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13 Jan 2011 Astrology Compatibility - Find out how you and your partner's astrology compatibility rates. I follow a path of the eclectic tradition, which basically means that my path is based on my belief and research tempered by my understanding and personal experience. For full details of my spiritual belief and of the spiritual journey that led me to this point, please follow the links on this site.
In general my path is a fundamental part of who I am, it influences both my perceptions and my actions. Unlike some of the more documented faiths I am not bound by a single or a set of written doctrines. Should my path change, as it may, I will endeavour to update this page and annotate those changes.
Symbols, tools and ceremoniesWhile in many ways I consider my Paganism essentially a part of my self, there are a few outward props and activities that I feel compliment my journey.

I use no wand in my workings, nor do I usually cast a circle - though I will if the occasion demands. I have an altar set up at home, which is a permanent feature, though for ritual I rebuild it in a more convenient spot (usually in the same room) and customize it for the specific ritual.
The images of my gods are not there to 'house their spirits' or to act as idols, they simply function as an aid to concentration, Likewise the flame of the tea-light is simply there as a point of focus - although it does have a specific use in my Midwinter ritual. Within my path I honour Nature (the Divine Spirit) by marking the movement of the year, the passing of the seasons and the progress of the sun through the sky. When it comes to rituals I feel I must stress again that I do not believe in the use of drugs, though I may use alcohol in my toast, and also that my gods do not demand bloody sacrifice, which is just as well as I would not be able to work with such a god. I don't class myself as anything other than a Pagan, though if pushed I may class myself simply as a seeker, for I feel that no-one ever truly finds all the answers. I do not intend it as an exercise in recruitment, as that would betray some of my deepest beliefs, nor do I intend it to be seen as the 'one and only true path' mainly because there is no such thing; all paths are valid and true for their followers. The meanings that I assign to these symbols are in some cases personal and may not reflect those held by other Pagans or in some cases other 'mainstream' faiths.

I have on the altar a pair of images which portray the way I perceive my lord and lady, a small dish for offerings, a key, some coins and a small tea-light - in general I don't use candles. I do not generally celebrate New or Full moons (esbats) but do observe the 8 sabbats common to Wicca and modern Druidry. I find them useful as a connection to the changing of the seasons and as such they prove their worth to me. In truth it seems that the gods today have in general given up on the blood and gore of the past, though I must point out that it would be a mistake to assume such practices were restricted to the pagan peoples, as researching the Abrahamic faiths will show.
Setting out those beliefs in words as I have here is not an easy task, but it does help to put them into perspective and as such is a useful exercise. Full details can be found by clicking on the link for 'My Wheel' along with the details of any specific rituals.

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