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The High Priestess is self-confident and calm, because she achieved the balance between her desires and ways of realizing them. Many beginners in Tarot look to the famed Celtic Cross spread for their first experience, which is a little strange because it’s actually a large and complicated layout with 10 cards.
This is one of the simplest approaches to a Tarot layout, and a decent place to begin though it won’t provide a huge amount of detail.
With only 3 cards, there are only so many ways to interpret such a small Tarot card spread. Three and four cards can be a little limiting, so you might want to expand your layout a little to 5 cards instead.
It’s similar to the 3-card layout, but adds in a few extra elements that can help you make your choices with guidance.
Another option is a Tarot spread targeted more towards relationship questions, sometimes called a T or cross spread. This can give you some great insight into a potential relationship, as well as a peek into what your potential mate is like. Take some time to read through the book that came with your cards, or whatever book you’re learning Tarot card meanings from.
For more detailed tarot card meanings we recommend this tarot card ebook which you can download immediately. Let’s face it, a love Tarot reading is probably the most popular way of using the cards to peek at the future. If you plan on doing a lot of readings for love, you can try one of these decks to help you get in the mood. If that isn’t a good option for you, then try to keep your love Tarot reading really narrowly focused.
As mentioned just above, sometimes sticking to simple questions with just a single card can be a helpful way to get an accurate response in a love Tarot reading. A simple 3-card spread when you first meet someone can give you a glimpse of how your first impressions are developing. Finding new love is one thing, but we often turn to the cards during an existing relationship too. You can see where you stand now, and get some guidance on where you may want to consider heading.
Ultimately, just remember that the cards can be very abstract and may not give you a clear answer immediately. Your love Tarot readings will mature with time, as long as you don’t get carried away with giddy emotions every time you get your cards out.
Tarot card reading isn’t a complicated affair, but it takes a lot of practice and a sharp intuition to truly divine the meanings found in the cards.
The very first step is getting a deck that speaks to you, which isn’t as easy as it sounds.
And if you are more experienced at Tarot card reading, then don’t be surprised if your needs change over the years when it comes to your decks. The most well-known spread is probably the Celtic Cross, with 10 cards in a cross and staff design.
For example, one of the features of the Fool card is that there may be a friend or acquaintance trying to warn you about a possible downfall. Another popular trick is to tackle one card in depth at a time, even going so far as to meditate on the images or sleeping with the card under your pillow. Tarot card reading isn’t really difficult but it can take some dedication to really master the detailed meanings behind the classic archetypes of the cards. Angel card readings are a little different from the traditional Tarot readings as they involve angelic beings into the mix. There are actually several different decks of angel cards, so these types of readings aren’t all based on one specific deck.
These decks are considered to be oracle cards (unless they are true Tarot cards) and the number of cards can vary.
If you are working with a new deck for your angel card readings, you will want to spend a little more time getting to know the cards before you begin. Technically, you could use your angel cards in any type of Tarot layout but the meanings may not work very well because they are not intended to be used the same way.
In most cases, you are looking to get a message directly from an angelic spirit so you don’t use as many cards as in Tarot. The point of angel cards is for you to receive a helpful message, not have the cards lay out an entire scenario for you. Because they are designed to allow for more answers with just a single card, they can be a little easier to use than Tarot cards, and they can be more flexible too.
If the deck is more of an affirmation style of card, then this idea can help bring a particular trait or influence into your life. Just be creative and use the energy in whatever way your life needs at the moment. You can use your cards for more than your usual angel card readings.
How predictions are done by classical astrology and the complete horoscope, with many examples.
This book shows you what your horoscope says about your health, according to the old tradition of medical astrology. Qi, prana, spirit, ruach, pneuma, and many other life forces around the world explained and compared, by Stefan Stenudd. The Tarot High Priestess is the ruler of what's hidden and secret, the essence behind the scenes. The Tarot High Priestess card has a counterpart in that of the Hierophant, the pompous pope who is indeed powerful, but mainly carries the treasured symbols, having less to do with actual rulership. When the Tarot High Priestess card represents a person, it's someone who has the key to the solution, but holds on to it unless you are deemed worthy - and your intentions are the ones approved. If the Tarot High Priestess card refers to an event, there's a complicated problem needing to be solved, almost like a riddle, and you must contemplate in order to see it.
