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Finding your feet and keeping them grounded when your energies want you to fly, can be tricky. The first card drawn doesn't matter, they're read in a circle, for there is no light without shadow and there is no bright light without understanding the darkness.
This might be a strange one, but since the Lynx doesn't and can't actually speak, this suddenly becomes quite easy to understand. We should tap into it, like the snows that fall, melt, vanish and fall again, it comes back to us again and again. It's time to pass through the gateway of the Silver Birch trees and connect with the elder wisdom within us. Well, once you get going, you often forget to be miserable or forget why you're doing what you're doing. Knowing what is coming, or what may come, is like looking at the weather forecast and deciding if you're going to wear a rain jacket, or a fleece;  a combination of those two. We spend so much of our lives working, often working for others in jobs we don't like with people we'd rather not be friends with on social media. That's a damn hard thing to pull off in an office, even more so if you're working for yourself. Sometimes, it's the work and this card hints that you're having to watch your back all the time and watch what you're saying to whom. Page's are often the messengers of their suit.  In this case, the message is that you're still learning how to deal with these aspects of your career in a practical sense. All in all, these are 3 positive cards to say "Yes", You're on the right path, just watch what you're saying and how you're acting and own it. Appreciating our mothers (the good ones!) and showing that you're grateful for all their hard work doesn't have to cost the stash of pocket money of the children they loving bought into this World.
Appreciating anyone in our lives who has, for whatever reason, gone over and above the call of duty, can be hard. A change in routine can be a pain in the rear end at times, a blessing in disguise in others. This card is certainly full charisma, lots of adders are trying to be unique, being assertive and enthusiastic. So for the remainder of this week, lets keep the dominating, self-righteous and bullying aspects of this card down to a minimum.
Being direct is sometimes a good thing, though unless you've been asked for an honest opinion, it's often not wanted nor welcome. With Mercury at long last, going forwards from tomorrow, it'll be a welcome relief to being able to say things as you mean them, without them being twisted around by the planets above or people using that as an excuse because they're not wishing to communicate properly. The Hawk is good, Tarot wise, for seeing through the clouds of mis-information that others give out.  He's the person who champions and upholds beliefs, for themselves and others.
The Devil is wise, courageous and strong, those as the aspects I need to employ, not the negative ones. If you're going to do something positive, this lady is there to help and foster those positive vibes and turn it into something we can use.
The spread, is this: Where you are currently, where you want to go to, the Bridge over the obstacle. This week, Captain Still, the King of Vessels himself, the Heron, stops by my little Wildwood corner.
Heron's are great at waiting, they're patient, silent and when they strike, quite deadly, at least to the fish they've just captured.
I've used The Wildwood, drawn by Will Worthington and conjured up by Mark Ryan and John Matthews. When the King of Stones came out via my Wildwood app (courtesy of Fools Dog) I chuckled a little and thought: Being called upon to act for the good of the pack! What You Get: It depends on what set you would like there is a Standard Deck which is what I purchased. Impressions: This is yet another beautiful deck from Alex and Karen and it will enchant fans of Alice in Wonderland and the Tarot.
It is a whimsical deck full of character and colour and is another stunning addition to the studios amazing Tarot collection.
MacGregor Mathers described the Court Cards as being not on the Sephiroth, but beside them. To me, this Sun Sign is stubborn, lazy, self-indulgent, hot-headed, temperamental, possessive.

