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Right away there?s a distinction made between a linear and a switch mode power supply, what?s the difference?
There are essentially two types of power supply, a ?linear? power supply and a ?switch mode? power supply.
Linear power supplies consist of a transformer, rectifier bridge, capacitors, regulation circuit and some protection content to shut down the supply in case the output voltage goes too high or low, or the load short circuits. A switch mode power supply substitutes the larger heavy transformer from the linear supply and replaces it by switching a smaller transformer with a pulsed AC waveform.
Each type of supply contains a common component in the Diode Bridge for the Linear and a BD101 designation in this example for the SMPS. The Linear power supply should be relabelled as something else, because what it presents to the AC mains is far from linear as well as for the SMPS, the levels of current distortion, primarily and voltage distortion secondary are created by both power supplies equally.
If either power supply is connected to the mains circuit, creation of harmonics adds to the complications. A question often asked by audio enthusiasts which power supply works best with a Mac mini, or PC server.
In effect, you are connecting the protective earth to the equipment the power supply is to drive. Christophe Basso is writing a new book preliminarily entitled, "Switched-Mode Power Supply SPICE Simulation Cookbook", in which he describes many interesting and useful models, formulas, and circuits that deal with switched-mode power supplies. Here is the list of sample circuit files that demonstrate averaged (AC) and switched (Transient Analysis) simulations.
It is a Ben-Yaakov GSIM buck voltage mode averaged model that is set up so that you can run either AC or transient analysis.

This circuit is set up to test the response of the output voltage to step change in load current in transient analysis and the small-signal open-loop gain in AC analysis.
The plot shows the response of the output voltage to a step change in the output resistance. The interesting thing here is that you can do a transient analysis on a model that is designed to be only an averaged or AC model.
The model is accurate enough however, to reproduce the large averaged time constants as demonstrated by the damped response to the output load change. In Figure 10 we show the output of the switched model responding to a similar step change in the output resistance and current.
The switched model transient analysis required about 400 seconds to complete while the averaged model required about 4 seconds. Here are plots of the output voltage, the clipping current, the leakage current, and the drain-source voltage across the MOSFET switch. RF emissions caused by switching and coupling to earth is achieved by filtering, minimally to comply with IEC noise emission regulations, but doesn?t get rid of the noise into the AC line, totally. Primarily the output specification needs to match the specification drawn by the load, how stable the power supply can provide the voltage and current. Either method generates crud on the AC mains, at least SMPS can modulate to try and mask the pulsed currents to a degree and offer token efforts of power factor correction. Depending on the nature of the apparatus, there maybe caps in circuit between the 0V and earth to prevent conducted noise to escape, albeit with limited effects. The conditional definition of the CL value opens the loop for AC analysis and closes it for the transient step response.

The source V10 controls the switch S1, which has an off resistance of 25 ohms, producing a step change in the output current from about 80ma to about 400ma. Of course you do not see the moment by moment inductor current switching or the output voltage ripple, because these behaviors have been averaged out in the construction of the model. As far as AC power is concerned, the interaction of the diodes and capacitors is the same because the current drawn from the AC power is in pulses and not a nice constant fashion, like a heater. Pretty much these expectations are readily achievable; the amount of noise on the output and ripple in mV is readily stated, well sometimes.
The models and their demonstration circuits have been ported to MC6 and will soon be a part of the MC6 package.
However what happens on the front end AC side is not so clear at all, and has more of a profound impact on the rest of your system. How the noise can be minimised so that it doesn?t harm the rest of your components is how the power quality is resilient enough for the whole system. The US designs do have the plug earth connection to a welded point on a chassis and the outgoing earth on a welded portion of the chassis at a different place.

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