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Abuse in any relationship is clearly a sensitive topic and needs to be dealt with with care and professionalism. Devil – On first glance, we see a naked man and woman, chained by the neck to an over-bearing devil.
Chariot reversed – The reversed Chariot may represent the tormentor or the person who is carrying out the abuse.
Nine of Wands – In the Nine of Wands, a man is bandaged and bruised, but instead of letting himself be defeated, he stands strong and defends himself. Moon reversed – The Moon is representative of the psychology of the mind and uncovers the fears and illusions that torment us.
Nine of Swords – The Nine of Swords shows a woman, head held in her hands, sitting up in her bed.
8 of Swords can sometimes come up as the psychological effects of abuse, especially where there has been emotional abuse and the person feels trapped and literally cannot see a way out of their situation.
In the very first Tarot reading I did for a friend at age 15, and with zero knowledge of traditional card meanings, The Emperor and the Devil showed up in tandem and revealed that my friend was being abused by her step dad. In my personal experience, the Devil often indicates a co-dependent relationship where one person is addicted to another person who is an addict. If I was reading cards and I saw this type of relationship occuring in the reading, I would find it very difficult to advise the querant. Was doing a reading over the weekend and was reminded of another card that can indicate abuse in a relationship in one of two ways (depending on other cards). How do Tarot readers advise a querant who appears to be in an abusive relationship, as these are the most difficult relationships to get out of?
The Swords seem to come up quite a lot – what exactly does the Two Of Swords indicate, or can it only be interpreted according to other cards which are drawn with it? For any reader doing love and relationship readings (that’ll be all of us then lol!) I recommend researching codependency and other forms of abusive relationships and then forming a strategy for how to deal with them when they come up in readings. Sometimes, it’s necessary to suggest that the client seek medical or legal professional help. The 10 of wands sometimes for me indicates one partner carrying too much weight in the reading, feeling burdened and overwhelmed.
I pulled cards ONLINE, was not happy with them so pulled out my own deck and got mostly the same cards in the same spread. Knowing what Tarot cards may represent abusive relationships will help you to identify potential issues and ways in which you can offer your support. Look to other cards in your reading and discuss with your client with sensitivity to understand if abuse is a potential issue.

Again, it would appear that the devil has a hold over these two people and they are restricted in their movement. He is often in a position of authority and he uses his status and intellect to seek the outcomes that suit him best.
This card often reflects someone who has anger management issues and who lets their desire for control and dominance get the better of them. He attains his own power and status by taking away the power of others and undermining them. This may indicate physical or emotional abuse, but it also signifies that the victim is standing up for themselves and not letting themselves be put down by the abuser. Reversed, this card may indicate a very subtle, under-handed form of abuse that is occurring without the victim being fully aware of what is going on.
In the context of abuse, this is likely to indicate verbal abuse – the type where both parties are fighting as aggressively as the other and saying hurtful and angry things to one another. Of course there always is one as this card indicates but the person has been almost broken at this point and is unable to help themselves or to retaliate in some way.
I would definitely agree with the psychological aspects of abuse associated with this card. She hadn’t told a soul until that reading… It gave her the courage to seek help and saved her from further abuse but spooked me so badly that I put the cards away for many years!
There is often so much more to a situation like this and such a complex dynamic that is going on. I have even seen this with a fellow priestess friend of mine who taught her husband rootwork and he was always in the basement doing various rituals to off her, he always came up as the 7 of swords when he’s being shady. Seeing just one of these cards is probably not enough to suggest abuse straight away, but if you do have an underlying feeling that something is wrong, then speak up about it with your client. I’d say with all those reversed cards, it looks a little under-handed to me, especially with the Moon reversed and 7 of Swords. He actually did an experiment, completing Tarot readings for both victims and perpetrators of domestic violence.
And it showed the lovers card in reverse the death card then judgment in reverse and finally the six of swords.
Click image to get bigger picture, and if you find Deviant Moon Tarot interesting, you might pin it to Pinterest. However, recognise when you are out of your depth or area of expertise and always have on hand a list of professional sources of help, such as a local network of psychologists, a help line or a shelter for victims of abuse. This card often comes up for the victim of abuse and represents the mental torment of knowing you must leave the relationship but also feeling trapped or bound by this person.

Yet, the chains are only loosely fitted around the necks of these people and freedom is there for the taking.
He has been deceived and betrayed by the people he thought he could trust, and he now suffers deeply as a result. Thus, the reversed Emperor again represents the abuser – someone who over-uses and abuses authoritative power and status. It may be deep psychological abuse that has occurred over a long period of time or abuse that is very subversive in nature.
3 of swords usually also indicates a third party in the relationship or someone unable to heal from past wound, so they close their hearts off, or I have even seen lying about a health condition in a relationship. If the woman were to take off her blindfold and remove her bindings, she would see that there is indeed a way out and while it may not be an easy path, it will eventually release her from her tormentor.
So, while this card can point to an abusive relationship that stems from a need for power and control, the victim can again escape this situation so long as they can see it for what it is. He is abusive with his power and he seeks to undermine anyone that threatens his position of authority and control. Thus, this abuse is more reflective of betrayal and deception, to the extent that it causes deep emotional pain and hurt for the victim. If you see this card in a relationship reading along with other abuse-related cards, then you may wish to raise the issue of anger and the potential for physical violence.
It may also represent childhood abuse that occurred a long time ago and has since been repressed in the memory of the victim.
This may be someone who has been threatened repeatedly and is incredibly fearful for her well-being.
Both parties assume both roles and there can only be losers in this type of fighting as no progress is made.
And if that energy is not directed in the right way, it can result in verbal abuse or impulsive, damaging behaviour. Things may be stalled, or alternatively, the frantic pace was too much and mistakes resulted.
He may be a partner, boss, father or father-figure, and he is here to make life very difficult.

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