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This Tarot Card Spread is designed to give you insight into why you are still holding onto the past and how to move on.
It is very difficult to move forward in our lives if we have our energy all wrapped up in the past – whether its an ex-lover, a past mistake, a betrayal or the alluring fantasy of what could have been – the sooner you set yourself free from the past, the sooner you can begin enjoying your life NOW!
I am completly new to this but did this reading formyself as I have the same issues as your friend.
So I will leave this up and hopefully other readers can chime in and give you their take on it. I’m learning Tarot myself and found your reading for your friend to be really interesting. On his end, the 4 of Pentacles might have something to do with trying to hold onto the relationship and wanting to be in control of the situation.
On her end, all the cards are turned away from him, which seems to be saying she is focused on herself. Description: This Tarot spread looks at an existing relationship and considers the factors involved for both partners. Classic 3-Card Spread This classical three-cards-spread can briefly point out the development of issues. Six Questions I Get Asked Most Fate or Free Will The question of whether a card in the future position is absolutely 'gospel' is a matter which often baffles until experience is gelled with feeling. In July of 1989, a controversial article crossed the managing editor's desk of an equally controversial magazine.

Reincarnation is in my opinion an overly simplified concept, designed to be easily understood and accepted by the general population. Wisconsin's Elizabethkingia outbreak has spread to Sheboygan County, according to an updated report from the state Department of Health Services on Wednesday. Jason Terry rejoins the Jet set after hitting a 3-pointer in the second half that helped him break a slump from long range as the Rockets held on to win.
Most Tarot readers start off using the three card (or simple) spread and often move on to the Celtic Cross. The first section illustrates the events and energies that surround the question, and seperates them into understandable aspects. Position 2: Represents the energies, obstacles, and conflicts that are affecting the questioner.
Position 6: Illustrates the energies that will manifest themselves into the present but are yet aspects of the future. The second part of this spread provides insight of thoughts, emotions, and the general internal information of the people involved (but focus mainly on the questioner). I found you on YouTupe – love your videos as your direct concise manner and your pleasant voice are great and inspiring. My guess is that this card is saying to let communication rest and for each of them to take some time to think about things on their own. This is just my personal interpretation based on the information you provided, but from the sound of it, you know what you are talking about with the situation and your thoughts of the reading.

If the querent is in a relationship and is unsure where it is heading then this is a good spread to consider.
The pastors urged the congregation to renew America and vote for a good Christian man, Ronald Reagan. I shuffled the cards as you said on another page and I swear I saw a light underneath the cards as I flipped them for a moment thank you for this great info and yay for finding a new and fascinating hobby! This friend just broke up with his girlfriend, and he is all confused about her ways of handling it all? In those times, it might be helpful to channel the energies of The High Priestess or The Magician to empower yourself and trust the impressions you are getting. This spread can also be extended to a Nine Card Spread using three cards for the past (top row), three cards for the present (middle row) and three cards for the future (bottom row). The hard part for me is, that on his side I got 3 fine clear minor arcana cards, but on her side I got a very different story? Like she actually does not contribute to the relationship as she is too concerned to handle herself?
The Celtic Cross: This spread gives a more general overview of your life and uses 10 cards.

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