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Stephanie Manriquez, a dual language first grade teacher at Edward Babe Gomez Heritage Elementary, shared 15 children’s book titles that help children embrace diversity. Los minilibros son un gran recurso para motivar al nino a practicar la lectura, ellos se divierten al colorear cada una de sus paginas y adicionalmente son un recurso muy bueno, para aprender un nuevo idioma. Aprender divirtiendose es muy buen metodo, lo invitamos a desarrollar esta actividad en su clase o en su casa con sus hijos. We made a test with our kids, the name of the mini book was “my mother and me“ in Spanish “mi mama y yo”. On behalf of Online Free Spanish we would like to send out warm greetings to you and your family throughout this time of year, may you all be showered with blessings for the holiday season. We would like to thank you all for your support in being able to spread the Spanish language amongst others.
Edited by Maite Suarez Rivas, translated into Spanish by Alma Mora with beautiful illustrations! Each story can be read in 10 minutes or less, which is just the right amount of time before bedtime, and most are accompanied by full color illustrations.

Read aloud to the children is one of the most remarkable and remembering activities, in which a parent or teacher can connect with kids. These read-aloud Latino stories will introduce children of all backgrounds not only to the joys of reading but to the exciting, heroic and magical traditions of Latino culture.
With the mini books the kids would have so much fun while painting each of the pages of this book.
We print, fold and put it on the table and sat the kids to dinner, and they were really surprise when they found something different on the table a BOOK!  My older kid Carlos asked right away: is this a mini book? Onlinefreespanish invite you to use this activity in your home, class, or library with your children. It brings us joy to have helped you all on your journey to breaking the barrier in learning a new language this year. WOW I want to color it now, said Esteban the little one, who was so happy; he joins us with colors and crayons. Please feel more than welcome to share you’re your experiences with your children practicing this activity.

When he was ready to start he saw the letters of the story, and say sad “I don’t know how to read”.
Carlos was so happy to be able to assist his brother and proudly say I can help you, I know how to read. We were amazed to find out that Carlos had no difficulty at all reading in Spanish, and relating to the translation in English.
They finished the book with just one question: Can you print another mini book tomorrow please?
Al final de la lectura el pequeno Esteban coloreo el minilibro y lo unico que dijo fue: “Manana puedes imprimir otro?”.

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