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I'm really early in the game so I don't want to give it too much credit yet, but I'm pretty damned impressed so far. If I had to make any complaint against the game, it's that it really fails at making me care about the characters or the story. I definitely get what you mean, although so far I've been loving the cartoony looking character models.
I love the flow of movement in this game, the way you go from steath to to choke a guard and carry his body, jump into a river to hide or behind a crate and peak around. Linearity in terms of story keeps things focused and prevents the game from devolving because of too much filler content.
I think my disconnect from the emotion of the story stems from how inconsistent the writing is; some of it is wonderful, and some of it becomes incredibly expository or just plain hard to take seriously, thanks to half-hearted British phrases being said through American accents or other weird little things like that. I spent most of my 3 hour playthrough doing the first quest I came upon, as well as some exploring.
Still have to play more of Borderlands 2 and get on XCom which is sitting there installed right now.
I've been looking forward to playing this for a long time, but my dog had to have emergency surgery, so no buying games for quite some time. I'm trying not to abuse quick save too much, but I'm glad the option is there because sometimes it's just really fun to try out different things and see how they work out.

While Lady Harris finished work on the original paintings in the 1940s, the illustrations were not available in actual "card form" until the 1960s. According to Stuart Kaplan in The Encyclopedia of Tarot, vol. Oh, and despite lower resolution assets, the game more than makes up for it with it's gorgeous pastel art style. III, p. 152, the very first "card" edition of the Thoth deck was published by the Simpson Printing Company (later to become the Harp Printing Company), which reproduced the illustrations from Crowley and Harris' limited edition book, The Book of Thoth.
The first full-color edition of the Thoth was (according to Kaplan) issued in 1969 by Samuel Weiser. Subsequent printings followed, although due to the lack of date information on many editions, it is difficult to establish an exact timeline of what was published when. III of Kaplan's Encyclopedia gives 1977 as the first edition of the USG Thoth, but the copyright on the enclosed booklet shows 1978). Llewellyn Publications also issued one, possibly two, editions of the Thoth, although the exact dating of the Llewellyn printing(s) is elusive. Games reissued the Thoth deck with a different box and improved printing techniques. It is likely incomplete, although it should include all of the major editions that have been available in the U.S. At present, no foreign language editions (with the exception of the USG "White Box" 3-language edition) or variants are included. Also, no attempt has been made to include any of the numerous numerous independent printings and recreations (such as the Japanese foil Thoth), reworkings (such as the Liber T: Tarot of Stars Eternal), and Thoth-based variants (such as the Haindl Tarot).

The contrast between the two overlapping typefaces is poor, making the titles difficult to read. 2) The illustration for the "Ace of Pentacles" card is printed upside-down. Tarot Garden Database Samples "White Box B" Published by Samuel Weiser. No publication date indicated, but dated as1969 by Stuart Kaplan in his "Thoth" entry in the Encyclopedia of Tarot, vol. Publication information on the side of the box says "Distributed by Samuel Weiser, 734 Broadway, N.Y. Booklet for the Tarot Garden Library copy reads "copyright 1978, 1983." The Encyclopedia of Tarot, vol. The contrast between the two overlapping typefaces is improved over the white box "A" and "B" editions, making the titles easier to read. Later editions moved to a gray-ish border, and exhibit less of a "green shift" in the image reproduction. A three-language edition and a four-language edition of the "C" variant were published.
In the three-language edition, English titles appear at the center bottom, French titles in the upper left corner, and Spanish titles in the upper right corner.

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