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June 23, 2014 By Ethony Leave a Comment There is a good reason that not everyone who is drawn to the Tarot will choose not to read the cards for others. I wanted to touch on the four main variables that make up a Tarot Reading and why it can be a tricky business. Just as I mentioned about the Client above, we as Tarot professionals bring our own experiences and perspectives to a Tarot reading. A great tip for people who are looking to go Pro is to get some readings done by professionals and see what they do and what they offer.
The other thing about Tarot readers to take into consideration is that we all have our own styles of reading.
The final added layer in the amazing layer cake that is a Tarot Reading is the Tarot spread.
When you do start to learn and use Tarot spreads this can assist you getting a lot of pin point clarity for your Client and Tarot spreads are the roadmaps for Tarot readings for a lot of people but they can also be hard to learn.
A good Tarot reader can bring these elements together and provide a great reading for their Client. So if you are learning the Tarot and are pondering if reading for others is something you want to do or not, I hope this helps ease your mind in regards to just how each of us who have come before you have had to learn from our failures and successes and we often are always learning. Tarot reading is what you make yourself trust that it is genuine and you think for particular guides that uncertainly symbolize the forecast. On the other side, palm readings are watching at a person’s palm and divulging things about them and their lives depends on the lines on their hand. The cards merely present you some inexplicable idea of something, and depending on what you want it to disclose, is how you interpret it.

A dazzling combination of your personal numbers aligned with numerical values of Tarot cards makes your reading exciting and fun.
When I read I go through a ritual to turn off my own stuff as much as I can and tune in for my Clients and with my Spirit Guides (I know that is working when I say something without even knowing what I just said) but sometimes my own experience will come through and at times it has been perfect when it has. I remember doing that when I was thinking of going Pro and I was relieved because up until that point I thought that I wasn’t giving enough to my Clients. When a card comes up in a reading that doesn’t seem to have a meaning that matches the Tarot spread position then that can get difficult. A GREAT Tarot reader has learnt from experience and not shied away from the prospect that some of these elements may get wild every now and then. Tarot card readings are where they view cards and depending on what cards are compressed, various meanings were acquired. Others assume that no matter what you want to believe, it can be perceived in a Free Tarot Readings Online. Use the key components of your personality to create aspiring vibrations of success and attract possibilities into your life! It is because it can be a hard art to learn and then an even harder art to carry out when you are adding the pressure of being PAID to be a Sage of advice and insight. Then ad on the added layers of each card and it begins to multiple the complexity of each individual Tarot card.
Some people do have more of a regular schedule for readings but most of the time it is during a time of need that people are coming for a reading so this can carry a WHOLE lotta energy and challenges to a Tarot reading for a professional. Some Tarot readers will tell you what each card means and others will not even reference anything in front of them. Some will make up a Tarot spread on the fly for each new Client, others have a few well memorised that they use all of the time and others won’t even use any. Some people believe in tarot cards online and thought it’s amusing to do however not life impending or something to trust. With fortune telling you must to be cautious not to reform how you would have lived and compromises you would have arranged because you might make something the cards said come true that in another way wouldn’t have because you wouldn’t have fulfilled what you did.

Is that Court Card that has popped up in your reading a person around the Client or is it an aspect of themselves and how do you know the difference? I have witnessed and also been the deliverer of messages to people in a reading and you just know that they are not hearing you.
There are of course things that you can do to assist with those situations when they come up but that is definitely another Blog post for another day. They likely to rely on Tarot a lot more than astrology possibly because there are people who great readers of the cards. Some people don’t think that their entire past life and future is arranged on the lines on their hand even by a Free Tarot Readings Online. How can one Tarot card completely throw you in a reading and have you as the Tarot reader sit quietly hyperventilating about how it fits at all in with the other cards.
They are either too upset or are focused on hearing what they want to hear and nothing else. Free Tarot Readings Online is best utilized as a psychological device, a scheme to appear on your subconscious.
It can be so frustrating as a Tarot reader and I can imagine it is just as frustrating for the paying client. The Tarot is a complex system with many layers and it can be a life times work to study them.
Your Client is also brining their past, their experiences, their values and views to the reading so this is another set of elements that get put in the mix.

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