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How predictions are done by classical astrology and the complete horoscope, with many examples. This book shows you what your horoscope says about your health, according to the old tradition of medical astrology. Qi, prana, spirit, ruach, pneuma, and many other life forces around the world explained and compared, by Stefan Stenudd. The hermit might find out plenty about himself and what goes on in his own mind, when avoiding the company of others. On the Tarot card, the lantern in the hand of the Hermit and the dim blue background suggest night. The variation from the conventional models in this card is only that the lamp is not enveloped partially in the mantle of its bearer, who blends the idea of the Ancient of Days with the Light of the World It is a star which shines in the lantern. It is further a card which is understood quite incorrectly when it is connected with the idea of occult isolation, as the protection of personal magnetism against admixture. Card #1 will give you clues as to what you need to change in your current life in order to align more closely with your life purpose. I’s a little confused by the Hanged man and the reversed cards and was hoping you could clarify for me thanks kindly.
Glad you enjoyed doing this Tarot spread, Emma Thank you so much for sharing your results! I have a pretty solid idea of what the cards are telling me, but am interested in you opinion if that’s ok? 1) 2 of Pentacles: Currently balancing family, work and trying to fit time in for new spiritual endeavors.
2) 7 of Wands: This speaks to me about standing up for what I have worked for, what I believe in.
4) 8 of Wands: I’m not 100% on this, but I believe it may be pointing to my passions take me to new places, spreading gifts and teaching others? I feel a vibe from this reading, however it would be nice to have someone help me interpret this combination.
I understand most of them except for the moon card (the last card, global life purpose) can you help? Hello, I did the Life Purpose Tarot spread, it came out good, but I didn’t really understand it.
I done a life purpose spread and I would like to invite anyone who wants to interpret as they see it.
Firstly I would like to thank you Kate for such a great spread and being such a great help and influence on my journey with the tarot.
For the first card I got the 5 of pentacles, the second the 5 of swords, 3rd the fool and lastly the 6 of wands. You could see the 5 of Swords as indicating conflict – thus your purpose might have to do with healing conflict and helping others heal conflict and resentment (for example, as a counsellor or mediator).
1–you are in a spot where you seek solitude in order to regroup from the stresses of your past.
2-you are actually battling your desires (this can also be seen as a lawsuit against your current of just-previous employer before moving toward your ultimate life purpose). In fact, she was a well-known and common figure during the Middle Ages, but not in terms of how she is portrayed in the Tarot.
Above all, the Empress was a figure who was rarely quoted or portrayed without the Emperor. In the Tarot, instead, she is represented holding symbols of power: the scepter and the shield.
This portrayal, unique and rich in meaning, constitutes one of the many innovative contributions of the Tarot to iconography and medieval art. She can represent a strong outsider who helps us in a specific situation, a support upon which we can rely, a point of stability and strength in our favor. Rigidity in morals and in action, an excess of drastic measures, excessive protective instinct towards another person, struggling to maintain current status.

