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When I was in the 1=10 grade of Zelator in the Golden Dawn, I was having trouble with some of the Enochian rituals. Later, at our next group meeting, I found out that one of the leaders of the group had decided to do magic to help the newer people with their work. After this incident, I started becoming aware of authors who addressed the idea of doing magic work on others (and yes, contrary to the loud protestations of this 25-year old adept, the Golden Dawn tradition, like Reiki and most other traditions, does indeed frown on doing energetic work on others without their knowledge or permission).
What in the world can be wrong with wanting to assist in any way possible the healing of another?
Frequently, illness, bad habits, and other unhealthy choices are crutches that prevent the person from devolving into even more negative expressions.
But healing is a complex, private, and time-and-personal-resource-consuming process, and sometimes other things (like job, caring for others, basic security needs) come first. The best way to support another is to reach deeper and deeper levels of health, leading to deeper layers of empathy, eventually discovering profound depths of compassion, and slowly revealing the clear, still presence of inner peace.
As soon as we make an assessment of “more energy here,” “less energy here,” “sickness there,” or “health here,” we have broken unity into duality. Joy Vernon has been studying energetic and esoteric modalities for more than twenty years and has been practicing Reiki since 2003.
When you dance a maypole, there are ribbons tied to a pole, tree, column, or something central with room to dance around. It takes all the goals and random complications of a given situation and weaves them into a logical order. To interpret, take note of the top of the pole card to discover the heart of the situation.
Then, look at the bottom of the pole card to see how this situation resolves, or what you can do to resolve the situation. Because this image is indicating the completed dance, the beautiful pattern of colorful woven ribbons, and not the chaos of the contrary movements it takes to get there, it supports the theme that I need to show the honey more often, the results of doing the work. Students expect fairies and butterflies; but I provide pirates and parrots and dangerous seafaring missions (9 of Mirrors and the Corsair (Knight of Spirals)). Once you’ve examined each pair of ribbon cards as crossing each other, next examine each pair as woven together into a beautiful tapestry.
You can use as few or as many pairs of ribbons as you like. Use one pair for a short and sweet reading, or use two, three, four, or more pairs for more complicated situations.
Select the Intentions with intention. If you have goals that you are trying to reach and they are simply not coming together, look through your deck, and by carefully examining the image on each card, choose a card for each of your intentions. Or, Select the Complications with intention. If you are acutely aware of what the complications are, look through your deck, and examining the images on the cards, logically choose cards to represent the things that are obviously problems in your life. Joy Vernon is widely recognized by tarot professionals as an expert tarot teacher and respected community leader. The deck must have the suit emblems incorporated into the scene. Please get a deck that incorporates the wands, cups, swords and pentacles as part of the action of the scene. The deck can’t pull heavily from symbol systems or stories that you are not already familiar with. These symbol systems might include mythology, history, geography, or esoteric systems (such as qabalah, astrology, alchemy, etc). The deck does not have to follow the RWS lineage. In the past students have misinterpreted my requirements to mean that the deck needs to follow the RWS artistic lineage.
An international group of tarotists are all writing on the same topic and then linking to each other so that the reader can hop from one blog to the next, seeing all the permutations and facets that the topic inspired in different writers. My Money Magic tarot spread, using three decks and exploring Jupiter in Leo in my second house, aspected to my Sun and Neptune.
I am impassioned by the idea of expressing myself creatively and uniquely and encouraging others to do so as well. My work is spiritual in nature, but in order to be effective, all spiritual work must be grounded in the mundane, the practical, the real world.
In qabalah, we learn that the top of the Tree of Life is associated with the Divine, Perfect Unity, singleness of Truth.
I have developed a system that breaks this philosophy down into a step-by-step, structured process that I call the Empyrean Key (I introduce the system with an exercise called Unlock Your Personal Symbol with the Empyrean Key). There is no cookie-cutter approach to anything in life, including prosperity and abundance.
