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It goes without saying that a profession like this one attracts a lot of charlatans so for this list item I asked my writing mentor Pat (who is familiar with the practice) for some advice on how to find a reputable Tarot card reader: she told me to find a local new age or occult bookshop and see if they had one on staff.
We chatted as I shuffled and I was able to relax a bit after Raven and I discovered that we have a shared love of writing, Buffy the Vampire Slayer and True Blood. She mentioned that the spirit guide card was telling me I needed to focus on my own life for a while. She ended the reading by giving me ‘homework’ to make a five year plan for my writing goals and to make it as specific as possible; she said it helps to imagine a perfect day in my future life and decide which of those I couldn’t live without and focus on getting those. It was not unlike spending an hour on the therapists couch and I left feeling comforted and invigorated. A Tarot deck has 78 cards and each one of them has a definite meaning associated with them. The Tarot reader will start by discussing everything that needs to be done with the client as well as how the readings can help them with what they are going through.
The tarot reader will then turn up the cards and will talk to the client about their life and their current feelings based on what card was revealed and what position they are in.
By doing this, the reader will have a good background to base the client’s detailed issues on.
One Tarot session usually lasts for an hour which is enough to have three to four readings with different patterns.
At the end of every tarot reading session, the client should feel like they just earned a newer perspective in life to make better decisions in the future.
Receiving a free love tarot reading may not solve all of your romantic troubles, but they can be very entertaining and even enlightening. Additionally, I-Fate breaks the spreads down into two parts, as half of the page is dedicated to classic spreads while the other features spreads that are devoted to love readings.
Realms of the Arcane Love Tarot takes you straight to a layout and deck of cards for a love reading.
If you're working with a live person on the other end of the phone or the Internet connection, it will be up to her to choose which type of tarot spread to use for your reading. If you're using a web based tarot program, you may have a choice of different spreads you can choose. One card reading: A one card reading is a good way to get a quick snapshot of the situation. You may also have other spread choices to choose from when you are using a web based tarot program. During your love reading try to keep in mind that you have the ultimate control over your own actions. If you are already on the path to success, keep in mind that the actions you are taking have put you there. No matter the cards you receive during your reading, try to combine the traditional meaning of the cards with the symbols that are actually on the cards. I’m inclined to trust people who spend their lives around books so this advice made sense to me. The word occult makes it sound a little scary but it has the feel of new agey yoga studio to it with an extra dash of Goth. But a lot of what she said rang true: it was eerie to see my life laid out there before me by a stranger from my work conundrums to my creative life to a recent separation from someone I love.
I told her that would be hard since a family situation has been taking over my life lately.
Raven told me after our reading that a lot of what she does is to help people process what happening in their lives.

Use of the web site constitues acceptance of the Defy Media Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. To start a tarot reading session, the cards are shuffled and laid out in a specific order—different parts of the pattern will have a specific meaning.
After explaining everything, you have to ask your client about his expectations from the reading before you make them shuffle the cards and lay them out on the table following the pattern that you are going to use. At the beginning, the reader will most likely use a pattern that will represent simple ideas or feelings like the client’s past or the situations that they are currently in or trying to work out. Following the general pattern, the reader will ask the client if there are any particular questions that they want to ask or discuss—the next pattern will suit these questions and ideas. They should also feel like some of their worries have been taken away and feel better about their current situations because of the options that were given to them. The readings you receive through the tarot cards can inspire you to view your particular situation from a different point of view, helping you find the answers you are searching for. Some sites are better than others, but an online tarot reading seldom has the same feeling and energy as a live reading.
Beyond tarot readings, you can also receive guidance through astrology, the runes or even numerology. Click on any "Shuffle and Read" link to be taken to that card's spread and interpretation; no registration is needed. Select cards from the deck spread in front of you; they will be placed in the love spread and the results will be interpreted on your screen. There are love tarot readings that are completed by people via an instant messaging system, those conducted over the phone, and readings that can be conducted with an automated tarot computer program.
She will choose the spread that she's most comfortable with and that has the most to do with your question. This spread is used for a variety of different card readings, including relationships and love.
Choose a spread that speaks to you because when it comes to tarot readings, your own intuition is the best guide. If the site you are using offers a choice of decks, take some time to look through the sample cards.
If the cards seem to be giving a negative message, remember that the reading is based on the current path that is being taken. Continue with your successful behavior to achieve your romantic goals; keeping an open heart and mind is what allows love to enter your life and remain there. If you could know when you’d meet your true love, when or how you’d die, would you want to be told? I confided in Pat that I was a little scared about what might happen if the reader told me something bad.
She was offered a lot of rally practical-sounding advice, telling me to trust my instincts with people and stop doubting myself so much with work. Her advice for anyone interested in having a reading done is to avoid people who talk about things like fixing auras, soul retrieval or lifting hexes and, perhaps obvious but worth mentioning, avoid readers who ask for exorbitant fees; she says she’s had clients come in who’ve been charged thousands of dollars by unscrupulous readers to lift ‘curses’. There are many traditional patterns but you can make up your own order as you get familiar with your deck. This can also include their hopes and dreams as well as their goals and life expectations and the many influences that are acting upon them. The aim of every Tarot reading is to provide progress in the aspect of life that the client is most concerned with. Remember that these websites are offered mainly for entertainment purposes and the results are usually not personalized.

Each card position is explained and each card is also explained in clear language, giving both the regular and inverted meanings. Beyond those basics, you'll be able to type your question into a pre-set form and select the tarot deck of your choice. If you are looking for a love reading you can select that spread, but if you'd like a different reading you can choose another option. You are required to have credit card information on file and be a registered user before placing the call. Again, you will incur phone charges once the three minutes are up, so make these calls with caution. Any one of these options can work well for love readings, but keep in mind that they can be completely random and the results will not necessarily be personalized to you.
A Celtic Cross gives a very detailed analysis of a relationship or your current romantic outlook. Your connection and response to the cards will be very important in getting a reading that is tailored to your own personality and feelings.
The thinking is that when you combine the meaning of the cards with your personal interpretation of the symbols, you will more readily arrive at the correct solution for your dilemma. Like most of us, I’m highly skeptical of fortune telling while still being intrigued by the possibility. She said I needn’t be nervous, that the future isn’t fixed and that any reader who tells me something dooming isn’t legit. She was much shorter than me but still somehow imposing with a head of spectacular dreadlocks, pushed out of her face with a red scarf. She also told me to avoid stress for the next 28 days, to stop carrying the weight of the world on my shoulders.
A person that is working in the music industry may ask about how his career will turn out in the next few years.
You have the option of remaining anonymous if you choose to do so, so you don't need to register or provide any personal information to use the service.
Depending on your needs you can choose from a three card reading, a two card reading or even an astrology reading. Any time spent on the phone beyond the three minutes will result in a bill, so be extremely careful. In this way, combining your own creativity with the actual reading will help yield the best results.
Upon meeting her I explained that I was going to write about this for a column, just to make sure she was comfortable with the idea. Most clients would ask about their difficulties when it comes to relationships and what they are currently going through with their partners.
There will be a lot of information given in such a short period of time that the client might not remember them all, listening to the recording will be of great help. Some clients would ask about the direction that they are leading in life and would ask questions on how they can improve the quality of their life.
By using tarot cards, the reader can provide fresh insights and answers to help ease the clients mind.

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