The original Grey Eminence: Francois Leclerc du Tremblay, right-hand man of Cardinal Richelieu in 17th century France.
She has the lunar crescent at her feet, a horned diadem on her head, with a globe in the middle place, and a large solar cross on her breast. In a manner, she is also the Supernal Mother herself - that is to say, she is the bright reflection. Red and white coloring, the lemniscate (infinity symbol), a small wand, a table displaying a chalice, a pentacle, a staff (wand) and a sword. The 4 suits before him remind us of the 4 aces, which in the Tarot symbolize the raw, undeveloped, undirected power of each suit. The card can also indicate an interest in certain careers or someone who is already in one of those careers: a scientist, inventor or medical professional. Learn the Magician tarot card meaning and the rest of the card meanings, symbols and stories in our eBook. My name is Kate Hill (also known as Solandia) and I'm a Tarot reader, deck collector, and lifelong student of the beauty and diversity of Tarot cards. I created Aeclectic in 1996 to share my passion for Tarot with the world, and I've added 1600 decks over the years. March 15, 2016 By Ethony 1 Comment There are many ways to read a Tarot Card and not every way is going to suit every person. You can memorise the Tarot card meanings from a book or just memorising your own meanings for the cards or specific deck.
I usually read Rider Waite Smith system decks and knowing the core meanings of the cards allows me to transfer this knowledge to any deck that I pick up. You DO NOT need to learn the meaning of all 78 cards and reversals to be a fantastic Tarot Reader.
If you would like to take on the challenge of learning the meanings of the Tarot you can try using flash cards. Write down keywords on your flashcards and then name a card that links to the word when they come up. Write the names of all the Tarot cards down on your flashcards and then try to name some key words or meanings when you flip them over. This uses your ability to connect and feel a Tarot cards energy and vibe to read for yourself and or Clients.
This method also means that one day The Hanged Man may mean looking at things from a different perspective and then the next day it feels like letting go of control. This is where you take the time to place yourself inside the card as a spectator or take the place of someone in the cards and use that as a point in which to jump off.
In this you can look around 360 to what is going on in the ‘World’ in which you have entered. I have a full video on interviewing the Figures in the Tarot Cards which takes this exercise to a new level.
This method used the symbols found depicted in the Tarot to unlock the meanings and layers of the cards. If you choose to research a symbol what speaks to you when you are finding out more about them? Symbols are rich and alive and they can not only help you understand the different layers of a Tarot card they can be a wonderful way to relate the energies of the cards to your life experiences. I have an example video on the Symbols of the Star and what the elements that are found in The Star Card commonly can mean.
This method takes the position of a Tarot Card in its Suit or Arcana progression for the Major Arcana cards and uses that to give you a way to read the Tarot Card.
When it comes to Court Cards The Pages are the beginning of the progression of the Court and The King is the completion of the Court.
So we can take from this that the situation or energy of the card and reading is a midpoint or midway through.
Then we can look at the card before and after as a way to see where you were before and where you are going. Or what energy got you here from the card before and what energy is going to move you forward in the card ahead.
August 11, 2013 By Ethony Leave a Comment The Tarot of the Tattoo Age is a collaborative deck featuring 77 different artists from around the World. I am not a huge fan of collaborative Tarot decks and my main reason for this is that there is no cohesive aesthetic to the deck when you have 77 different artistic flavours in one place. I went through the deck and I divided it into three piles, one was cards that I liked, one was cards that I really liked (either for the art alone or the artist interpretation of the card) and one pile was cards that I didn’t like. Page of Cups – I really enjoy this card, the fact that the fish is the main focal point of the card is brilliant, it is such a great interpretation of the card. While the 3 of Wands is one of my favourites because of the art it would be hard to connect to the more traditional meanings of the card. These three are genius – The Hermit as an actual Hermit Crab Hermit, The 7 of Swords actually showing the Thief in all his glory and the Zombie lepers of The 5 of Pentacles. The King of Swords is rather charming but again, very distant to what that Card usually means but I do like the look of the card.
The little white book is very simple it has the title of the card, the artist and some key words. The card sizes are larger than normal Tarot decks, at 9cm x 13cm but they are easy to handle and shuffle.
