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I'm into my second season with my Super Power and I've taken face-offs and all that, and it hasnt snapped, cracked or warped.
Overall: Our face off has alredy warped two of these, but another guy who has one who doesn't take face, his is ok.
Probably the most popular head in lacrosse today, the Offset lacrosse head has revolutionized the way we play the game. Onset lacrosse heads extend straight on out from the handle, where as Offset, Cant, and Curved heads all slope downwards. Stiffness and flexibility are the two main categories which manufacturers concentrate on when designing new lacrosse heads.
A good service is absolutely essential for us: Unused goods can be sent back to us within 30 days.
In relation to the previous Super Power, STX enhanced the flexibility and durability in the Super Power + by being the first head engineered with both ACP (All Climate Performance) and C-Channel Technology that will reinforce the bottom rail of the head.Not only is this head the lightest STX head going into the 2015 summer season, but it is one of the most flexible and durable heads ever made by STX. Ultra-lightweight construction allows for enhanced ball feel while the Weather Weave construction features independent strands of nylon interlaced and treated with a weatherproof coating, keeping the fibers dry and extending the life of the pocket and the colors of the nylon. ACP (All Climate Performance) and C-Channel Technology which Increases strength by distributing stress smoothly and evenly along the bottom rail. If you want to be informed via mail as soon as the product is available then please type in your data.
The angle, stiffness, width and weight are all important aspects to look at when selecting your new lacrosse head.
The offset lacrosse head drops down at the throat (where the head meets the handle) of the lacrosse head, allowing for a lower position of the ball and pocket on the head. With new lacrosse technology developing, fewer Onset heads are used by the top lacrosse players. Again, some lacrosse players prefer narrow lacrosse heads, while others prefer wider heads. Different manufacturers use different techniques and use different names, but they all try to make groundballs as effortless as possible. Producing Lacrosse Sticks and protective gear inclusive gloves, STX Lacrosse offers a wide range of products.
For years the Super Power has been one of the most dominant lacrosse heads in the game and STX just made it better.

With its Island ball stop and maximized STX FORWARD CANT the Super Power + will be able to maintain its shape in all weather conditions and be able to maintain accuracy and ball retention. Nylon provides a stronger, abrasion resistant product compared to polypropylene; you see nylon in heavy use applications like pulley systems, para-chord and towing lines. The Super Power meant I could take faceoff and get more game time by playing short stick d. However, Onset lacrosse heads are great for beginning lacrosse players who are learning the proper fundamentals and skills vital to the game of lacrosse.
An attackman may want to play with a narrower lacrosse head to maximize ball retention and to protect the ball from defensive checks. Immediately you will notice that the Super Power + is much lighter than its predecessor weighing in at an amazing 4.5oz. The individual strands of nylon are woven together, with an STX exclusive pattern, to provide ultimate durability.
For example, a defenseman may want to play with a stiffer head for more effective checking, where as another defenseman may want a more flexible head for picking up loose groundballs.
Another attackman may want to play with a wider head for an easier catch in a tight situation near the crease. Free of charge hotline with competent and individual advice, a well stocked warehouse with immediate shipping, free shipping on purchases from 50 €, Tracking and Tracing, News and Specials, constantly fair prices and even more discounts for Captain Club Members. Signature STX coating optimizes each piece of mesh for premium playability and durability in all weather environments. A defenseman may choose to play with a wider lacrosse head in an effort to deflect passes, and also make it easier to catch.
The tip of the head does have a slightly accentuated curve which makes it a little less forgiving if you are slightly off centre when picking up a ground ball. Most lacrosse heads with narrow or shapes are designed for the more advanced lacrosse players, purely because it is harder to catch with a narrower lacrosse head compared to a wider head.
The reinforcement works to negate any weakening that you may get from the extra holes.The stringing holes are off the main support line of the sidewall, so any split looks like it won't affect the integrity of the head.
You may also feel a slight flex when catching a hard pass.ThroatAt first look, the throat appears quite narrow. With the sidewalls extending up from the neck in parallel and not initially diverging, it can give the impression that the head is more pinched.

It features 4 holes at the bottom, unlike the STX Proton Power which has 2.The new style, shock absorbing ball stop aides ever so slightly with ground balls.
This leaves a small space for the ball to sit behind in you string your pocket low.Warp factorAll lacrosse heads will warp over time and some more than others. Unfortunately it is not a feature of this lacrosse head.Shaft fitFitting this lacrosse head on a shaft is a bit of a mission.
It may take a bit of force to fit this lacrosse head to your shaft but when it's on, it's on. But it's worth it, the last thing you want is a loose head.PositionWith its overall extra strength, good flex when shooting and ground ball friendly scoop, the STX Super Power is highly recommended for midfield players.
If you're an out and out attacker, other lacrosse heads may be a better option.You can use this head for faceoff, but with the sidewall curve it's not specifically designed for it.
Depending on the thickness of your sidewall strings and mesh, the ball may get stuck in the throat during face off.
One to watch out for.It's not bad lacrosse head for a more attacking type of long stick midfielder.
But if you're a straight defender moving up, you'd be do better choosing a lacrosse head for defence first.
When fitted to a defence shaft, the head does flex a bit when passing and this may be off putting. If you've not played defence with a pinched head, you may want to first try one before you purchase one.SummaryThe STX Super Power is one of the best lacrosse heads that STX have produced. It has struck a nice balance between weight, flex, strength and durability giving it broad appeal. While it's not specifically designed as an attacking head, it's nevertheless great for shooting.

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