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Your creativity has a mind of its own today, leading you to make different choices than you usually do. Although you foresee big changes unfolding at work, your smartest strategy is to simply do your job today without getting caught up in uncertain possibilities. Get the truth about your hunches and concerns with advice from a Tree of Life Tarot reading today!
When life knocks you down, Self-Healing Potentials Tarot reading can help you get back up, stronger than ever! Earth meets Air for those born on the Taurus-Gemini Cusp, and it's quite a dust storm of activity these individuals can kick up. In all of my beginner's Astrology teleconference classes, I teach my students how important it is to thoroughly analyze the Sun, Moon and Ascendant (or Rising sign) of any horoscope. It seems like someone is trying to convince you to do something that benefits others more than you.

Great days like today sure don't come around very often, so try to enjoy every minute of it! Friends who are expecting you to act one way might have a hard time believing it when you want to act in another way -- but they are definitely going to like what they see! The Moon's monthly visit to your 6th House of Daily Routine signals a return to normalcy, but you might be worried that the current peace and quiet won't last. Identify your strengths and improve your weaknesses with a personalized Numerology Talents Profile. However, your resistance to making concrete plans now might appear selfish to your peers, even if you believe you're pursuing an honorable course of action.
Reach out into the world with both hands and find out what adventures or mischief you can become a part of.
Today should be all about letting the deepest sides of your personality out into the world -- let your personality be seen in all its unique and kooky glory.

It's impossible to know how everything will play out in the long run, so concentrate on keeping your life as stable as you can for now and forget about the rest. Even if your choice is an unpopular one, you will gain respect for being honest instead of just trying to please everyone. This is a great day to indulge yourself and ignore whatever chores are awaiting you at home -- if you can get away with it without leaving anyone in the lurch, of course!

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