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On Fridays there is a “Lap-sit” session for babies and toddlers from birth to 3 years.  The times and numbers of story times depend on the demand. A story map is a strategy that uses a graphic organizer to help students learn the elements of a book or story. In this example, students completed a story map that includes boxes for each event within the story.
Using the format of the story map, students can create their own map by taking a walk around the playground or school. Model this strategy using a book with very clear components to help students understand each component. The "real" story started when Alexander Wolf sneezed when he tried to borrow a cup of sugar from his neighbor in the straw house. Reading Rockets is a national multimedia project that offers a wealth of research-based reading strategies, lessons, and activities designed to help young children learn how to read and read better.
Spike in the CityRead by Author and Illustrator, Paulette Bogan It's Spike's first trip to the big city and there are so many new things to do, see, and smell-he doesn't know where to begin. Buttercup's Lovely DayRead by Illustrator, Andrea BeckWend your way through Buttercup's lovely day.
Elliot's Fire Truck Read by Author and Illustrator, Andrea BeckElliot Moose is on the loose once more. Pierre Le Poof!Read by Author and Illustrator, Andrea Beck Introducing Pierre—a pooch with a mind of his own.
Baltazar and the Flying PiratesRead by Author, Oliver ChinBaltazar has always enjoyed hearing pirate stories. The Emperor's New ClothesRead by Illustrator, Patrick AllisonA silly monarch falls prey to two scam artists who promise to tailor him a new outfit from a miracle fabric only the wise can see.
Julie BlackbeltRead by Author, Oliver ChinWhen Julie takes a kung fu class, she thinks getting a black belt will be easy. The Twelve Dancing PrincessesRead by Illustrator, Elizabeth Haywood The king cannot figure out what ails his 12 maiden daughters.

Welcome to Monster IsleRead by Author, Oliver Chin A family's vacation goes bananas when a perfect storm tosses their skipper's tiny boat off course.
Timmy and Tammy's Train of ThoughtRead by Author, Oliver ChinA brother and sister love train so much that their parents take them on the ride of their lives. Nobody Likes a Caterpillar in Their TeaRead by Illustrator, Ivy McLeod In this version of The Princess and the Pea, the princess is not a young woman waiting to be carried away by a prince. By identifying story characters, plot, setting, problem and solution, students read carefully to learn the details. For example, in the "Beginning" box of your map, write in prompts such as: Who are the main characters?
The beginning-middle-end format is the simplest; other more complex maps can be used with more advanced students.
Students can use story maps to plan, summarize, and write their own main ideas, characters, setting, and plot for a story. They also help students at all levels write about what they read and write original stories. After reading a story and discussing the story elements, I split the students into groups and assign each group a story element- characters, setting , problems , and solutions.
The Legend of The Christmas ElvesRead by Author, Phyllis Porter TurnerAt the North Pole on the night before Thanksgiving, toy making is finished and Santa is getting ready to send the elves to their special children all around the world. In poetry that winds and wends like a creek through a farmer's field, we journey through one lovely day in Buttercup's life. As he jumps aboard his bright red fire truck and takes off to the next rescue, he feels courageous. Pierre, a pampered show poodle in training, is torn between his love for his devoted owner, Miss Murphy, and his dreams of running wild in the park. His entire court, duped by their own foolish pride, and nearly his entire kingdom are complicit in one of the biggest snow jobs of all time, but for one small, loud-mouthed kid, who points out that the emperor is parading about in his underpants.
Join this amazing daydream, as Timmy and Tammy hop aboard ever-larger locomotives, see colorful sights, and hear all the railroad sounds.

The prince is a bit of a novice when it comes to women and it shows in his attempt to see if the princess is a true princess. A sequence graphic organizer, for example, gives students a guide or blueprint on which to outline their ideas. Each group has a leader and they draw and write in a circle map the components of the story they are assigned.
From Thanksgiving until Christmas, the elves have to play hide and seek, watching for good behavior, and reporting back to Santa. Whether she is ruminating on the mud beneath her feet or the moon and the stars in the blue-black sky, she draws us deep into her rich and wonderful world. The Captain of the infamous Corsairs does, so Redlocks travels to recruit young Baltazar and to locate long lost treasure. As reality doesn't match her expectations, Julie wonders what would her matinee idol Brandy Wu do? Finnegan, his sister, parents and dog Howl venture into the wild and encounter a menagerie of colorful monsters.
On Christmas Eve night, the elves move to the tree and wait for Santa to take them back to the North Pole. But, this spunky little pooch gets more than he bargains for and learns that home is the best place of all.
We have a class made rubric to follow to make sure the pictures and writing are from the text. Then we post the maps in the classroom and they write from those maps the rest of the week. When suddenly they all need a rescue for real, it is his two youngest and smallest friends who save the day.

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