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In astrology people think that doing their sun sign matches of their partner will be enough to see if they will live happily ever after. Some people even think that matching their Numerology love match birthday or name number will predict their love future; they are all wrong. I dated and was in a serious relationship with this guy and he wanted to marry me but that did not happened because of distance and my parents were conservative so he didn't like that. But if you can make a video particularly concentrating on the following, it may be very useful to many people. He is only 30, so I am giving him the space and time he needs, because I love him truly and unconditionally.

In the process, he is LEARNING MANY LESSONS (including overcoming possessiveness, jealousy, and fear), just as is described in this video. He can marry at any age but will always be serious and there is a possibility that he marry someone mature.
And with the Sun there, these relationship issues really form an important part of his Self.
And I am also learning a lot as well: to be happy with myself, love myself, and be self-satisfying and self-sufficient. And I am grateful for this because so many people who have relatively easier or more stable, or more predictable committed relationships often do not realize they form their identity around their partners.

Instead, I choose to wait for my beautiful Saturn+Ketu+Sun in 7th house man, because I know that when he's learned all his lessons, he will be the best life partner.

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