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If you've been looking for a sign that the universe supports your highest hopes, this week will present you with a big gold star. Individual tarot decks and text are copyright under the names of the respective author and artist and may not be reproduced without written permission. The appearance of the Ace of Swords suggests the time is nigh for a new cycle of intellectual growth.
However, instead of going into a paranoid hidey-hole, use this awareness to figure how you're coming off to the powers-that-be.
In the case of questions regarding physical illness, and financial or legal issues, please remember therea€™s no substitute for consulting an appropriate professional. Whether your answer involves nurturing your family, redecorating your bedroom, planting a garden, or taking a luxurious bubble bath, it's time to plain do it.

Keep your eyes open: don't be surprised to find golden opportunities coming your way, or to find ways to Make It Work. Do your best to find balance between the spiritual and the physical, the intellectual and the emotional.
To paraphrase Joseph Campell, when you follow your bliss without fear, expect unexpected doors to appear.
If you're not feeling it, find ways to use your highest courage and integrity to shift the odds.
To quote the immortal Oscar Wilde, sometimes the only way to get rid of temptation is to give way to it.
Alternately, if you've been ruminating on a situation for too long, use this energy to suss out the truth.

Whichever concept you prefer, this week brings opportunities to put down roots where they're most desired. If you're not getting the material recognition you'd like, time to finetune your skill set for the marketplace.

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