Overall it is not a bad deck at all and it is a great addition to my lil collection it is just not for me personally.
June 15, 2013 By Ethony Leave a Comment I have been in my new country and city for six weeks now and I have not been working, which has been driving me a little nuts. So I have been interviewing for a few places but I have been also struggling with the fact that a new city and country could also be a new start and to try something new. I think I am going to do another reading in a couple of days to see if the energy has shifted and I have another job opportunity on the table although the vibe of the guy I am dealing with is ALL FUCKING WRONG so I don’t think it is going to be a job I would want to take even if I was offered it.
We did have a family couch photograph that we took for about 5 years running with all of the family, partners and friends who were celebrating with us. Justice – If you could be a super hero (or a villain) what would you call yourself and what powers would you have?
I would be a hero, I can’t even play a villain when playing games such as Fable so forget it in real life.
This feels like one of those trick questions you get for a University exam or something or in a psychometric testing line of questioning at an interview. I was in high school sitting next to my best friend and she farted really really loudly in the middle of English class (during silent reading no less) and instantly blamed me and started to back her chair and table away from me, the entire class followed suit and when I said it wasn’t me and started to get annoyed with her for blaming me I tipped her while she was sitting in her chair over along with the table and then she yelled to the entire class that I had my period and that is why I was in such a bad mood. I haven’t been dreaming a lot and the last one I can remember is not suitable for this blog. July 31, 2011 By Ethony 1 Comment The Wheel of the Year Tarot has been created by Maria Caratti and Antonella Platano and published by Lo Scarabeo. I really like the Aces of this deck (pictured below) they are like the elementals for each but more in sprite form. Each card has it’s own title that the artist has given it, for example The Sun (Pictures below) is also called The Lord of the Day and then there are some key words given about the card.
There is a bit of nudity in this deck, it is rather cartoon like but it is still there, so if you are uncomfortable with nudity then this deck may not be for you.

This is also a VERY Pagan deck, it is all about the Wheel of the Year so that is to be expected but I thought it was worth mentioning.
The last card on the right is also the cover of the box, for those who are going to go hunting for this deck. April 15, 2011 By Ethony 1 Comment The Wizards Tarot is the creation of Corrine Kenner and John J. The Tarot deck is set in and around Mandrake Academy and features the Students of the School (most of the Minor Arcana), the Teachers and Professors (most of the Major Arcana) and the Royal Families (Court Cards).
The book is amazing (239 pages) and I would expect nothing less from Corrine who is a fantastic Tarot author. The cards are very nice and overall it is a great deck, the decoration around the border and the back is excellent. I like the theme of the deck even if it is a bit copied (see negatives below) but that is because I would have loved to have gone to a place like that and I think that the Tarot is a great tool and can really be a representation of the School of Spiritual and Life lessons.
I love the court cards in this deck, using the Elementals for each suit was a really nice move. The deck seems to have been very well thought out, there is a lot of symbology in it and it all has a purpose.
I really do feel like this is a Harry Potter world rip off in some respects (like calling The Devil card The Dark Lord for example) and I know that there is an amazing artist on Deviant Art who created a Harry Potter Tarot but can not get it published because of Warner Bros.
Like in a lot of decks and books the Minor Arcana is not given as much importance and there is not a lot of information in regards to their meanings. I have been working with the deck since I got it in the mail about 3 weeks ago and it is easy to read being a Rider-Waite template deck. March 21, 2011 By Ethony Leave a Comment What a full on weekend, full of really huge amounts of energy. Saturday a managed to be so blessed as to have some of the people that I adore the most in the world join me in the recording studio to finish the drumming, singing and chanting for the Wicca CD series that I have now finished. Then Sunday was work where I had a fantastic Tarot session with a friend I have not seen in a really long time and it was just a lovely exchange. We journeyed through a elemental cleansing meditation and worked through the Mabon Harvest Spread that I wrote for the Sabbat.
Well this makes complete sense with all of the commitments and travel I have this year I am trying to save save save with very different work situations.
This to me speaks of me being really careful of not taking on too many new things now that I have made commitments to people.
I got really confused with this at first as it is the thief card and I don’t want to let a thief in. Going into the past and dragging up emotional situations that I know do not work, and that is beginning to become abundantly clear to me now.
