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Do a little research and you'll find the prime meaning of Tarot varies wildly according to opinion.
Each of us will define the meaning of Tarot in a different way because we are each unique with varying perspectives.
Excerpted fromThe Element Encyclopedia of the Psychic World (The Element Encyclopedia series) by Theresa Cheung. Furthermore, there is much agreement that the Tarot represents the gamut of emotions and circumstances that can be experienced in the human life.
Although the meaning of Tarot is diverse according to opinion - most of us can agree on what it represents - our lives as humans - a mirror reflection of all our joys, struggles, fears, passions, growth etc. 2 of SwordsA often describes a moment in our lives when we seem to be caught in a stalemate.
On a spiritual level, the card can depict a moment when we retrieve within to calm our emotions and thoughts and gain inner balance.
2 of Swords tarot card is connected to the Justice card (both represent balance and reason) and its appearance may signal signing legal documents or contracts. As advice card, 2 of swords suggests that we should lay our feelings aside and take our time to look inwards in order to balance our conflicting emotions. Join me each week for “Tarot Card by Card” as we go through each card individually with fresh interpretations and a sucka free approach.  Learn to read tarot in a fun, irreverent, modern way. Journaling prompt:  How do you create balance in your busy life?  How do you manage, especially when the responsibility is on you?  Journal about your life balance. When the card 5 of Swords appears in your spread, expect things not to turn out the way you hoped for. 5 of Swords may appear when you face a hostile environment, be it at work or any other social setting.
The card does not suggest that you should give up the goal all together, but rather refrain from the path of conflict. Love: If you're currently in a committed relationship, you and your sweetheart may be having trouble finding time and energy for each other. Finances: Pay attention to the bottom line, be sure that you know where you are financially. Health: You need to balance your health efforts with your personal and professional responsibilities.

Spirituality: Your concrete responsibilities may make you feel as though you don't have time to feed your spirit. Four large wooden sticks, or wands, are set in the ground forming a structure that reminds a wedding altar. Four of Wands is always a happy sight in any tarot card reading.A Fours are ruled by the Emperor and signify stability and success. The balance is maintained because we choose not to involve ourselves in conflictsA andA disagreements, which does not however resolve our issues. 2 of Swords can quite literally signify meditation, when we tune out all of the turmoils of the outside world and find stillness and peace within. During times of heightened anxiety, the card calls for us to sit back and use the power or our mind to find inner peace. Feel free to join the discussion by leaving comments, and stay updated by subscribing to the RSS feed. Enter your email below and get your free Tarot Card by Card manual plus the Rookie To Reader e-course.
The general meaning of the card, defeat, suggests that you will be faced with an opposition of some sorts.
Rather, it warns you that the path to reaching your goal will be filled with conflict and the final result may not be worth the price you will pay. The people you deal with are concerned with their own self-interests, which at the moment do not align with your own. Obsessed with the need to win, whether it is an argument, a promotion or a conflict in our relationship.
You are likely to be trying to keep two broad areas of life (money and health, love and work, etc.) in balance. You can limit the chance you will need to take, but you cannot fully prevent being somewhat exposed.
Make sure that your relationship remains high on your priority list, otherwise it won't be there when  you come back for it.
Be sure that you are taking time for your own life, your own rest, relaxation, and healing. Behind it, a couple raises their hands holding bouquets of flowers, a clear sign of happiness and celebration.A A Off in the distance, we see the city walls and people coming and going.

Couplr that with wands, the suit if passion, and you know that jovial celebration is on its way. If we are faced with a discord in our relationship, the card suggests to weigh in all facts and use our analytical skills to understand both sides of the argument. No matter your intentions, your diplomatic skills, the rightfulness of your position, you will come across resistance impossible to surpass, at least for the time being. Your first reaction may be to forcefully take what you need, but 5 of Swords will warn you to disengage from an open discord. If you're looking for love, don't tell yourself that you are ready if you are truly NOT ready for a relationship. If you put yourself last on the list of things to think about, your health situation will definitely suffer.
You may not have a lot of time, but even a five minute walk on your own to spend time in contemplation is a better choice than nothing at all. Afraid to address the situation, we cover our heart and eyes to protect ourselves from disappointment.
Perhaps, by understanding the issue from different angles, you will be able to reconcile the opposites. However, the card 5 of Swords asks us toA resist the urge to press forward against all odds, as this path may lead to disappointment and perhaps even humiliation.A When 5 of Swords rules your path, ita€™s time to take stock of the wins and losses, and retrieve until a new opportunity presents itself. You don't have to be perfect first, but you do have to be willing to create the time, space, and energy to put into romance. Remember that you must offer nourishment to body, mind, and spirit, in order to truly be in any sort of balance. If you're looking for work, find two main prospects and do your homework on these, rather than blanketing potential work situations with applications.

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