical or blocked people as I am extremely open about what I do.

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