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Archie and Kiana Poki visited Philadelphia and stopped to take a photo of the Kona Kai Bamboo Grill Polynesian Restaurant. Drusilla Tanaka stopped in Rolla, Mo., and spotted a Hardee's offering Hawaiian Chicken Sandwiches. This Neo-Lectra is installed on top of the sign for Mohr & Mohr Housing which is obviously a recent tenant.
The Hockomock Plaza star is a Neo-Lectra Jr., also produced by Standard Neon Supply Company.

This Service Tire sputnik is apparently vintage but is a recent addition to the plastic box sign.
On the road to the most eastern town in America, Montauk, Long Island, they found Aloha Island Style Gallery, owned by a part-time Kauai resident. Tanaka reports that the folks at the fast-food joint were better at preparing delicious sandwiches than at spelling.
In 2013, the sign was donated to the San Fernando Valley Relics collection in North Hollywood, CA.

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