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I’m not much of a believer in the occult, but I do love Tarot, not in any small part because the 78 cards in a Tarot deck can be so beautiful.
I had my cards read several times by an old friend who was fairly well-known and respected for her psychic and intuitive abilities in my area.
Kate, your intuitive experiences don’t surprise me a bit, from the little I know about you. At 121 Tarot Readings you can call one of our specialist love tarot readers for a personal and revealing insight into your love life.
The hottest wedding invitation of 2011 was the fairytale royal union of Prince William and Kate Middleton. The Lovers card shows two people together very much in love, both completely naked with eyes locked onto one another.
When the lovers appear it shows the important commitment Prince William and Kate Middleton have made with their marriage, despite all the pressure of being totally in the public eye.
The Empress' appointed number is three which represents completion, procreation, fertility and union.
The Empress is the mother of all things and personifies the creative power associated with the natural world.
Here we see Kate settling in like a duck to water perfect for the position of wife to heir of the throne. The Sun card is a Major Arcana Tarot card and as such has powerful and life changing importance.
The 10 of swords indicates that Prince William has finally reached a clear and balanced perspective of his life.
The 10 of swords indicates that Prince William has finally reached a clear and balanced perspective of his life; it means that he has finally overcome some extremely painful experiences and that now is the time to look forward. The five of swords also indicates an old wound being reopened – there is a fear of history repeating itself. The Magician is the Tarot’s card of being genuine and open; it indicates a bold step, a newfound confidence and the determination to win.
The card could also indicate a successful agent around him who will bring together a number of different skills that he hasn’t yet come across – this, surely, refers to Kate. Prince William’s three cards show concerns from his past, and this has come more to the forefront because of his marriage to Kate. If you want to know what the future may hold, treat yourself to a free Tarot reading today; it might just give you the perspective you need to help shape your future.
August 20, 2015 By Ethony Leave a Comment I would love to welcome the second member of The Fountain Tarot team, Andi Todaro to share her story about creating the Fountain Tarot. Pretty long story now, almost 2 years in the making, but it has been hard work the whole time.
My favorite card is probably The Tower, mostly in our deck, it speaks to me in such a profound way, that things are a construct, even if everything falls to pieces, there was never really a structure at all. August 7, 2015 By Ethony Leave a Comment Creating a Tarot deck is a mammoth task and the Fountain Tarot offers a really cool opportunity to interview each of the three members of the Fountain Tarot team. The first member of the Fountain Tarot Team I have the pleasure of interviewing is Writer, Jason Gruhl. The team is all from Denver, though Jonathan has traveled pretty extensively in his career, and I’ve traveled here and there, but with more momentum over the past few years. I think the Tarot has been a conversation we’ve all been involved in peripherally for a long time.
Jonathan and I as a couple use the deck regularly to talk about our lives – our relationship, our vocations, our personal paths, etc.
Personally, I am writing some children’s books on consciousness, and a detective series with my brother and sister. It is no secret if you follow me on any of my social media accounts that I am one of those Tarot peeps who love the Fountain Tarot. We were at the Washington Romance Writers’ annual retreat at the fabulous Hilltop House in Harpers Ferry, West Virginia, and Nora was doing readings for her friends.

