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Rather than using Tarot to predict the future, we can use it as a transformational tool, either for ourselves or the people we read for. Each of the magical images of a Tarot deck offer us unique guidance and universal truths throughout life. Learn from your mistakes and value the lessons they offer you; making mistakes is often better than doing nothing. Spend time with the people you love and make you feel loved and appreciated in return; life is too short to tolerate anyone, who keeps making you feel miserable. You are not always in control of your destiny, but it it's up to you how you respond to the ups and downs you experience in your life, and how you perceive them.
It’s no good hiding your emotions just because you want to keep the peace with others. The Fives may indicate a tough situation, but at the same time they offer an eye-opening experience and eventually resolution and progress ahead. For more information on the significance of numbers in tarot, check out my article Tarot & Numbers.
The High Priestess symbolises intuition, the unconscious, hidden knowledge and spirituality.

The following quote is from The Book of Qualities by Ruth Gendler, in which human qualities and emotions are brought to life as people in whimsical and to some extend spiritual prose. If you would like to know more about your zodiac cards based on your astrological data, you can order your in-depth Tarot Personality Profile reading on my website. Iron pyrite fools gold enhances energy & vitality, Iron pyrite is a strong stone to promote positive thinking and manifestation. Western-sino zodiacal tables certuspersonality free, Certus certus free numerology reading western-sino favorable zodiacal personalities. Starsign constellations art print nikki strange, This constellations art print is a must for the star gazers amongst us! I captured them a few years ago whilst on a walk in the Yorkshire Dales; a perfect picture of mutual affection and companionship. You can listen to other people's advice, but also listen to your inner voice; do what you know deep down is right. A new perspective, thinking outside the box, a different point of view will give you the momentum to take a step forward at the right time. When you notice you are close to breaking point, slow down, take a break, breathe and relax, so you can move forward with clarity and purpose. Just like a guiding light, give hope and comfort when times are dark.It may also make you feel better, too.

Which important lessons have you learned so far, and which Tarot cards would they relate to? The number Five is associated with the planet Mars, "God of War", and indicates a challenge of some sort. This character seems benevolent on his throne, advising or preaching to his disciples, but the Hierophant is associated with ethics, morality, education, humanity and conscience, all of which can cause struggle, tension, upset and many heated discussions in addition to narrow-mindedness, intolerance, prejudice and radicalisation. The number Five is asking for mediation, a middle way, re-instating the equilibrium, which is perfectly represented by Temperance, Arcanum number 14 (1 + 4 = 5). The image we see here is from the self-published Anna K.Tarot, its beautiful artwork dominated by blue and yellow colours reflecting darkness and light. The Five of Wands depicts a confrontation, the Five of Cups emotional upheaval, the Five of Swords a hollow victory (or a defeat), and the Five of Pentacles financial hardship.
If the Hierophant stands for religion, does the number Five indicate its inherent tendency to create havoc? Temperance is a healing card, the angel a religious symbol, which suggests the need for compassion, mercy, forgiveness and moderation in times of strife.

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