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If you can't attend a function you have rsvped for, will you do the polite thing and unrsvp or let the host know? Hi, I have decided to start this meetup based on all the areas of interest that I am most passionate about and am hoping others will be too.
This is a meetup group for anyone interested in health and wellbeing, consciousness, spirituality, the law of attraction, alternative therapies, the mind-body connection, healing and other connected areas of interest. Being a natural therapist myself, I would love this group to be inviting to other natural therapists and healers as well as others curious about alternative therapies, healing and personal growth and development. My plan is for like-minded souls to catch up and socialise, network and have fun and stimulating conversations and form great friendships and connections. I plan to organise and put on a variety of regular events, hopefully at least one function a week and once we amass a substantial number of members we can hopefully have other members step up to share the organising so we can have many events on the calendar.
I would love to see this group establish a large base of members and be fun, inspirational, educational and transformational for all those that join and participate.

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