Even though I was up with the Full Moon (and man oh man was She ever magnificent) on Sunday night it was another fabulous Sabbat and weekend. The person in the card is blindfolded and the two swords lay across their chest with the sea in the background. So I am blinded by something at the moment or I am not using the right tools or sense to actually get my information or make decisions. At the end of the year Historically a lot of things in my life end up changing, especially in regards to work and career.
Photographs are Illustrations from the Morgan-Greer Tarot deck reproduced by permission of U.S. She can either increase her efforts to achieve whatever she desires, or she can reconsider her goals and literally tighten her belt. If you will not find your favorite brand of cheese in the shop, you will easily take another or try next shop. Like trying to bury unpleasant experience under the fresh snow of new events, but obviously sooner or later the snow melts and you are confronted with the old sorrows again.
The fewer ties to the things sheA creates, the less must she stick to them a€“ and the less disappointment can each loss cause to her. If someone would completely give up deep emotions and relationships to his beloved ones, he would lose an important meaning of life and become indifferent and his life empty.
The High Priestess rejoices each day, which allows her to enjoy the presence of kindred spirits.
Each card position adds a different flavor to the overall meaning of the card, which creates a unique outlook for the complete interpretation. If you want to start off with a less daunting Tarot card spread, there are lots to choose from. There is a bit more flexibility with five cards, so you’ll have a few variations available. There are many other ways of looking at 5 cards, and the Tarot card spreads will continue to get more sophisticated as you add more cards. Checking each card from a guidebook is a fine approach at first but it can spoil the flow and natural rhythm of the reading.
The meanings from one card to the next can overlap, and the definitions are more subtle than in the Major Arcana. But there are some that are more closely themed to the subject and can really get your intuition attuned to love when working with the cards. The imagery is designed to symbolize love in a more detailed way than the usual decks, and some have their meanings completely reworked to reflect issues in relationships. Your desires and emotions can actually get in the way of your interpretations, especially if the cards are telling you something you don’t want to hear. Having a friend present during your reading can help you stay grounded, and they can help you stay objective. A very specific question with just one or two cards can get rid of any room for daydreaming or emotional distractions.
When you do a love Tarot card reading, you also have to get the right spread or layout for your question.
The first card shows you your first impressions of the other person (which may not always be that obvious), the second card tells you what the other person thought about you, and the final card is a clue towards how the relationship will turn out. Do the images just yell out to you with a clear interpretation, or do you find yourself scratching your head as you look at them? The basic approach for Tarot card reading is to shuffle the cards while you focus your thoughts on a question or situation. You’re off to a good start with your Tarot card reading but have you thoroughly learned the entire deck? You would use these types of cards when you are seeking some spiritual guidance or advice rather than just psychic insight into a situation.
Some decks are literally based on individual angels and their known traits, and some are designed around a mix of spiritual gifts or personal abilities.
So if you are interested in working with angel energy, you should plan on doing some browsing in order to find one that really suits your taste. Sleep with your deck or do meditations with it in order to connect your energy with the cards. You can meditate on your question and pull just a single card and interpret that meaning as your answer. Try sleeping with a single card under your pillow to influence your dreams and bring you some insight into a particular issue. A card for patience, joy or acceptance can bring those things into your waking life, for example.
In addition to fiction, I've written books about the Tarot, astrology and other metaphysical traditions. You learn what the planets, the Zodiac signs and the other ingredients of the horoscope reveal about many health issues.
The High Priestess is the opposite - much more modest in appearance and rare in making public appearances, but still running the show.
In doing so, she knows to act with caution, very discreetly, and paying attention to details that are believe to be insignificant.
Others may not even realize that there is an obstacle, but if not recognized and dealt with, failure is certain - although it may come as a complete surprise and nobody knows why.
The High Priestess, the Pope Joan, or Female Pontiff; early expositors have sought to term this card the Mother, or Pope's Wife, which is opposed to the symbolism.
The scroll in her hands is inscribed with the word Tora, signifying the Greater Law, the Secret Law and the second sense of the Word. It is in this sense of reflection that her truest and highest name in bolism is Shekinah - the co-habiting glory. Skillful, self-confident, a powerful magus with the infinite as a halo floating above his head, the Magician mesmerizes the Fool. All the possibilities are laid out, all the directions he can take: The cool, airy Sword of intellect and communication, the fiery Wand of passions and ambition, the overflowing Chalice of love and emotions, the solid Pentacle of work, possessions and body.