In addition to fiction, I've written books about the Tarot, astrology and other metaphysical traditions. You learn what the planets, the Zodiac signs and the other ingredients of the horoscope reveal about many health issues.
What we discover in our loneliness becomes real when we share it with others and thereby discover that there's so much we have in common. To con­template what we have been through and what we can expect in the future, to heal from emotional wounds, or simply to get some rest. The Hermit, as he is termed in common parlance, stands next on the list; he is also the Capuchin, and in more philosophical language the Sage. I have said that this is a card of attainment, and to extend this conception the figure is seen holding up his beacon on an eminence. The 1909 version has subtle shading which makes the face look a lot more three dimensional, whereas the face is essentially a single color in the US Games deck.
We all wonder from time to time why we are here, what we are supposed to be doing and if we are in the right job, city or relationship. Through analysis I feel the cards embody aspects of my personality perfectly though I think the overall message is that it is safe for me to express who I truly am, that I should leave that which no longer serves me in the past and stops me from living fully in this moment.
I’ve gotten the tower reversed a couple times now recently in my readings and I feel as though the tarot is trying to tell me something but I still dont intuitively know what it is.
I think the 3rd card is being supported by loved ones, receiving regeneration rather than giving it.
I find that I understand the cards just a little more day using your tips and comments to do the reading. This is so wonderful to hear Thank you for letting me know, as this is the whole reason I created my website and its good to know its working! And I am curious to hear on anyone’s opinion of these cards as the 5 of swords seems to be a very negative card in regards to life purpose? I won’t go into detail here, but in a nutshell, card #1 shows that you may feel torn between two major things when it comes to your life purpose. It rarely applies to the outside world, so the scope of any wisdom reached is limited, indeed. Indeed, the self-discovery one does on one's own is like a dream, fading away quickly when one opens one's eyes.
He is said to be in search of that Truth which is located far off in the sequence, and of justice which has preceded him on the way. Therefore the Hermit is not, as Court de Gebelin explained, a wise man in search of truth and justice; nor is he, as a later explanation proposes, an especial example of experience. It has been adopted by the French Order of Martinism and some of us have heard a great deal of the Silent and Unknown Philosophy enveloped by his mantle from the knowledge of the profane. Several spreads are introduced, as well as the meanings of all the 78 cards and their pictures.
Allowing for differences in color and screening, the white areas in this portion of the card are almost an exact match. We all come to Earth with a mission, but forget what that mission is once we incarnate into a physical body.
Card #2 shows that an area of personal growth that you are working on is Patience – allowing things to happen in their own time.
It's not chosen as a wish of separating oneself from fellow human beings, but for a certain purpose where being alone is instrumental. You go inwards to learn about yourself, but you have to go outside to learn anything about the world and your place in it. We have so much in common that wherever we go, even inside our minds, others have done the same and discovered the same. Also, it gives many examples of symbolic and allegorical imagery within and beyond the Tarot.
This spread is designed to help you remember what that mission is by giving you a snapshot of your life purpose as it relates to spiritual growth, relationships, career and creativity.

I am spiritually strong in the sense of I can endure a lot of heartbreak and emotional suffering, but I’m weak in the sense of physical and pain endurance. Card #3 indicates that you have a harmonizing, calming presence in your community and family, and card #4 suggests that your global mission involves listening to your intuition and perhaps even teaching and inspiring others to do so. It is said also that his lantern contains the Light of Occult Science and that his staff is a Magic Wand.
It did not refer to the intended concealment of the Instituted Mysteries, much less of their substitutes, but - like the card itself - to the truth that the Divine Mysteries secure their own protection from those who are unprepared. This book will help you find your own intuitive way of making inspired Tarot card readings. Here’s some questions to ponder: what is your relationship to strength in your day to day life? As for helping those that need it well the whole of humanity needs help and so does the natural world.
Therefore, the experience of one person, no matter how internal, has some relevance to all others. These interpretations are comparable in every respect to the divinatory and fortune-telling meanings with which I shall have to deal in their turn.
The Justice card speaks not only of getting one’s just deserts, but also of acting in fair and just ways. The diabolism of both is that they are true after their own manner, but that they miss all the high things to which the Greater Arcana should be allocated. It is as if a man who knows in his heart that all roads lead to the heights, and that God is at the great height of all, should choose the way of perdition or the way of folly as the path of his own attainment.
Although this card sometimes can represent courts and the legal system, it is generally a lesson to be fair and honest with one’s self and with others. Eliphas Levi has allocated this card to Prudence, but in so doing he has been actuated by the wish to fill a gap which would otherwise occur in the symbolism. Maybe it indicates working with people who lack confidence and strength (like a social worker or advocate of some kind)? The four cardinal virtues are necessary to an idealogical sequence like the Trumps Major, but they must not be taken only in that first sense which exists for the use and consolation of him who in these days of halfpenny journalism is called the man in the street. Justice also suggests that the seeker should pay attention to promises, debts and obligations. In their proper understanding they are the correlatives of the counsels of perfection when these have been similarly re-expressed, and they read as follows: (a) Transcendental justice, the counter-equilibrium of the scales, when they have been overweighted so that they dip heavily on the side of God.
The corresponding counsel is to use loaded dice when you play for high stakes with Diabolus. The corresponding counsel is to drink only of new wine in the Kingdom of the Father, because God is all in all. The axiom is that man being a reasonable being must get intoxicated with God; the imputed case in point is Spinoza. The corresponding counsel is that a man must not spare himself even in the presence of death, but he must be certain that his sacrifice shall be-of any open course-the best that will ensure his end.
The axiom is that the strength which is raised to such a degree that a man dares lose himself shall shew him how God is found, and as to such refuge - dare therefore and learn. It is a doctrine of divine parsimony and conservation of energy, because of the stress, the terror and the manifest impertinences of this life. The corresponding counsel is that true prudence is concerned with the one thing needful, and the axiom is: Waste not, want not.

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