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A flaw in encryption technology used in some SIM cards could leave millions of phones exposed to spying according to Karsten Nohl. Well then that's why we stay with out old phones and not pay for new ones everytime a new one comes out, just a thought. Some sim cards are packaged inside of a larger card in order to protect them from damage before use. Blank cards may also be purchased by users who simply want a way to back up the information contained on their existing SIM cards. Users who wish to purchase such cards should keep an important point in mind: not all SIM cards will work with every phone.
If a mobile phone has been cloned and the legitimate subscriber inserts the same sim card into some other phone with an obviously different ESN number, will the cloner still get service?
Sometimes this can really be inconvenient, but my work phone takes a lot of abuse, and I like to have a personal phone that stays in better shape. If I was going to lose a phone, this one was easier to replace than my work phone would have been. There was a lot of information on my work phone that I could transfer over to my new personal phone. I learned the hard way about how important it is to make sure you get the correct mobile phone SIM card. I bought a blank SIM card online thinking it was the right one for my phone and it wasn't.

When my son was living in Chicago, he was robbed, and his new cell phone was one of the things that was taken from him. With no identification or phone with important contacts on it, he hardly knew what to do. If anyone has valuable and personal information stored on their SIM card, I think it is smart to have some kind of SIM backup.
I have a ton of pictures with sentimental value on my phone, so I got a blank SIM card to serve as a backup. The vulnerability allows attackers to send a spoof text message to the device which in return reveals the 56-bit data encryption standard key (DES).
Typically, users who express interest in purchasing a blank card do so for practical reasons.
Since there is no information on the card, users have to re-enter contacts and other associated cell phone account details. Cell phone owners may use SIM card readers, writers, and editors to help transfer the information over to the new card, modify the information, and enter new details onto the card.
During cloning, the blank card is configured to serve as a complete duplicate of another SIM card. Users should verify that the card works with their cell phones and carriers before purchasing it. They allow users to change phone numbers, back up information, or clone existing cards for dual service.

Different phone numbers are usually associated with the new cards, so a blank one might be given to a user who requests a replacement card due to the destruction or loss of a previous SIM. The same contacts, text messages, and other associated information can then exist on the two cards.
Should a user buy one that isn't compatible, it will be useless and his or her money will be wasted. After the process is completed, users may be able to use the previous blank to place calls and have the charges attributed to the original card. The practice of cloning is illegal in many places, however, and blank cards should not be obtained for this purpose.
Give me any phone number and there is some chance I will, a few minutes later, be able to remotely control this SIM card and even make a copy of itNohl described the attack in much more detail as well.
A malicious hacker could eavesdrop on calls, albeit with the SIM owner probably noticing some suspiciously-slow connections.Nohl was also the security researcher who exposed GSM's weak encryption that allowed anyone with the right tools to listen in on cellphone calls. Nohl believes carriers must phase out SIMs using DES and implement better filter technology to block spoofed messages.

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