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Although the hauntingly beautiful images of the Tarot may seem shrouded in mystery, they were actually created as simple playing cards.
While it is not entirely clear where Tarot originated from there is evidence to support the cards made their way into Europe via increased trade with the Saracens of Northern Spain in the 13th and 14th Centuries. It is generally accepted that Tarot as we know it today, originated in Northern Italy in the mid 15th century. Most Tarot Decks produced now are solely used for psychic readings, self-exploration and growth. Learning the art of how to read tarot cards is a fun, enjoyable and interesting process that one can take up without difficulty. The first step to learn tarot cards is the art of being able to interpret the information on the card.
As it is certainly a good idea to have a general grasp of the basics behind tarot cards, the important thing is to be able to connect with the cards on a more intimate level, rather than trying to learn by reading and remembering the contents of a book.
This is an important process and should be done with a tarot deck of cards and some writing material, as well as some candles and some incense, so as to create a mood an an atmosphere.
When a sense of calm has been achieved, take a card from any where within the deck and place it in an upright position in front of you.
Are there any subjects within the card and if so, what are they saying to you and to each other? Sometimes it can be okay to check a reference book, in regards to a certain interpretation that may have been gathered.
Once you have completed one card successfully, you must continue this process for every card within the deck.
Reading tarot cards is always a personal journey and can only be developed from you as a person, and not only from guides and reference manuals. The cards are an amazing way to see what is reflecting from the client's energy at the time of reading. After years of doing readings I have discovered that after learning the cards completely, studying astrology, numerology and psychic development that clairvoyance develops and in my case also claircognizance takes over adding to the fullness of the reading. These readings are very insightful as they allow the person to see what types of past lives they have had which have brought them to this present one. A North Node reading can tell us what we need to let go of and also what we are here to focus on in this particular life time.

It's only when we understand our personality traits that we have the power to achieve our full potential. They're a fantastic way to enhance concentration, spiritual awakening, focus, compassion, making the best decisions for ourselves, trust issues and much more. Naturopaths give them to patients and I often see through a tarot reading where the person would benefit from essences and this is how I get them out to people. Flower essences help us shift our focus and therefore play a very useful role in freeing us up to be more truly who we are. I always invite the client to pull a rune out of the bag after a tarot reading and it usually reflects the reading and offers support. In my experience with the runes they give confirmation of the tarot reading and confirms to the client the action to be taken. At this point they were not being used for occult purposes but already had a bad reputation with religion as they encouraged gambling. There were a total of 52 cards made up of 4 different suits including: cups, swords, staves and coins (occasionally disks or pentacles were used in place of coins).
Drawn to its strange imagery, occultists began using the cards as a way to divine the future and connect with Spirit. Famous writers and artists like W.B Yeats, John Steinbeck, Stephen King and Salvador Dali have even used the Tarot as a spark for creative inspiration.
Many of the best tarot card readers do this is a way in which the information on the card relates to their own associations.
The best way to start in familiarizing ones self with the cards is to spend and hour or so each day with the cards, learning them and writing the studies within a journal. At the same time, start to relax with steady breathing and a clear way of thinking, confronting any stresses that may be on the mind. The important goal is to develop a book that contains your interpretations of all 78 cards from within the tarot card deck.
Spend time developing a relation ship with each card, so as to bring your own sense of magic to the art. Similar to bridge, these games still enjoy some popularity today especially in France and Italy.
Each card was hand painted and as they were introduced to different regions, local artists would create their own decks by incorporating intricate designs and symbols from their culture.

Trump cards are now known as the Major Arcana while the remaining cards are referred to as the Minor Arcana. Perhaps two of the most well known decks designed for this purpose are the Rider-Waite by Arthur-Edward Waite and the Thoth Deck by Alistair Crowley. The imagery of modern Tarot has continued changing with the times and it is now possible to buy themed decks featuring Nursery Rhymes, Cats, Base Ball, Dragons, Vampires and even Teddy Bears. This kind of information can not be found in a book, but is instead a direct appropriation of the image and the information on the card. When you learn tarot, it should be done in a location where one can be peaceful, without the worry of being disturbed. This will result in a book that you can use as a reference point in the future for tarot card readings.
The increasing range of unfamiliar symbols and imagery continued adding to the mysterious nature of the cards. Court cards were also used and featured Pages, Knights and Kings, but in the beginning there were no ‘female’ or Queen cards. These terms came much later in Tarot’s history and are intrinsically linked with their use as a divination tool. Despite the wide range of imagery available the basic meaning of the cards have remained the same.
However, books about tarot card reading are also a good resource and give helpful information concerning the history of tarot cards, as well as the different tarot spreads.
It is important to channel these thoughts and emotions, as they can get in the way of the tarot card reading and can cause a loss of focus and balance when reading the cards. Despite being over 550-years old the Visconti-Sforza deck is still in print today and is a popular choice among Tarot enthusiasts. They are completely natural and therefore do not have any adverse side effects with any medications.

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