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The Jon Dickson Tarot Card Skateboard Deck from the homies over at Deathwish Skateboards is a Jon Dickson Pro model deck from their 'Tarot Card' series of graphics.
All orders are shipped the same day with our courier or Royal Mail if the order is placed before 3pm with the exception of Saturdays in which case they will ship out on Monday for delivery on Tuesday. Here at Native Skate Store we make sure that all of our customers have a safe and secure shopping experience however they choose to pay. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website.
What is this?This is the number of points you get in The Zumiez Stash for purchasing this item. Improve your flip tricks with a slight concave shape for solid pop and a unique Erik Ellington skeleton riding a horse Deathwish graphic. Although many people regard tarot reading as a tool for divination, it can also be extremely helpful tool for exploring psychological issues.
The Self-Healing Tarot Spread can be a powerful tool for exploring our past traumas that may be preventing us from growing in the present.

When attempting this tarot spread, it’s always important to be aware of your surroundings.
First Card – What is my greatest emotional block, trauma or issue from the past that is preventing me from moving forward? Third Card – How is my emotional block currently affecting my personal growth and my relationships with others in the present? Fifth Card – What actions, emotional or otherwise, can I take to get past my emotional blocks to encourage growth and self-healing? Sixth Card – What is the guiding spiritual lesson I have learned through this exploration? This entry was posted on Sunday, March 21st, 2010 at 6:13 pm and is filed under Tarot Spreads. Thats why our website is fully PCI compliant which means that your details and personal information are protected with the latest internet security systems whether you choose to pay via credit card using Sage Pay, Paypal or Google Wallet. These are the circumstances that occurred in our past that remain unresolved and remain as emotional blocks.

It’s also important that you have allotted enough time to practice this tarot spread without any interruption.
Often, these are the scars that we carry from painful experiences from our past that shape how we perceive the world and interrelate with those around us. Be sure to give yourself time for introspection and to process through any emotions or memories that may come up during your tarot reading.
If you find yourself in repetitive painful relationships for example, the Self Healing Tarot Spread can help to identify the cause as well as provide a path towards healing, growth and spiritual awareness.

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