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I am honored to be an elder, a holistic practitioner with 20+ years of experience and wisdom. Michele is an Energy healer, Access Consciousness BARS Facilitator and Retreat leader in the international arena. Wakuha Blueflame is an Archangelic Shaman, Healer and Teacher, working with sacred energies in purity - in a private and group session. Wakuha's own spiritual journey started at an early age of 13 in her native Jakarta, Indonesia and the course of her life experience has opened her to realms of inner wisdom and truth. Jan's approach to reading the Tarot is to share the guidance she receives from the cards in a way that helps the client make informed decisions about their lives and consciously create their own futures. To Learn more about past lives Readings, and Communicating with The Departed with Andrea Angeliques , Press here.
Through Helix, a 4-year program in New York City, I have also been trained as a therapist and therefore understand the psychological aspects as well.
My goal is to identify and diffuse your spiritual and energetic blocks and to empower you through the understanding of co-creation with the Universe.
When you stop by along your path for a tarot reading with Novi, expect to be surprised by her accuracy. According to her Javanese belief, since life is continuous movement and reality changes all the time, we have to learn to know and respect what is there for us and at the same time not to get too attached to it. Shervin is a certified sound therapy practitioner and graduate of Fabien Maman's Tama-Do "Way of the Soul" Academy (started in 1986).

Before receiving his Tama-Do practitioner's certificate, Shervin Boloorian worked for several years as a policy worker and writer in Washington D.C. She offers spiritual healing to work on your personal issues and challenges that are currently blocking your way to love, peace and joy. She feels so free now – living in joy, gratitude and love – sharing the soul gifts she brings through her presence, her work and her beingness to support you in your own inner journey of truth and purity. It is clear to me that Spirit wants us to have counsel, to make choices about the future, and I ask that I am a channel of wisdom, clarity, and peace.
Channeling and intuitive guidance rely on my connection to Spirit Guides, their communication through me, and the symbolic imagery that arises.
For over a decade I have studied and trained with various healers and teachers, including renowned NYC-based Astrologer and Channeler Julie Winter, Shaman Alberto Villoldo, and the late Curandera Elena Avila. The information received during these sessions is not intended to give you absolute direction towards a specific outcome, but rather to support your journey along your personal and spiritual path. Her belief does not offer solutions, it does not promise salvation, neither does it guarantee success. She currently works in Bali and throughout Southeast Asia at several wellness centers offering workshops, retreats and private sessions. She leads Tibetan Bowls Sacred Meditation and Sacred Geometry Meditation as a series of Activation. She has enjoyed a 5-star rating on TripAdvisor and received much media recognition for her work of 30 years.

In integrity, compassion, and love, I tell the vision that I see, and am able to give particular details that are further elucidated for the client by the imagery of the cards.
She is a natural healer and has a gift for communicating issues from deep inside your unconscious mind to you very simply, just as they are revealed to her in the cards. Her belief is mainly a way, an instrument of life, for life and in life, not an end in itself. He currently manages communications for the BaliSpirit Group and splits his time between Bali and Northern Europe. Her highly empathic nature, together with her extensive training enables her to assist you with healing on all levels.
She shares, inspires and teaches the fundamental perspectives and practices of Meditation, Healing and Spirituality. Andrea has been studying and reading the Tarot for most of her adult life, beginning as a "love child" of the Seventies in colorful San Francisco. Just like the meditation it is a tool that helps us arrive somewhere, but once we arrive, we eventually have to let go of the tool.

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