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The PS3 Power Cable has 3 prongs that goes into the wall and 3 prongs that goes into the back of the PS3 game system.
Fourth wall (big cardboard box contains all of the Genesis and N64 boxes I need to sell), systems still need to be hooked up. Wii, Gamecube, Sega CD, Saturn, Dreamcast, 3DO, PS1, and PS2 games, various extra systems, projector, and guides.

Anyway, I'll be posting more at the end of the month when my main room is clean and setup. If anyone knows of a good place to get drawers and shelves for storing, let me know because my current ones aren't that great, as you can see. It seems most Nintendo fans focus on the NES and SNES, but I grew up with the N64 so it's my favorite system.

I pretty much know where most things go since we had to take it apart and somehow managed to fit it into my mom's RAV4 and spent the next day putting it back together.

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