Once you have your chart, take a look at what sign is on the cusp of the second house–if you prefer to use whole sign houses as I do, then the second house is the next sign counterclockwise on the chart, or in zodiacal order, from the sign of your ascendant.
The first time I heard of energy work I was in college in Northfield, Minnesota, maybe around 1990. A friend came over and I told her to lie on the floor and I’d do this gemstone thing on her. Then in the late 90s I was reading another Diane Stein book, given to me by my wonderful friend Stef.
I went home and looked through the local metaphysical store newsletter to see when a Reiki class was. I showed up for class on Saturday morning and was bursting I was so excited—I told her that I had worked a job the night before and now had the money for Level 2.
A few years later, with lots of Reiki Shares under my belt, I wanted to increase my practice. Of course, I continued to steadily grow in my practice, participating in Reiki Shares every month, teaching others, starting to do professional sessions, and eventually in 2009 forming my business Joy Vernon Tarot and Reiki. I have a student who first studied with me four years ago, and now is doing private mentoring. A group of Reiki practitioners from around the world are all writing on the same topic, and linking to each other so you can hop around from blog to blog, reading all the different stories they have to share! After some questions, it became clear that he had performed this alleged assistance the same day and time I had my negative experience of external control. In addition to a fabulous quote from Dion Fortune (my notes from July 9, 2009, say, “quote from Dion Fortune” with no title or page), I also found this from Chic Cicero and Sandra Tabatha Cicero in Tarot Talismans, “If you continuously pray that a family member turns away from his or her own faith and adopts your faith, then you are interfering with his or her free will.
Yes, these crutches are an excuse not to engage the difficult work of healing, but they also are the thread keeping the sick person from crashing to the bottom of the chasm. And even if bottom-of-the-pyramid considerations are taken care of, it’s still not our job to force someone to climb to the next level or to suddenly deal with their stuff. Inner peace radiates like a great light to all around you, inviting them to follow your lead, let go of the wobbly supports, and start their journey. Reiki Ryoho is a spiritual practice that works with spiritual energy and which has healing as a side effect.
I frequent have Reiki clients ask me about some chakra block or other energetic imbalance their previous Reiki practitioner mentioned. Frans Stiene says, “Does the sun ask permission to shine?” If the sun is shining and you don’t want to be in the sun, you move to the shade or put on a hat. She is a Reiki Practitioner and Teacher in the traditional Japanese Usui Reiki Ryoho lineage through the International House of Reiki, studying under the IHR Founder Frans Stiene. Each clockwise ribbon represents something that you want, or something or someone that is supporting you. Once you’ve established the meanings of the clockwise ribbons, look to see what is contrary to or working against each of your desires and intentions.
With over twenty years’ experience teaching energetic and esoteric modalities, Joy brings expertise and practiced familiarity to her specialty of esoteric tarot, which layers astrological and qabalistic symbolism onto the traditional tarot structure.
I teach a unique method that systematizes the way intuitive tarot readers approach the cards, giving you specific guidelines for what to look for in the card image and how to approach an interpretation. Decks that follow the Rider Waite Smith details, however strictly, but are not exact copies are acceptable, as are RWS inspired or derived (similar artwork).
There are three general classes of decks—unillustrated pips, moody or atmospheric pips, and illustrated or scenic pips.

Having those suit emblems incorporated into the border of the card or hovering above the scene doesn’t count. The Empyrean Key process can be simple or add lots of layers and complexity, but either way it always goes deep!
My blog name, Completely Joyous, comes from the sixteenth chapter of Deuteronomy in the Hebrew Bible. A world of the tarot Pentacles–commitment, stability, security, dedication, discipline, and yes, money.
Using tarot and astrology, ritual and contemplation, the system provides a straightforward method to move between the worlds of Perfect Diversity and Divine Unity, allowing you to become completely you, a perfectly individual expression of the Divine. My primary class that uses this process is my popular Journey to the Ultimate Boon.
So I ask one simple question–what does your natal chart say about your unique and innate approach to money and resources? The correct birth time can be obtained from a hospital issued birth certificate, or from a parent or close relative.
