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It seemed easiest to attach the keyboard control board to the back of the SNES gamepad board.
A mounting location is chosen and care taken to ensure screw holes and other parts aren't obstructed.
Often the hardest part of a project can be in the details of the power interface for your project. Lastly the trigger buttons were soldered up and wires interfaced to the keyboard control board. 14 – The Etch-a-Sketch, This clever toy allowed you draw your own pictures using the dials and is still around today. The BBC Computer with its clunky keyboard and as much processing power as today’s average watch. The Nintendo SNES – Famous for its Donkey kong games and Mario world series, a clunky thing with cartridges for games.

The old analogue rotating dialer, could sometimes take you 1-2 minutes to dial a number when you made a mistake, and with its loud annoying ring it never went un-noticed.
The VHS tape, replaced my todays DVD, this device spent a decade in our houses allowing us to record and watch films. The Slinky, Throw it down the stairs and see how far it goes, again another toy thats still around today, simple yet fun.
The Nokia 3310, amongst other models they released, The nokia was the start of a new style of more intelligent phones and with the famous game of Snake, surely every one once owned a Nokia phone. The motorola StarTAC, the first phone to have a flip design, nothing said you was cooler in the 90s then flipping your phone open.
The PILOT organiser, you could say this was the start of the tablet, mainly used to organise meetings and store phone numbers. The scientific Calculator , allowing you to draw and plot graphs , exciting stuff ey….

The Tamagotchi, the small annoying cyber pet you could carry round in your pocket, challenging your friends to see how long you could keep your pet alive for. If you owned one of these you will surely admit it was nothing more then a gadget to look important. Made famous by Home Alone II (best product placement ever?) the little gadget let you record and play back what you said.
Apple’s most powerful entrance in to the market feature a PC that was also part of the monitor, averaging 31kg in weight at the time.

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