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This week, I’ve watched a lot of people commenting that my new Loteria Grande cards feel like Tarot objects in their proportion and design.
Loteria Grandes are designed not as playing cards, but special-edition collectibles that have a deluxe size that feels good in your hand, with a cool pencil drawing on the back.
This was the first Tarot deck I ever bought, and it’s still one of the most gorgeous. Now the truth is Loteria Grandes aren’t really Tarot cards in the strict sense (or even oracle cards, if you want to get down to it). I bought it when it first released back in the ’90s, and it still holds up as an amazing art object. Without you creating this set, I might not have known about the Italian painting master Ferenc Pinter.

I wish I didn’t feel like I was trying to defuse a bomb every time I open the awkwardly-tight tuck box, lest I rip the packaging and unleash sadness.
Personally, I thought zombies jumped the shark back in 2005 with the Marvel Zombies series. These cards are the first works I ever saw of his, and like Toppi, he’s such a master of composition and color. Tarot lore fascinates me. One of my dream jobs is to be paid good money to illustrate and design a mindblowingly cool Tarot deck that enchants true believers as well as true detectives. If someone has an extra, and wants to trade for a nice Loteria drawing plus a stack of Loteria Grande cards, gimme a holler. And yet, ten years later, the zombies didn’t go away because instead, the world around us turned into them.

When I’m stuck inside my own compositional deadends, I look at Toppi and remember that there are so many beautiful ways to compose infinity within a rectangle. He realizes that Tarot is a a fabulously pliable form that can absorb an immense amount of reinvention, and still be just as potent as the established formats — maybe even moreso.

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