I was born with Cancer rising, so my second house is Leo, the sign that follows Cancer in the order of the zodiac. Again, it’s easiest (and, luckily, most effective) to use whole sign houses, so all you have to do is observe if there are any planets in the sign of your second house. It walks you through the discovery of the tarot cards that are related to your second house, and then guides you in transforming this knowledge into a magical symbol that can be used in meditation, ritual, spellwork, or just plain old fun.
He worked with me to teach me how to develop group and personal rituals and how to work with energy from a spiritual and magical perspective.
I worked in the theatre then in Fort Collins and two of my friends learned Reiki around the same time. I wanted to understand the symbols better and developed a way to work with them by drawing them in the air and then chanting what we originally learned as the name of the symbol. I studied with other teachers including Hyakuten Inamoto of Komyo Reiki Kai and eventually Frans Stiene of the International House of Reiki. I emailed him later privately and let him know I thought it was invasive and inappropriate to do magic for people without their knowledge or permission. If you want to create a talisman for other people, you’d better make sure that they want your help, even in a healing, otherwise you are interfering with their free will” (10-11). Like a wobbly Jenga tower, removing or “healing” an illness or bad habit can collapse the shaky support system. In order for proper healing to occur, people must choose it willingly and engage it consciously.
Yes, it’s true that the greatest work is to heal the world, but it’s easy to forget that the only possible way to do this is through our own perfect health of mind and body, reflecting the light of the spiritual Source of all. But, we can always shine that light of our own healing, continually inviting others onto the path. Unless the problem is severe, chances are I didn’t feel it, because I was maintaining focus on working from a place of spiritual oneness, which is wholeness and perfection. She is also a certified Komyo Reiki Shihan (Teacher) and studied under Komyo Reiki Kai Founder Hyakuten Inamoto in 2011 and 2013. Each person takes a ribbon, then every other person steps out, facing clockwise, while the remaining people step in and face counterclockwise.
Each counterclockwise ribbon is something that is working against you, or someone who has an agenda contrary to your own.
This card clearly displays the Maypole dance–the pendant stones are arranged in the inner and outer circles (clockwise and counterclockwise dancers), and the Celtic knot work on the tree indicates the entwined ribbons after the dance is complete.
Now I look at both cards to discover what is similar–the bright colors of the butterfly and parrot are pretty much the only similarity. Then randomly select the top card, one clockwise ribbon for each complication you choose, and the bottom card. Under her leadership, the Denver Tarot Meetup has grown into the most active and one of the largest tarot-specific meetups in the world. By following my ten guideposts, you can start with any card in any tradition and work through the checklist to arrive at creative, inspired, fresh, and accurate interpretations. Scenic pips have scenes in which a person or animal is doing something or otherwise actively engaged in the environment–this is what you want. This list includes my personal favorite decks, decks that people in my classes enjoy using, and decks that I see show up a lot in the Denver Tarot Meetup. The verse, transliterated from the Hebrew, is, “Vesamachta bechagecha, vehayita ach same’ach,” meaning, “And you will rejoice in your festivals, and you will be completely joyous.” The word “ach” in the phrase is translated as “completely” but really means “only”–you will be only joyous, or nothing but joyous. An understanding that fails to take into consideration your innate truth as manifested from and connected with, indeed one with, the Divine.
The paths on the Tree remind us that each manifested and incomparable expression, no matter how different from any other expression, can always be traced back to the undifferentiated. By combining my search for self through tarot and astrology and my striving for Divine Unity in meditation and ritual, I place my individual expression in alignment with the truth of Spirit.
By understanding how you personally view, value, and invent your own wealth, you can open up to the patterns that produce a consistent flow of life’s necessary resources. I ended up joining the group and participating in rituals and having some powerful visions and experiences. He taught me how to understand my own personal energy and how to track its ebbs and flows and to observe how outside influences affected it. I remember there was mention of using symbols—I was quite intrigued by sigils and glyphs and had several books on the subject that I was working with at the time.
