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De Animals Divine Tarot bestaat uit 78 kaarten en is in z'n geheel gecreëerd door Lisa Hunt, die ook de Shapeshifter Tarot en Celtic Dragon Tarot decks op haar naam heeft staan. The Wise Gal Tarot is a book with perforated sheets at the back that become the Tarot cards, designed for pre-teens and teenagers.
The Dolphin Daze Tarot is a pleasant black-and-white illustrated Tarot celebrating the artist's love of dolphins.
The Tarocco Piemontese is a reproduction by Dal Negro of a 19th century Italian style of deck. The Enchanted Oracle is a deck of 36 borderless cards by artist Jessica Galbreth, illustrated with attractive, dark mystical imagery.
Published in Japan but titled in English, the cards of the Tarot of Wicca are a computer-generated style and have an emphasis on nudity. The Mystic Faerie Tarot is an enchanting faerie tarot painted in watercolours by fantasy artist Linda Ravenscroft.
The Power Animal Tarot has simplistic cards without tarot symbolism, just close-up photographs of different animals that have had a graphics software filter applied to the images. AngeLynx is a non-traditional divination deck of 52 cards, created after ten years work by a shaman, astrologer and spiritual counselor.
The Ursidae Tarot is a hand made set of 78 cards featuring appropriately dressed and situated teddy bears depicting each tarot scene. The Tattoed Tarot is an unusual style of Tarot, with illustrations of tarot imagery tattooed onto people.
Le Tarot de Gruyeres is an unusual black and white, majors-only Tarot, created for a Swiss Tarot exhibition in 1993.
The Love Tarot is a simple, majors-only set with collage cards of traditional Tarot imagery in a Victorian and classical looking style. The Fantastical Creatures Tarot has 78 cards of mythical creatures, fantasy animals and legendary races, painted in watercolours in Lisa Hunt's beautiful and detailed style. With the tarot card reading, you will be able to get a snapshot of how things are with you in the present times.

Before you start off with the reading, you should make sure that your mind is clear and stress-free. You should frame the question in such a way that if the answer is yes, then it would mean something positive. The art is attractive and suitably historical on the majors and the court cards, but the suits are relatively plain, undecorated cards with pips instead of illustrated scenes. The 78 original paintings show dolphins in representation, in fantasy, and in their environment. It has double-ended imagery on the major arcana and court cards, and pip cards in the minor arcana. The cards run the fantasy gamut, from Gothique, Shadow Weaver and Tattered Dreams to Renaissance Rose, Maiden Moon and Love Springs Eternal.
Ornate borders and gold edges surround tarot images of sprites, nymphs, mermaids and faeries, in a charming, pretty and readable new tarot deck.
The images in the Da Vinci Tarot are mostly inspired by Leonardo's art, but do feature some of his well-known pieces. The major arcana cards show people with Marseilles tarot images tattooed on their bodies, while the minors show a more generic image that corresponds to the card. The 22 major arcana are influenced by the Thoth Tarot, and feature creatures from contemporary character design.
It's based on the Rider-Waite, but in this deck Swords are associated with Fire and Wands with Air. Tarot card meanings are extremely helpful as it will help you answer specific questions about yourself. It should be noted that these tarot decks with black icons are known for their simple yet double horned design. The majors are a little abstract, while the minor arcana are unvarying pip cards with keywords.
First published as the Leonardo aa Vinci Tarot a stand-alone deck, it's now available as the Da Vinci Tarot kit with a book by Mark McElroy.

It can be used as a deck of cards for divination but it is also a book of unbound pages that explains the philosophy and allegory of the Tarot. You should remember that all these are far-out, unusual interpretations which you will not be able to find anywhere else. The written message on each card explains the symbolism and the theme of the card but not necessarily its divinatory meaning.
Unless you work with the cards for a long period of time, you will not be able to understand the secret meaning associated with it.
Once that is done, you should select your reading – One Card Career Spread, One Card Love Spread or Three Card Spread.
This deck is also a work of art that is larger than an average Tarot, and printed on archival rag paper.
It will help you go towards the good energy which will help you seek all the answers that you need. As the mind is powerful tool, this visualization will help you in tapping the energy effectively.
Lastly, it is a deck for meditation or contemplation and each card can be displayed on an easel for this purpose.
The outcome that you get will depend upon your current situation or the query that you have asked.
It should be noted here that you should not be fooled by the simplicity or the brevity of the responses.
There is also a title card, three cards containing introductory text, a glossary of unusual terms, and a card with a chart of the seven ancient planets and their correspondences: 28 cards in all. In this booklet, you will also find an interesting section which will explain the artist’s motivation behind the deck.

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