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In the instant number one New York Times bestseller Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man, Steve Harvey gave millions of women around the globe insight into what men really think about love, intimacy, and commitment. Read an Excerpt Straight Talk, No Chaser By Steve Harvey HarperCollins Publishers Copyright © 2012 Steve Harvey All rights reserved. Enabling JavaScript in your browser will allow you to experience all the features of our site.
In his new book he zeros in on what motivates men and provides tips on how women can use that knowledge to get more of what they need out of their relationships, whether it's more help around the house, more of the right kind of attention in the bedroom, more money in the joint bank account, or more truth when it comes to the hard questions, such as: Are you committed to building a future together?
ISBN: 978-0-06-172896-9 Excerpt CHAPTER 1 The Making of a Man I didn't have any business being married at twenty-four.
Yes, I believed wholeheartedly in the idea of marriage; after all, my parents had been married for sixty-four years before my mother passed away. And I had every intention of duplicating what they had: a stable relationship in a home filled with love, strength, perseverance and wisdom. So it made all the sense in the world to give a ring to the woman I loved and say, "I do." And that was where the problem began.
In the weeks leading up to my marriage, I didn't have a steady paycheck to support my soon to be wife. Always direct, often funny, and incredibly perceptive, media personality, comedian, philanthropist, and (finally) happily married husband, Steve Harvey proves once again that he is the king of relationships.
I'd even said as much to my mother; I told her I was going to call off the wedding because I wasn't working and it didn't feel right.

My mother, being a woman who wanted to see her child married and knew how devastating it would have been to my fiancée to call off her dream wedding, talked me out of canceling the big day.
Years later, my mother apologized and admitted she would never have talked me into getting married if she'd known how unprepared I was to be a good husband. By then, we were able to put our finger on what was missing - what was dooming my first marriage even before the spit on the stamps we put on those invitations was dry: I didn't know who I was, what I would do with my life, and how much I was going to make doing it.
As I explained in Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man, everything a man does is filtered through his title (who he is), how he gets that title (what he does), and the reward he gets for the effort (how much he makes). These are the three things every man has to achieve before he feels like he's truly fulfilling his destiny as a man and if any one of those things is missing, he will be much too busy trying to find it to focus on you. It was a way to make some cash, but I knew it wasn't what I wanted out of life - that it wasn't my calling. How could I get a wife to buy into me and my plans for the future when even I wasn't enthused by them myself ?
How could she benefit from what I did and how much I made if I wasn't doing or making anything?
I was frustrated, our financial outlook was in shambles, and we were always at it - always fighting about something. And some good, a lot of good, came from our union: my daughters Karli and Brandi and my son Steve. I wish my father would have warned me, would have sat me down and schooled me on the particulars of marriage.

Perhaps he could've told me that a time comes when one needs to cut out all the foolishness - the screwing up in school, the fooling around with a bunch of different women. I wish he would've told me that if I didn't stop acting foolish by a certain age, there would be a cost associated with my lack of focus, with deferring my dreams of being an entertainer.
There's no manual that says we should know sometime between ages twenty-five and twenty-seven what we want to do with our lives and by ages twenty-eight through thirty, we should be settling down with a woman who is as committed to helping us achieve our goals and dreams as we are to helping her achieve hers.
What we constantly hear, instead, is "You're young - sow your oats, enjoy yourself, have a good time, don't get tied down, don't get serious with any girls." And by the time we finish setting ourselves up financially and convince ourselves we're ready to settle down, we've fumbled through countless "relationships," leaving women by the wayside, some of them shattered and bitter because we thought it more important to add a notch to our player belts than to act honorably. We've gone for that gold star some men award each other when they have more than one woman at a time. We get pats on the back - told over and over again that this is what we're supposed to do if we're real men. Even more, married men, whether they're happily married or not, are constantly sharing the horrors of marriage with us, forever pointing out that all the freedoms single men enjoy come to a screeching halt when the ole' "ball and chain" gets attached to a man's ankle - that marriage is some kind of death sentence. Indeed, among men, conversations related to the ins and outs of marriage become conversations based on bravado and jokes, rather than the truth, which is that a marriage - one built on love, respect, loyalty, and trust - is the best thing that could ever happen to a man.
Hill Harper pointed this out on a relationships roundtable we did together on Nightline; Hill, an actor who's written a few outstanding books on communication between men and women, insisted that single men would benefit greatly if married men admitted publicly that behind closed doors, they are saying to themselves and their wives, "Thank God for marriage.

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