But our teacher had explained the idea of energy clearing and the healing crisis, so I knew that this was part of the process.
Not saying it with a normal voice, like we learned in class, but really powerfully and energetically chanting it, and then feeling the energy wash over me. His response, which shocked me, was that only Reiki required that a practitioner get permission before working on another who was not present. Don’t worry about anyone else until you’re done with yourself, which is a life-long process. But philosophically, the traditions I work with stress striving to work from a place of spiritual oneness, or non-duality. In this system, we strive to experience spiritual Unity as best and brightly as we can, and simply allow that energy to be present for the recipient’s body to pull and direct as it sees fit. And as Reiki practitioners, our job is to release healing and engage revealing—not fixing or changing, but simply shining the bright light of our own true nature. She leads the Denver Traditional Reiki Meetup and is a member of Shibumi International Reiki Association and the Healing Touch Professional Association.
Then each outer person lifts their ribbon up over the head of the neighboring inner person, then weaves in and ducks under the next ribbon, then swings out again lifting their ribbon over. It is interpreted in three steps to allow you to see the situation in context, determine your intentions and supports and what might be working against them, then resolve the complications by weaving the chaos into beauty.
This helps you discover the most important thing that is working against your intentions–by working through the resolution step, you can bring these contraries into harmony and realize your goals.
This might help you see where the complication is most seriously undermining your intentions. This is a fabulous deck and the grandmother of illustrated tarot decks, but its revered place in tarot history has caused it to stiffen into a sequence of authoritative images. I teach a unique approach to numbers and numerology that was taught to me by my teacher but which I’ve never seen anywhere else.
In fact, I’ve recommended several below because I think that the card illustrations stand on their own without requiring the added layers of meaning provided by a working knowledge of the system involved. One day we were standing outside the building and she introduced me to a woman who must also have had an office there–she said she was a Reiki practitioner.

One of them, Trish, who eventually became one of my Reiki teachers, invited me to come over to her place and receive a session.
I also asked her if she had done energy work on us beforehand, because I had felt something. We did a partner exercise where one of us would draw the symbol in the air and “send” it to the other, who would feel it wash over them and simply experience it. I started looking for Reiki Shares in my area—I had moved to Denver now—and found some people I liked to work with. I tried to explain it to Stef afterwards, and realized what I was saying could be construed as negative. As practitioners, we are like the sun—we shine our Reiki light, and the recipient either pulls their lawn chair into our warmth or they grab their sunglasses and a scarf. Our true nature is that part of us that most perfectly reflects the truth and unity of Spirit, a place of wholeness and health, of compassion and peace. As the ribbons weave together they create a colorful cross-hatched pattern that wraps tightly down the pole, and the circle gets smaller and tighter as everyone is pulled together by the shortening ribbons. I create a variety of opportunities for a-ha moments–and time to share experiences, which I think helps students get input from each other. My goal is to help you release outside authority and find your inner truth, so by refusing to work with this deck, we can all relax and play and see what we discover (and then if you return to this deck later you will see it with fresh eyes and it will come to life for you).
Because scenic pips have the characters, setting, props, and actions of a scene from a story, and can be read like a picture book. This approach depends on observing the unique way in which the suit emblems are integrated into the scene. But if you believe that you can’t understand the card without knowing the symbols or stories utilized, or if indeed the stories are integrated so completely that there can be no understanding of the card without that knowledge, then you will have to spend time learning not only my guideposts but also the unique world of the deck, and that doubles your work. Not only do I use these words for my blog name and as a touchstone for my personal development, but this concept forms the foundation and mission of my business–to help and guide you as you move forward in your journey to becoming completely you. You can also use hard-boiled eggs dyed and decorated with your symbol–Easter is coming up, don’t you know!
I went to the local metaphysical store in Fort Collins, Colorado and bought some tiny chakra stones and then back in my office I lay on the floor and put the stones on me. When I got there, she had set up a lawn chair, the kind that stretches out flat for sunbathing, in the living room.
