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The cards appeared at roughly the same time as the now-universal 52-card deck, and it is a matter of dispute which came first.
The twenty-two picture cards, now called the Major Arcana (the suited cards are the Minor Arcana), were originally permanent trump cards. The suits have direct analogies to standard playing cards: swords are spades, cups are hearts, pentacles (coins, discs) are diamonds and wands (staves) are clubs. The use of the Tarot as a tool for telling fortunes is of fairly recent invention, dating back to the end of the eighteenth century. Today we are concentrating on Tarot, if you wish to study this subject and become a professional Tarot Reader t please check out our courses.  In addition to Professional Tarot Reading, we can train you in Palm Reading, Aromatherapy and Angel Therapy, Reiki 1 and 2, Crystal Healing and Colour Therapy. As soon as students enrol we guarantee that your course is with you within hours.  We are so confident with the quality of our courses that we offer a 7 day back guarantee if you are not happy –  a service that that our other competitors do not offer. Our personal tutor service includes support before and after study – we can offer advice on how you get started.
Le tarot est un jeu de cartes se pratiquant le plus souvent à quatre joueurs, mais il existe des variantes pour trois et cinq joueurs.
Le tarot est un jeu de cartes se pratiquant le plus souvent à quatre joueurs, mais il existe des variantes pour trois et cinq joueurs.
Le format des cartes est plus long que celui des jeux de cartes au format bridge ou poker. Le donneur distribue les cartes trois par trois, dans le sens contraire des aiguilles d'une montre. En cas de fausse donne, le donneur redistribue, mais ne peut pas prendre à ce tour. Sur une garde sans ou une garde contre, les cartes du chien restent faces cachées.

Tout contrat valant arbitrairement 25 points, on rajoute 25 points au nombre de points de gain ou de perte.
A History of Games Played with the Tarot Pack, par Michæl Dummett et John McLeod, Edwin Mellen Press, 2004, Vol.
Cartes du tarot divinatoireLe tarot divinatoire est un ensemble de 78 cartes pouvant etre utilise a des fins predictives. Whist 22Le Whist 22, est un jeu de cartes vulgairement nomme l'enculade, le poulpe ou le tarot africain.
Tarot is a tool that can provide answers, insights and guidance on all aspects of our life.
Decks that downplay or remove the Christian symbolism are increasingly popular, and some feminist decks significantly downplay the male dominant roles found in traditional decks.
Puis le joueur à gauche du donneur doit couper en prenant ou en laissant obligatoirement plus de trois cartes. Nommée aussi la petite, elle est en voie de disparition dans les tournois, au profit de la garde. It arises freely, and like the most dignified dance, allows us to express ourselves in motion to the music of the divine.
The deck consists of four numbered suits like a regular deck of playing cards, and twenty two picture cards numbered one through twenty-two (in some decks, zero through twenty-one). They illustrate universal story themes; the Fool is a young man setting off on a journey with a pack insouciantly slung over his shoulder. The designs were by Arthur Waite, a member of the occult society Order of the Golden Dawn, in collaboration with artist Pamela Colman Smith, so the deck is sometimes called the Waite-Smith deck.
Some decks have discarded the suit system altogether and are structured around different themes – animals in a Native American inspired deck, for example.

But they can also be used as inspiration cards, affirmation tools, or for self-discovery and intuition building.
Remember your diploma and exam are all in the price of the course, so there are no extra costs. Si on doit couper, on doit monter sur l'atout le plus fort dans la mesure du possible. Avec 6 bouts il faut faire 72 points (36+36), avec 5 bouts 77 points (36+41), avec 4 bouts 82 points, avec 3 bouts 92 points (41+51), avec 2 bouts 101 points, avec 1 bout 106 points et sans bouts 111 points. Dévier des signalisations est quelquefois utile, ou alors indispensable, avec des jeux atypiques. The re-arrangement and reading of the deck is as sacred as the most religious ritual or act of love. He is often depicted not watching where he’s going, and about to walk off the edge of a cliff, while a small dog yaps at his heels in warning.
Using these cards as a medium, the tarot reader connects to the seeker’s question and channels the knowledge of the Divine Tarot. Other cards depict concepts rather than people – the wheel of fortune is fate or karma, and the figure of Judgment is justice in all its forms. Very often we are not even aware of all that we carry in our subconscious space that influences our decisions and choices all through life.

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