But here's the question, did the Magician create the tools, or were they already in the pack?
If this card represents some magnetic person in the querent's life, they need to make sure that he's or she is a genuine magician, not a con man. The card also relates to careers where speech and writing is of great importance: salesman, motivational speaker, storyteller, politician, commentator. The handkerchief is draped over an empty box, the Magician waves his wand, *presto!*--now there is a dove in the box. This isn’t the only way that I read the Tarot but it is one of the elements that incorporate into my readings.
Some people no matter how hard they try aren’t wired to learn or retain knowledge this way so it can be futile to even try. I know the core meanings of the Tarot cards but I am guided by my intuition and empathic abilities as well. Select your card however you normally do so and the first thing you notice is what go with. I always come back with something new and it’s a great way to get to know a new deck and tackle cards that you really struggle connecting with.
This does not mean that the Queens are less than the Kings at all, it is just the placement of the cards in the deck. The lower numbers mean that you or the situation is more at the beginning and the higher numbers mean the stakes have been raised and completion is near. What that says to me is that resting and celebrating got me here, I’m in a place of transition, energy and change and The Six of Wands is where I am going and what can move me ahead. My box was a little damaged in the post on the way to me but that is about all I can complain about. I have been trying to embrace it (as someone has been encouraging my stubborn ass to do) but it is coming to the point where play time is over and the bank account needs to start having some funds go in and not all go out.
The other aspect has been that I know that not everything happens at once and you need money to live so it has been an internal war. Which was funnily enough the option where I feel I have been really encouraged by a lot of people to explore. I get that the four of cups in option 2 is mostly about how you feel about a situation being the cups and all but there seemed to be a very one sided feel to the reading.
There are many factors to take into consideration when you make a decision like taking a new job.
I think most people would want to think that they would or others would know that they flat out wouldn’t but feel bad about that knowledge because of what ever. One of the things that is priceless is having someone who really knows who you are, not just the glamourous side that we project out into the world but someone who knows the darker side and still loves and accepts you. What would I call myself, hmmmm Super Witch, I actually have no idea what I would call myself.
Of course I have I am human and there fore I make mistakes.The Star – What Inspires You? Music also and any form of art being expressed but nature and the majesty and magic in nature is something I hope will always hold wonder for me.
That or something part the Wild Thornberries van and a old gypsy van so I can be a global wanderer. I have always been empathic, psychic and very sensitive to energy even as a child and I was lucky enough to have parents who didn’t completely freak out. There is not a lot of information given in the little white book but it is still enough to start your journey with the cards.
Those who follow a Pagan path or live closely with the cycles of nature will really enjoy this deck.
The first the Queen of Swords looks like Malicifent from Disney’s Sleeping Beauty if you ask me. They make great Altar Images for ritual and spells, especially at Sabbats and I have used then for this already.
There is enough in the book to keep you busy for a very long time, especially when it comes to the Major Arcana.
It invokes ancient mysteries, maps of the stars and alchemical equipment all used in spiritual work. The Four of Swords looks like it has not been printed vert well (stupid printers) and some of the imagery is a little gaudy, I usually love The Moon card and it is my least favorite in this deck.

But the girls shed some light on it saying that it could be that I need to just make sure that I am well protected and also that I may be walking around like a thief, guarded and maybe it is time to let my guard down a little. I need to know that there is enough for me, enough money, enough clients and opportunities and I have to trust it a bit more and know that I deserve to be successful for myself.
Yes it took me nearly a year exactly to do that but I still did and it was a BIG win and something to be very grateful for. I love reading Tarot in circle and at Sabbats, there is such a great energy that comes with it.