But this emptiness was quiet and still and full of light, and felt…empty…no words can describe it, not positive ones or negative ones. We talked about it as meaning “an imperial command.” Then I looked it up in the manual to show her what pages to review. I took a break from the group shortly after this experience, not entirely because of this, but certainly partly because of it.
Learning happens in cycles, and often contradictory cycles, and it can be extremely helpful for someone to work with another who is reasonably close to where they are, but has seen past the next curve. Maybe one of the biggest complications is that I am too strong a leader (I’ve gotten the Devil not only here but in other readings on similar questions), too charismatic. Unillustrated pips are read using different techniques than I teach in this class (check out my class on Esoteric Tarot if you’d like to learn one way to read unillustrated pips), and although moody pips can be read using some of my techniques, they lack the detail to apply all, resulting in you not being able to practice all of the guideposts that I teach.
Although the technique enlivens cards that follow this rule, cards that don’t end up feeling stale and flat.
Learn my system first, then when you are well-versed with my techniques, take on decks that require additional research.
I asked her about it the next morning, and again she seemed rather unconcerned with a “wait and see” attitude. This wasn’t only about symbols implanted in my chakras or that amazingly strong energy or spirit guides.
She said she had recently learned a new style of Reiki and said I would love it—they did a special form of chanting of the Reiki mantras.
There was almost no experience, but yet an utterly fully realized experience of no experience.
This is something I have experienced throughout my life and have come to understand as my intuition telling me that someone is trying to manipulate me through energetic, mental, or emotional coercion, or that unwanted external psychic energy has entered my space.
I later rejoined, he left, and I worked through the remainder of the elemental initiations. If you’re too far down the road, you might be working on lessons that are opposite to what the person actually needs at their stage of development. And if others take off their Ray-Bans and step a little closer, they naturally start to shine from their own connection to Source. Or maybe to get more students into classes, I need to show in my marketing what kind of results can be obtained.
I was completely fascinated by the idea of incorporating symbols into healing and energy work. Over many years, the gift has seemed more and more relevant on deeper and deeper layers to me. Honestly, I think I focus the marketing more on the process (which is what fascinates me), so that’s something that could use a review.
I don’t remember what she told me about Reiki, but I still remember the experience vividly. Or I guess it’s possible that she did know what happened (anyone trained in healing modalities or initiatic traditions knows what a healing crisis is) and I simply didn’t understand her explanation. I meditated on the symbol and felt quite powerful energy working with it, as well as receiving personally relevant insight into its meaning. All of a sudden I felt a powerful energy flow through me—I had been doing energy work as part of my ritual work for many years now, and never had I felt such a powerful flow of energy without a much more structured process of building it up.
I’m glad she didn’t try to tell me what it meant, and only encouraged me to find my own understanding.
I remembered reading that when doing energetic healing, you should visualize the wound clearly, then visualize it healing until it was completely better with no longer any evidence of a wound. I didn’t jump up and start dancing around the class—although I laugh to think what Frans would have thought! Now, after a dozen years of self-Reiki, palm-healing for others, precept chanting, working with the symbols, and years of daily meditations, I am now initiated into the first symbol! I decided to do the visualization, because how would the Reiki work without me doing anything?
She had studied with Frans Stiene of the International House of Reiki and was now teaching that style. Then Trish said, rather simply and perhaps not altogether confidently, “I drew the Reiki symbols in your aura.” Wow!
But I did feel my energetic being begin to dance and move and stretch in ways that I couldn’t have physically done.
She was scheduled to do tarot readings at an art gallery opening that Friday and something had come up and she couldn’t do it.
A lot of the stuff that hadn’t resonated with earlier classes fell away and things that had resonated, or that I had come to discover as true for me, were now being taught. I learned to trust the Reiki to work on its own without me trying to interfere, guide it, or otherwise DO anything. We had learned that Reiki doesn’t harm—so I knew that it was my visualization that created the problem, not the Reiki energy.

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