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January 19, 2014 By Ethony Leave a Comment Blessed with some time this weekend I conducted a 2014 Tarot Forecast for myself for 2014. I was a little surprised at the cards that were dealt but then when I started to think of what I have set out to achieve this year all of the Kings and Knights made a lot of sense. Looks like I am going to be moving away from a situation that is not helpful and if we tie it back to the 5 of Swords maybe I won’t be working in my muggle job much longer.
The Magician is the master of the earthly elements and director of will, this card being the first Major Arcana card totally makes sense. This Knight is all about Earthly pursuits and is another action card so in August I am being urged to take action in my home and work.
Like many forms of divination, Tarot cards are a tool to help you tap into your own intuition and the wisdom of the universal energy that guides your life.
Most Tarot card decks consist of 78 Tarot cards broken into a Major Arcana (22 cards) and a Minor Arcana (56 cards). Cups — The suit of Cups is connected to our emotions and to our relationships, and to matters of the soul.
Swords — The Swords cards are most associated with conflict and strife, which can refer to internal conflict, as well. Each position in a Tarot spread has its own significant meaning, just as every card has its own meaning.
When you are done shuffling and feel the moment is right, speak your question out loud, then pull your first card from anywhere in the deck and lay it on the first position of your spread in the upright position.
Tarot beginners will likely need to refer to a reference book to find the meaning of each card in their spread. Get to know you real self and wake up anew, refreshed and ready to fight for your visions of success and prosperity. The report includes your name numbers, birthday numbers, inclusion table, Subconscious self, Ruling passion, Karmic lessons, Power Number, Planes of Expression, Four elements, Cycles, Pinnacles, 9-years cycles (events, health).
Find out what your birthday reveals about your financial attitudes, money strength and weaknesses, and sources of potential wealth.

In fact the only card that has a women on it is the Wheel of Fortune and she is looking away.
My muggle job is increasingly getting uglier to work in and my boundaries are being tested both professionally and personally. Also a great time to listen closely to my Spirit Guides and ensure that I am tuned in to what is going on around me.
I keep getting pulled to my writing with this so maybe a different approach or using some creative tools to knock down any walls that I am facing.
July is looking to be a huge month for me and I love that I have nourish the soul in partnership with The Magician. Coupled with Let Go of the Old, maybe I spring clean and throw out a bunch of junk (and by that I mean give anything that is useful to charity first). Along with the You were Born to Create card this is a great indication and if I make sure in the last 10 months that I have been doing the work then the results are right on track. The Moon is the card of emotions, dreams and illusions (best be careful of people trying to spin me b*llsh*t and seeing through glamours) and being pared with Make the Sacrifice this is sure to be a heavy month. The Major Arcana cards typically represent significant life events on a large scale, while the Minor Arcana cards deal with day-to-day life.
Pentacles cards often indicate money matters, career and success, but they also can indicate levels of emotional and spiritual prosperity, too.
The best known spread is the 11-Card Celtic Cross, but there are countless other Tarot spreads you can choose depending on what type of question you want to ask and how many cards you wish to draw. This allows your energy to interact with the energy of the cards to achieve the best results. The illustrations on each card depict archetypes of the human experience, but they can also take on personal meaning for you. A dazzling combination of your personal numbers aligned with numerical values of Tarot cards makes your reading exciting and fun. Challenge your perception also looks a little Temperance or Justice to me so I will keep that in mind to with what comes up in April.

Coupled with the See Yourself in Nature card I was thinking that September may be a perfect month for a tiny spiritual getaway and retreat. The Know your Fears card may be pointing out that this agreement may be getting me to step up and expose myself and that can be scary. But when we ultimately do make the sacrifice is usually isn’t as bad as we thought it was going to be and we feel freer and lighter than before.
They are often related to your career or your sense of purpose in the world, but they can deliver strong love messages, too. They can tell of illness, heartbreak, war, loss and death, but they can also reveal truths we need to face in order to move forward, which ultimately is a positive thing. If you want to start out very simply, you can draw just one card about a specific person or situation.
A card speaking of heartbreak would surely mean something different if it turned up in the past instead of the future, right?
Now comes the hardest (and most fun!) part — figuring out how to interpret your Tarot reading. He’s about to step off a cliff into the unknown as the Sun rises behind him, and he has a small knapsack of supplies. Use the key components of your personality to create aspiring vibrations of success and attract possibilities into your life! Tarot is able to tap into hidden thoughts, feelings and truths and bring them to the surface so you can use that information to make decisions about life, love, emotions, health, career and more. Each suit is numbered one through 10, with four additional Court cards (Page, Knight, Queen and King). Now think about how this literal description of The Fool might be translated into an insightful message.

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