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You are interested in all good things of life, love romance and adventure and believe that life is for enjoyment and sharing .You follow your inner self to seek truth and refinement. You develop mentally and spiritually through hardships of life, appreciate true wisdom, and love. Key Words: Philosophical, wise, dramatic, religious, tolerant, compassionate, intuitive, fortunate, lover. The standard in numerology is to reduce all numbers with multiple digits down into single digit numbers that range from 1 to 9.
Positive features include being a self-starter, having self-reliance, being strong willed and courageous, as well as progressive and independent. The downside to these features is that the personality of the 1 can be stubborn, selfish, or without discipline. However, people with Master numbers in their chart must also be cognizant of the downsides of having to bear the burden of the number’s negative features, like 11’s tendency for nervous energy.
I understand that the information I provide will be used to generate my own personal numerology reading.
It is symbolized by three interlaced triangles, which is the sign of perfection and completion.

They are missionaries and visionaries fighting for the spiritual and physical growth of humankind. You set your own goals for achieving spiritual perfection; you are able to understand the knowledge of both mind and matter. When added, 1+1 is equal to 2, combining the 1’s masculine energy with the 2’s female energy, Zeus and Hera respectively. The relationship between 11, 22, and 33 symbolizes the journey from the height of spiritual understanding gained through 11 to the spiritual maturity gained through 22, and the divine reality of 33.
People who have no Master number in their charts are capable of reaching the grand spiritual height that 11 embodies. Master numbers in an individual Numerology chart indicate the ability to access the attributes attached to those Master numbers, which are trapped in potential. In the numerological account of creation, God used the power of the number Nine to finish his work. You have beautiful, famous, successful artists, eminent authors and spiritual masters for company. You find divinity in everything .You are the defenders of humanity at large and of all living forms.

Because of the 1 and 2 maintaining their sides on the opposite ends of the spectrum, 11 symbolizes the potential ability to push the normally limited human experience into a state of high spiritual perception and is considered the most intuitive of all numbers.
Even though some people have an 11 in their core numbers, this does not mean they stand an improved chance of gaining enlightenment. The fighting spirit of the planet Mars has great influence on Nine people inspiring them to pursue these goals with grit and guts. You do not blindly believe in scriptures or your spiritual teachers but add the dimension of your practical experience. Careers that attract you are the medical field, welfare, religious orders, veterinary science, animal welfare, parks and wildlife, environmental organizations and the visual arts.

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