Please leave your emotional baggage at the gateway, you won't be needing it where you're going in this card. Mary and I used this at our last Meet Up, and whilst Lisa may have created this for Mars retrograde, we found it to be pretty useful in general: so I've used it this week.
Find out all the facts first, but don't make a decision without knowing as much as you can find out. This week, take the time to let go of what it is that's hurt you.  Know that the feelings associated with that, don't need to be projected onto another person. You give it out when you need to and you make sue that those you work with respect you, even if they don't like you. The other pro here, taking on the self employment aspect, is that you have to respect yourself & treat your business as a proper career. There is always the other side of the coin to consider, the shadow side, the side most people don't want to deal with.  Mostly, it's the management, the boss. Often, office gossip can be more of a hindrance than anything else you ever do, or achieve. The King of Bows comes out as the final card and you've got to hand it to this Tarot deck: It doesn't mess around! Appreciate your mother's ability to pull rabbits out of the hats at the eleventh hour, when you finally show her the school letter you were sent home with two weeks ago. Sometimes, the next move on the chess board of life isn't ours to make, so what on earth do you do then? This Guardian in-stills fear, so giving into fear, or reacting out of fear or irrational thoughts is not advised.
It's time to focus my power, let it flow through me and use it where I need it to heal partnerships, sexual relationships. I usually raise it above the other two a little, to create a triangle, but well, that's hard to do on the blog. When I got it stocked up again, the netting went over the top, keeping Mr Fish-Eater out of reach of my new little fishes. If you've ever seen one in the ponds of many of our parks, you'll recall how graceful they look. The Heron is apparently the guardian of many esoteric secrets and is said to stand in the gateway between life and death, to act as a mediator on the soul's journey to the Celtic otherworld and reincarnation. He'd never hug you, the protocols of work prohibited that, but the emotional support was there, always. That set comes with the Tarot deck, a beautiful decorated storage box and a little white book.
If you know the stories of Alice and her adventures in Wonderland I am sure you will gain a deeper understanding to the cards as they use what seem to be all of the characters from that universe.
The metallic embellishments on the card ad such a beautiful element to the deck and they are on every card and in many different colours. Here he apparently intended to suggest that these cards are not purely integral to the Sephiroth, but are extensions of their qualities.
They can, however, be the most helpful and loyal of family members, staunch friends, great advisors and frugal. Call it intuition, our drive, Vulcan logic or something else, there's the ancient wisdom passed down as it pulses through our veins. It will only take longer to talk with this lady if you wish to try to take that nonsense with you. This might be because they're using big words, or because you don't want to understand what it is they're saying. You have to create rules and processes and you can't hide behind anyone else's nonsense any more.
Have you seen all the memes on Facebook recently, talking about being individual and coming into your own power? The Knight of Arrows is represented by the Hawk, a bird of prey with sharp talons and a good hunting instinct. It certainly seems to be mine, for I tend to speak out before I engage the little grey matter. The Devil can invoke the fight or flight instinct, and I'm not often one to run from a battle,  if the odds are favourable. In this case, I feel it's more to do with the manifestation of my own powers and esoteric insights.

This is where talking with others, taking your inspiration from your peers (If you've had their permission to pick their brains) and knowing where you've come from, is good. The profound depths of character (I'm quoting from the book here) one has, is stirred into action, they carry all before it. The book has the following listed for tracks and pathways: Artistic ability, honesty and integrity, purposeful equality, responsibility, consideration of others, affection, support and companionship. Whilst I'd love to put my head down and sleep, I've more chance, being honest, of plaiting fog. There is a Large Format deluxe edition that comes with a Wooden box and a Silk Tarot pouch as well as everything in the Standard edition.
All of the Baba Studio decks are on excellent paper stock so that you can shuffle them for years to come without it wearing. The Court Cards represent the Elemental powers of the Tetra-grammaton, mrp , in the Four Worlds.
The complete system of attribution of the Tarot to the Tree of Life in a Solid Sphere is to be found in Regardie's Golden Dawn. Forgiving isn't a sign of weakness, it's a sign that says you acknowledge their hurt to you, and you're not prepared to carry it around any more. You being a little sulky pants is an indication that you've don't appreciate all her hard work. Male or female, this card is all about owning your own power and taking command of it and the situations you may find yourself in. In this case, it's by looking at what I already have and using what I already have to better effect. They personify the attributes of the Specific Elements (refer again to Figure 10) and, as such, generally represent real people when they appear in a divination. These are, when this scheme is considered in a three-dimensional sphere, at the North Pole of the earth above the Princesses.
I designed this little spread with the question: What do I need to know about my Lunar energies this Full Moon? It's about dancing through life rather than crying and whilst you're dancing, you may as well do something useful, like dance a spell. So, I asked the Tarot "How can we show appreciation for our Mothers on Mothers Day?" In the UK, we celebrate this day before our American cousins, but that doesn't matter, I've created a 3 card spread for you to use at any time, for anyone you need guidance on this for. Put the effort in yourself, so you appreciate the hours she spends later on, when you're tucked up in bed.
Another positive characteristic of the King of Bows is to be benevolent, and gentle with the kids and yourself, to a certain point. The Seer also balances emotions, intellect and willpower, urging us to create the change in our world that we wish to see.
It's by stock taking (of sorts) and seeing what I do best and well, and continue to do more of that. I get that he's a still character with emotions that runs deep, he's not as huggy as us Pages, but he cares. I've never been afraid to call on my husband and say: Sort the boys out (before I lose my temper) and he with me. That's an ace bonus, for whilst Spirit lives in this world, Spirit can't pay the bills, buy food or heat the house.
Sometimes, it's good to switch roles and hand the baton of the "bad" parent over to the partner.
It may also be said that the Court Cards represent decision, on our own part or on the part of others. Discover The Untold Secrets Used By Experts To Tap Into The Power Of Your Inner Personality Help You Unleash Your Full Potential.
It is the decision of individuals (or the result of situations brought about by individual decision) which bring into effect the blind forces represented by the cards of the Tarot numbered two through ten.
So that when a Court Card comes up in a divination, it suggests a human controlling factor.
To reiterate: In divination the Court Cards are the choices of men, the Trumps are the choices of the Gods (although at a more complex level, these are our own choices, too) and the small cards are the forces brought into play.

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