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Training can begin with a free consultation to determine your aptitude and general abilities.
A tarot reader helps guide the client toward the right path to attain their goals and resolve issues they are facing.
The benefits of online training have been utilized by colleges and other institutes of higher learning for some time to accommodate the busy schedules of the students.
Simple spreads of three to seven cards are best for beginners to learn with since they are not as complex as the more advanced spreads.
Once you have become familiar with a few of the basic spreads the meanings of the cards will be covered. There are traditional meanings that have been associated with each card and individual readers may learn these first, and then use their intuition to interpret what they mean for the current client reading. While it all sounds much more complicated than it really is, once you get started in online training you will be able to pick it up rather quickly.
Online readers have a wider client base they can choose from, whether they are on their own or involved in a ring of readers on a professional website. Stan Smith is an expert in writing articles on Clairvoyant,Tarot Readings and he suggested all to visit Questico free Consultation once. Having a natural gift helps but with the proper training it is possible to become a professional reader and help others find solutions to the problems they are facing. Interpreting the cards is generally the most difficult aspect to master since they can have dual meanings depending on the questions and the situation the asker is currently in. In many cases they are more therapist than psychic although all people have latent ability to sense things that generally lies dormant until called on.

The tarot has been used for centuries to divine the future and foresee any problems that may arise if the client stays on their current course of action. There are a wide variety of spreads and it may be best to select a few to specialize in to become more proficient rather than trying to learn all of the possible combinations. These also work well for simple questions that don't require a lot of in depth background information. They can be interpreted differently depending on how they fall in the spread and what position they are in, upright or reversed. Not every card will have a clear meaning, and this may result in having to draw additional cards to clarify the meaning. If you can do it at your own pace and set the schedule yourself you will be more likely to succeed. This can limit the amount you can earn since there are only so many appointments you will be able to make in a day. For those who truly want to use their gifts to help others tarot reading can be rewarding for both the reader and the client. Over the years, the trumps got numbered 1 to 21, with one card (the fool) remaining un-numbered or sometimes being 0. The 4 suits are commonly called the 'Minor Arcana' and the trump cards are called the 'Major Arcana'. More loosely, any deck of cards designed for 'fortune-telling', divination, meditation, contemplation, or other non-game uses is popularly called a Tarot deck. The most commonly found suits for Tarot decks are cups, swords, wands or staffs (probably originally polo-sticks), and pentacles (originally coins).

A 'historical' deck has simply one, two, or however many wands, cups, or whatever for the number cards. Crowley popularised a deck which had arcane symbols, but not real 'illustrations' on the number cards (painter by Lady Frieda Harris). The most common myth is that it was brought to Europe by the Gypsies - but this myth come from the fact that very early occultists who used the Tarot fancied that it came from Egypt. It is most closely related to the 'Mamluk' deck of the Islamic world, which had suits cups, coins, swords, and polo-sticks. Tarocchi is still played in some parts of the world, not usually with the same decks the 'fortune tellers' use. The Joker was invented as a wild card for Euchre in the 1800's, in a part of the world where the Tarot was virtually or totally unknown.
He invented a lot of the standard myths about the Tarot which were later popularised by others (it comes from ancient Egypt, the Major Arcana is related to the Kabalah, etc.). The first big popularise of the deck was a contemporary of de Gebelin, called Etteilla, who published the first 'revised and corrected' Tarot deck for divination. The Tarot received a lot of attention from these folks, and they created a fairly large body of writing on the use of Tarot. For the most part they thought that divination was a 'lower' use of the cards, that ideally it should be used to put you in touch with eternal verities, usually in conjunction with whatever magical order they happened to be involved with.

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