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Gnosis Emporium and Aromagregory carry a wide variety of Tarot and Lenormand cards in our Nashville store. Lenormand cards are a deck of 36 cards with simple images (Rider, Clover, House, etc) with fairly concrete meanings (as opposed to tarot cards, which can have many meanings). I found that with the Lenormand cards, reading became easy and allowed psychic visions to flow more freely during a reading.
Peter John displays his Rider-Waite deck and explains the differences in other variations of the Tarot cards, including describing what a beginner should look for when buying a new deck. Many people who perform tarot card readings use only the Minor Arcana - the court cards and the twos through aces of each suit. Peter John explains how to interpret the appearance of a Major Arcana card in a reading using the Rider-Waite Tarot deck. 188 results found: Antique Vintage Etteilla Tarot Fortune Telling Cards De · Russian Rune Oracle Cards of the Millenium Fortune Tell · Tarot of the Ancient Some feel that tarot cards tell the future and others feel that they’re purely for entertainment purposes.

31 results found: L Vintage 1968 Albano Rider Waite Deluxe Tarot Cards · Vintage Tarot Etteilla Fortune Telling Cards Deck by B.
When the Emperor and Empress cards both appear in the same reading, they often indicate a wiser, older married couple - such as parents or grandparents. Marie Anne Lenormand (1772–1843) was a French professional fortune-teller, active for more than 40 years and of considerable fame during the Napoleonic era. Unlike the Tarot which is enshrouded with deep symbolism, psychology, and astrological elements, the Lenormand cards give straight and simple answers – “this is going to happen,” or “this is the situation in front of you.” They are also clear and concise when someone wants a “yes” or “no” answer.
Artwork from antique and historical Tarot cards has been reproduced in these modern Tarot decks. Peter John explains what it means when these two Major Arcana cards in the tarot deck appear together in a reading.
Lenormand claimed to have given cartomantic advice to many famous persons, among them leaders of the French revolution (Marat, Robespierre and St-Just), Empress Josephine and Czar Alexander.

Often, I will use a combination of both the Lenormand and the Tarot cards, consulting each deck for different aspects. I had a beautiful deck that I threw in the trash once I Vintage Erotica Tarot Le Tarot des Femmes Erotiques. Customize this design with your own text and pictures or order as Free yearly Horoscope for 2012 Antique Kipper Tarot Cards. 78 cards with haunting Grandpa's offers a wide variety of Metaphysical supplies, including Tarot cards. Your personal free birth Horoscope You choose the antique Kipper Tarot for your birth Horoscope 2012.

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