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The question prompts me to look for a repetitive pattern with the client (there usually is), so I pull a card or two for the underlying reason.
SpiritFind - A search engine for spiritual sites, includes sections on ascension, channeling, healing, meditation, psychics, and more. Wondering also if they will change but not making the return conditional on that change because they do not believe they deserve any better. The real truth is that we are all worthy of unconditional love and there is nothing we need to do to prove our worth. The Tarot can help you understand what you think you deserve (card 1) and also why this is (card 2). I do have a question on a specific card I got the three of wands in position four and I have been getting that card a lot in the last month or two, but the meaning of this card often confuses me its a progress card is my gathering of it. Not everyone needs to grieve in a mountain cave for a year before they can have a happy healthy date with someone new!
The pain is often caused by the massive vacuum created by the other person taking their love away. Nor do I scoff at a person’s need to know what might be the next step on the path to relationship happiness.

Focus on heart healing (Knight of Cups) and find creative ways of expressing your emotions… (poetry and art). Once you realise your worth, you learn to shut the door firmly behind abusive and toxic people. Pull two more cards – one to show you what romantic love is currently mirrored back to you (card 3) and what you can do to improve your situation (card 4). 2 of Pentacles – You have reached this conclusion based on the concept of equality within the relationship. Ace of Swords – This reality is reflected back to you in the form of new ways of communicating. 4 of Pentacles – You can improve the situation by making sure that you have firm and healthy personal boundaries in place, while facing any fear of intimacy as soon as it arises.
Rather than looking to fill this vacuum with self-love (which is entirely possible and a very healthy approach), many people look for a quick fix and a replacement for the love they’ve lost.
The main problem with getting under someone new before we’re over someone old is that it can make things messier and draw out the healing process. Sometimes we just need a bit of good news to help us take that next wobbly step on a path strewn with break-up debris.

Occasionally gazing at the bright star further along makes it easier to get on with the sweeping. In fact, you know that love looks nothing like the counterfeit you experienced in the past. I had to make that choice when my partner left a week and a half after I miscarried our baby at 15 weeks. From a frog to a man, and I believe this means that now my relationships mirror better outcomes.
I could have chosen not to fight, not to love myself, not to look after myself… I decided that life was too precious a gift to waste just because some a**hole decided to treat me like cr*p. I went to the gym, got myself physically stronger… Sometimes we have to do it from the outside in.

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