I consulted the Tarot last night, the first time I have done so since moving house (I also had a dream about using another deck and I kept wondering where the heck my Morgan Greer Tarot cards were, all worn and comfy) and I got these two cards which I wanted to share because they are apparently trying to tell me something. I take this card as being one that asks us to make a decision based on things that we may not be able to see, listening to our intuition and seeking the knowledge of our instinct or gut feeling. This card for me usually means being trapped within your mind and the situation that you have created. The reading last night did get me thinking about my perceptions and what I am possibly being blinded by or not able to see? Both ways lead to the state of internal balance in case they were successfully accomplished. However, if you succeed in the effort to gain inner reconciliation with a difficult situation, you will find inside yourself a new source of life, which will make you much stronger and more balanced. If you will not insist on keeping an expensive car or a big house or even your job, you will not have to worry about losing them either. However, it is important to remember that human relationships are passing just like the physical things are. A Chariot card would mean something a little different if it’s in a spot that represents upcoming obstacles compared to when it sits in a place that means underlying strengths.
The first represents the past, and will give you some insight into the origins of your situation.
It is also a good spread when you really don’t need that much information and just want a nudge in the right direction when you have a situation to deal with. Another way of working with 3 cards is to see them as the root of your situation, what has caused it and the path you need to resolve it. The air card shows you what you need to give further thought to, the earth card represents the solid foundation of the situation, the fire card tells you what action you need to follow and the water card reflects your deeper emotions about the problem.
These are usually the cards that can give you the most difficulty when learning the Tarot meanings because they are not always as obvious.
In a lot of ways, a love reading is no different from any other reading, but there are some small things to keep in mind as you get out the cards. Once you get the basics down, you can always branch out with new techniques and new spreads that suit your personality. Card positions represent things like external influences, personal hopes and your underlying subconscious. There is nothing wrong with have a guidebook or cheat sheet on hand as you are starting out but to really engage your own inner intuition, the cards should be learned by heart. One of the earliest decks of angel cards are simple tiny cards with affirmations illustrated on them.
Because they do not follow the usual Tarot symbolism, you will have to use the books that come with your deck in order to learn their meanings. A more elaborate spread of 3 cards is sometimes used, but seldom anything more sophisticated than that for an angel card reading. Just make sure you keep your cards secure or they can get pretty bent up in a purse, which might ruin your deck. The High Priestess is not that eager to reveal it, though, at least not to those who are fooled by the superficial. She can be compared to a grey eminence, someone in charge although not carrying the office. It is sometimes held to represent the Divine Law and the Gnosis, in which case the Priestess corresponds to the idea of the Shekinah.
Several spreads are introduced, as well as the meanings of all the 78 cards and their pictures. Thus, he draws divine power down from the heavens into his white wand, molds it with that energy of thought, and makes it manifest on Earth (his finger pointing to the ground). Also clever with the sleight of hand (Mercury *was* the god of thieves!) and a medicine man - either a real doctor or someone trying to sell you snake oil.
The tarot reader might well interpret this card as telling the querent that they will be given a vision, an idea, a magical, mental image of whatever it is they most want: the solution to a problem, an ambitious career, a love life, a job.
He's also the only card in the major arcana that refers to the minors with the "trumps" displayed upon his table. Which is why the Magician can indicate a time when one is eloquent and charismatic, clever, witty, inventive and persuasive.
This might be the querent himself, something the querent wants to be, or someone who was, is or will be in his life.
The Magician card does the same for the querent--only what it reveals is not birds or rabbits but NEW ideas. The Tarot is very multifaceted, my intuitive abilities lead me to what is trying to be heard from the cards. This speaks to me of taking a step forward and to stop putting all of the energy I have internally and start to direct it out into the world. There are cards that reflect shading Tattoos that are in just black and white and they are pretty effective cards. However the ONLY Major Arcana card was in the first option and it is a great Major Arcana card. Or the time when our step brothers, her and I were playing and we would ninja steal the two younger siblings cards that they were playing snap with.
People may not initially think that cause I talk a lot but I know when and how to keep my mouth shut.
The Three of Swords usually depicts a heart which is being pierced by three swords, it is interesting that there is no heart, one of the only Rider-Waite based decks I have seen that does not have a hear in the Three of Swords card. This deck can also be used for seasonal meditation and to assist the seeker learn the lessons that come with the seasons, working through the story of the corresponding Minor Arcana or the Major Arcana.
I really liked that they were given their own part of the book and the attention that they were. At least there are no sparkly vampires in the deck I would have lost all respect for Corrine if that were the case. The change is definitely in the air, the nights are at least a lot cooler and the days are indeed getting shorter. She is not locked to the swords or bound heavily by her tying so if she really wanted to she would be able to get herself out of the situation. For example: if you are looking for an expensive painting, you can try to get enough money to purchase it. There are many hundreds of existing Tarot spreads, and there is nothing stopping you from even designing one of your own. The second card is the present, and will show you something about the current atmosphere that will help you with your decisions.
