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I’ve actually heard of parents attempting to conceive on certain days to ensure their baby is born within their favourite star sign.
Gemini baby (sign of the Twins) 22nd May- 21st June: Gemini babies are often very chatty, so don’t be surprised if your baby starts talking before you’d expect!
Cancer baby (sign of the Crab) 22nd June- 23rd July: Cancer babies are sensitive, loving children who long to feel safe and cherished. Leo baby (sigh of the Lion) 24th July- 23rd August: Babies born under this sign are outgoing from the moment they breathe air! Virgo baby (sign of the Virgin) 24th August- 23rd September: Virgo babies can be hard to please thanks to their stubborn nature, but they are also quiet and sensitive. Libra baby: (sign of the Scales) 24th September- 23rd October: This little one will be walking before they’re talking!
Scorpio baby (sign of the Scorpion) 24th October- 22nd November: Scorpio babies can seem a little unpredictable.
Sagittarius baby (sign of the Centaur) 23rd November- 21st December: Sagittarius babies keep their mums’ hands full, that’s for sure! Capricorn baby (Sign of the Goat) 22nd December- 20th January: Babies born under this sign are often peaceful, well-behaved children.
Aquarius (sign of the Water Carrier) 21st January- 19th February: Aquarius babies are naturally friendly, so you’ll find your little one at ease with family and friends.
Pisces baby (sign of the Fish) 20th February- 20th March: Often, you’ll find a Pisces baby charms everyone he or she meets, but underneath they’re actually very insecure. Aries baby (the sign of the Ram) 22st March- 20th April: With this little one you’ll notice he or she knows what they want straight away!

Taurus baby (sign of the Bull) 21st April- 21st May: Babies born under the sign of the bull will be very adventurous from an early age. The Rub el Hizb symbol can be seen on several flags, emblems and coat of arms such as those of Morocco, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan.
Religious Symbols - Symbols of Main Religions - Main Religion Signs - Spiritual Symbols - God Symbols - God Signs. Religious Symbols - Religious Symbol - Symbols of Religion - Religion Symbols - Religion Signs - Religious Signs - Cross, Star of David, Muslim Symbol, Christian Symbol, Hindu Symbols, Jewish Symbol, christian cross and other religious symbols. Kevin Durant recently put the finishing touches on his massive back tattoo, but there may be an error with the ink.
The Oklahoma City Thunder star shared a photo of one addition he made to the tattoo this week — a portrait of Jesus on the lower left of his back.
Leo babies like to be the centre of attention and can cause a lot of fuss if that isn’t the case. They love attention and quality time with mum and will enjoy a snuggle with an interesting and colourful book. While they do tend to be content for hours playing or being cuddled, they have a stubborn side which means they like to get what they want. They have a sociable nature and wish to be liked by others, so make sure you shower this little one with lots of attention! You’ll want to give this little one plenty of affection and encourage their curious and inquisitive nature. It is a symbol made of two overlapping squares where one square is turned at 90 degrees and thus creates an 8-pointed star.

Durant seems to take his tattoos quite seriously, so he can’t be happy if that is indeed a spelling error. Whether you are a firm believer in star signs or just consider it a bit of fun, having an idea of your baby’s personality while it is still growing inside of you is a lovely way to bond with your child and creates even more excitement over the birth!
They can change their mind very quickly and prefer to have lots of activity around them to quiet, peaceful days. They observe their surroundings and hate conflict, so make sure you never exchange cross words in front of your little Libra, this is a common theme in horoscopes for Libra’s.
They are fiery, passionate individuals who love to be cuddled but also like their own space. Taurus children develop a clear sense of their goals very early on, and once they set their mind to something, not much will stand in their way!
In Arabic, 'Rub' stands for quarter or one-fourth, while the meaning of 'Hizb' is a party or a group. It is used in Arabic calligraphy to mark a chapter's end and appears in the Quran at the end of passages. The Quran is divided into sixty 'hizb' which are 60 equal-length portions and these are further divided into 'rub' or quarters.

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