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With 2014 fast coming to an end, we thought we’d give all you single (or not so single) readers a little low down on which B-town celebrity you could be dating, based on their zodiac signs! Disclaimer: Just for star sign purposes, I’m going to pretend that all the Bollywood Beaus and Belles that are mentioned below are single (even though this may not be the case at all)! Without further ado, here are our TOP Bollywood actresses and actors per star sign and personality – see which one matches yours! Being quick learners and possessing a powerful mind, Virgos always know what they want and when they want it! Capricorns are reserved and serious at a glance but once you know them, they are absolute sweethearts!
Now that we’ve broken down personalities according to star signs AND matched our top pick celebs to these, tell us, if you were given the chance, what kind of star sign do you think suits you and your love life best?
Ihr habt bereits heute die Moglichkeit Euch ein eigens Bild des Longplayers der Rapper Ak und Issa Gold zu machen.
Beast Coast duo, The Underachievers are releasing their long-awaited 2015 sophomore album, Evermore - The Art of Duality. Though they have been called out on many occasions for being a little impulsive, this certainly explains their need to take up projects which are always beyond the ordinary (and this doesn’t go unrewarded)! One minute they can be totally on top of the world, and the next second, they may leave the room to get some quiet time.

Intense is a word that only begins to describe these guys – and they possess passion without limits and are always willing to share this.
Capricorns are known to be disciplined and very practical (dating isn’t usually a priority!). Das Album ist in zwei, vom Sound her gegensatzliche, Phasen aufgeteilt und beinhaltet insgesamt 15 Anspielstationen.
Their collaboration EP with the Flatbush Zombies, Clockwork Indigo, could only keep UA's legion of fans satisfied for so long. Fret not, this post is still worth a read – I mean, you never, ever know what you could gain from a little insight. They’re also very affectionate and patient, but completely turned off by snarky gossip starters!
But once they’ve met someone who leaves them speechless, they know they’ve met their match! The most exciting quality about these energiser bunnies is that you never know what to expect.
What is most endearing is their quality to charm absolutely anyone – whether it be with their dashing personality or striking looks.
Scorpios are picky when it comes to dates, and prefer subtle sexy vibes as opposed to show-offs!

You can make capricorn heads turn if you’re an achiever but they are just as easily put off by excessive lust! They are also extremely amicable and very compatible with visionaries, but not so much when it comes to smarmy cheap-skates! Die Texte kommen bekannt explizit daher und beschreiben, dass der eigene Weg zur Selbstfindung und Positivitat nicht immer der leichteste ist. After touring both the US and Europe with the Zombies, the group has now completed their latest offering. Leos are always impressed by someone with confidence but can’t stand people who worry too much! They can relate to other softies and the artsy types, but they don’t take the same kind of liking when it comes to crass and erratic personalities! Evermore - The Art of Duality features 15 tracks from the Brooklyn rap group & it will continue to give their fans what they expect from UA.

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