It’s a little more abstract than the above 3-card options, but it gives you a place to stretch your imagination a bit more. Spreads designed for relationship questions are going to work better than the old classic Celtic Cross, for example.
It’s not that uncommon to find a deck with spectacular artwork you love, and yet it just sits in your hands like a dud. From there, you can examine each card and piece together your answer from the cards themselves as well as their positions in the layout. It can be a tough one, though it will give you a thorough picture of your situation once you’re through.
They’ll show you a relevant piece of the past that will help you know, an important aspect of the present, and the final outcome in the future. Depending on the deck, each card will have these kinds of small symbols to help you remember all the interpretations bits and pieces.
Angels don’t see things in the same literal way we do, and their guidance can be quite abstract at times. In the superior world it is called Binah, the Supernal Understanding which reflects to the emanations that are beneath. Also, it gives many examples of symbolic and allegorical imagery within and beyond the Tarot. Raising his wand to heaven, pointing his finger to Earth, the Magician calls on all powers. This is that most ancient magic to make real whatever he imagines in his head merely by saying it aloud.
It’s a wonderful way to connect with the Tarot and you can have some very interesting insights. If there was anything eluding to a higher power wanting me to trust and be more patient I would be thinking more about how I am personally putting my energy into the reading and not being bias. Torturing her with what my idea of fun was, which was playing teacher and I would even make her do homework. The Devil, which is about living and usually addiction and temptation in this card is all abut Lust, which is the name of this Major Arcana card in the Thoth deck. I think I would have needed pegging to the ground if it was not for the wonderful Amanda and her amazing grounding pasta.
Or you can accept the fact, that you will be satisfied with the reproduction and save a lot of money. These are hard times and often you do not have any other option than to accept such situation. The final card is then the future, and it will show you what may happen as a final outcome. When shopping for cards, find a place that allows you to open a deck and actually rifle through cards. So it’s not enough to learn the meanings of all 78 cards, but also how those meanings translate in the various positions of a Tarot spread. In the lower world it is MaIkuth - that world being, for this purpose, understood as a blessed Kingdom that with which it is made blessed being the Indwelling Glory. This book will help you find your own intuitive way of making inspired Tarot card readings.
What I have found is that for a lot of people who don’t have opinions or are not used to that kind of energy it can be a lot to handle. A lot of other things are not really of that much of concern for me but the physical things would be nice to have a booster on.
Just an interesting choice, no chains, no treasure but all about passion and the thorns we create for ourselves. Alternatively, you can cope only with the reminiscence of the painting or just take a walk from time to time among similar paintings in the gallery. Mystically speaking, the Shekinah is the Spiritual Bride of the just man, and when he reads the Law she gives the Divine meaning.
Why didn't I think of that before?" Truth is the querent probably had that idea in his head all along. Again I will see what happens when I do the reading again (maybe with the same Tarot Spread, maybe not) in a few days. The vestments are flowing and gauzy, and the mantle suggests light - a shimmering radiance. There are some respects in which this card is the highest and holiest of the Greater Arcana.
The Magician merely revealed it to him, allowed him to verbalize it and crystallize that idea.
The pictures used in this deck are from the classic Rider-Waite Tarot Deck that was first published in 1910. She has been called occult Science on the threshold of the Sanctuary of Isis, but she is really the Secret Church, the House which is of God and man. I have so many memories with my little sister and I am very lucky to be able to keep creating them with her. While different decks have different illustrations for their respective names, the same meanings for these cards apply and 95% of the time will be the standard 78 card deck.While the images are simple, their backgrounds and details hold a wealth of symbolism.
She represents also the Second Marriage of the Prince who is no longer of this world; she is the spiritual Bride and Mother, the daughter of the stars and the Higher Garden of Eden. Some of the imagery remains close to those found in earlier decks, but overall the Waite-Smith card designs represent a substantial departure from their predecessors.
If you are interesting in learning more about Tarot Card Meanings we highly suggest taking a look at this brilliant educational product.

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