At a Novelists, Inc conference in Santa Fe one year, she read for every major character in my work-in-progress.
Then try our Free Love Compatibility game and read a very special celebrity love tarot reading. This card is connected to Gemini the twins (May 22nd - June 21st) which falls in with Prince William's birthday. The sun card also leans towards William and Kate starting a family, so I feel by October 2012 we will hear news of the patter of tiny feet. The Tarot meaning of the Sun card can be interpreted as one of attainment and achievement and the potential of greatness. The reversal side indicates that Prince William has reached the end of this period in his life, so that he can now forgive, forget and focus his energies on a future with Kate. In the future, what the Prince wants will arrive when he follows the necessary course of action.
Kate’s family will undoubtedly always come first, although she will continue to be the same loving and friendly face to all who meet her.
Princess Diana has, of course, never left his mind, but all of these feelings reopened with the ceremony. When I’m feeling most vulnerable and only want a quiet reflection, it makes time in the day to just sit and think and ponder. Andi had told Jonathan multiple times (as I understand it) that he should create a Tarot deck, but the timing and interest wasn’t there for a while. I was responsible for looking at decks, from the earliest Italian ones to popular and contemporary decks throughout Tarot‘s history.
The Fountain crew has some interesting projects in the works, but we have to keep them a secret for now. I usually don’t read a lot of the little white books but the ones in independent decks, I always read. They feel like they have known one another all their lives, they are completely inseparable. Therefore the Empress is associated with childbirth, creativity, new energy and productivity. The other main meaning of the Sun Tarot card is that of physical and mental strength to overcome any barrier or obstacle put in front of them. As they start their life together, now is the time when tranquillity and peace turn his thoughts away from conflict. This is a good time for him to reach out to those with whom he has had disagreements and to make amends; once this has been done, he will be able to move forward.
He will no longer have to dream about being it; he will have become exactly who and what he wanted to be. However, we will now see him let go of this difficult period and a newfound confidence will arise. I’m passionate about beautiful curated things, dancing and whiskey, escape the room games and puzzle games and crosswords, and getting to know people on an intimate level. I work for several small businesses branding, I’m working for an acupuncturist right now making her brand, learning a lot about Chinese medicine.
For about nine years, I was a teacher for children with special needs, specifically kids with developmental disabilities and autism spectrum disorders. In the Spring of 2013, Jonathan and I went to Mexico on a vacation and I had brought a Tarot deck along (Robin Wood). We’re all pretty efficient and effective creatives when we put our mind to something, but working in a team, and then working with outside forces, brings a lot of elements into play, and you have to really widen your patience, openness, and tolerance to let everything have the time it needs, and to let everyone feel that they are part of the process. I think that moment for each of us, if we choose to take it, defines the moment our lives actually become our own, and we inhabit our own bodies so to speak with a sense of awareness. Usually because there is more information in their booklets and I have more of a connection with the creators. I am not sure if this is going to be available forever so jump on it while you have the chance.

The next reading I had was by another fellow writer, the late, beautiful Virginia Ellis, shortly after my divorce.  Ha! Perseverance and determination coupled with a dose of good luck will get William and Kate where they want to be.
Even in the beginning, as the idea formed it was nice to have several perspectives weighing in. Jonathan and Jason lived through a hurricane, I was almost homeless, and a bunch of regular life things that were catastrophic emotionally… and still working on the Fountain at the same time.
Then, I founded and ran a school for children with autism and other developmental disabilities in Denver, and opened a second campus in Boulder, Colorado, and did that for another eight years. I was looking for the essence of each card, and the experience it represented in human life, both in terms of visuals and meanings. That’s how we chose to do it anyway, and I think for us and for this project that worked out.
It’s a powerful moment where he gets the joke of identity and of point of view, and glimpses the oneness of all things.
Make mistakes and expect them, and be open to critique, but trust yourself and get a chunk of the work done before revealing it to others. But, it sort of felt like becoming parents together, and figuring it all out as we’ve gone along. I’m passionate about how people view life, how ALL people view life, and I love contributing to that conversation around how to help others see different points of view, and how we help individuals to really see the divine in themselves, to reach for their greatness.
He then asked me to write the book and for Andi to do the design, and it instantly felt like the thing to do. You want your unique voice to be heard, but some of our best moments for each of our parts came when we gave something up and looked at it newly.
The Empress is a natural diplomat and understands the difficulties people are confronted with. It would have been insanely expensive to do it in the US and that would have made our deck impossibly expensive as well.
Jonathan went away with those bones and then came back with sketches, images, and ideas, and those became the paintings.
We could feel it as we made the deck and we continue to feel it as others experience the deck – oneness, is-ness, all-ness.
Don’t compromise on the things you want in your deck, but think of the whole picture too. I was blown away by what he was able to boil down and yet capture emotionally and spiritually in each oil painting. After a bulk of this was done, Andi came in and explored all of that and began culling her own design pieces from these elements. She was brilliant in connecting things that were starting to unfold, and her work then informed both of ours. We expect the next ones to go more smoothly, and the finished product was exactly what we wanted. She gave us suggestions, and pointed out things she was seeing in the creation of the images and text. All three of our work began to weave in and out of each others, and each was informed by the other two. I think the finished product benefitted so much from this process, because they are all inextricably tied to each other.

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