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BT Reliable Web Site Hosting for businesses, organizations, individuals, manufacturers, professionals, portals, database driven websites and more. BT specializes in providing customized website solutions that helps its clients to make the most of their online initiatives. Beeravolu Technologies Technologies possesses a vast experience in Ecommerce Web Development. This is because the RTO offices will remain the same in every district, the staffers will more or less be the same and the records will remain in the same premises for all the motor vehicles registered from that particular office. This is quite idealistic, logical and prudent thinking, but the reality is quite different.
I am not very sure about the Bihar and Jharkhand and the Uttar Pradesh and Uttarkhand bifurcations that also could have resulted into similar situations. Coming to the very old (not vintage, but classic as the date was 1960 ) bifurcation of Maharashtra and Gujarat from the erstwhile Bombay state, the older BY and BM registrations were left untouched by the Maharashtra government and till today (even after 54 years) we have Bombay registered number plates running legally withour any hassles, whatsoever. This is how it should be actually, notwithstanding any sentiments or any other feelings, whatsoever.
I am pretty sure there are going to be PILs filing up in the court to stop this ridiculousness of old vehicles having to change the state code. FYI: Official news so far says that there is no decision yet on the change of number for old vehicles. First of all even though Hyderabad is the joint capital of the two states, it is declared that it is an integral part of only Telangana with facilities for governance such as legislature, secretariat and State head quarters given to the residuary Andhra Pradesh.
There are no PILs being accepted because of the fact that there is a go ahead with the bifurcation and post bifurcation processes given by the Supreme Court of India even though there are cases challenging the constitutionality of procedures followed in order to make the bifurcation possible. Even though someone had appealed that we should not talk about the politics and only talk about the repercussions of them for the registration process, I have gone ahead and talked of the politics because this is a clear instance of divide and rule and the creation of a new parochialism and citizens have to bear with all the difficulties that arise out of a process of governance which is itself rooted in this new parochialism.
So my point is that do not expect to find logical solutions to something which is a result of an illogical thinking on both sides. I'm curious what will happen if the new state decides to change tax rates for cars and demands that owners of AP regd cars pay the difference.
He went for registration of his new car after bifurcation but before this notification of change of code came in.
We went to RTO to check whether to make a number plate with the AP number or is there a change because this is a new car.
Even if they are informed, they would take 3-4 months to prepare and advertise these notifications in the public media like newspapers etc on the process to be adopted.

This levy of registration fee again (if it is actually the case) is patently unconstitutional -- and there's a strong chance of it being struck down if legally challenged. Originally Posted by Kumar R Legally speaking if the registration fee has already been paid levy of fee again for the exact same purpose (whatever the root cause) may likely be unconstitutional.
Re: AP to TS: Transfer of car registration from Andhra Pradesh to Telangana Here's hoping vickzkool is right and people won't have to pay any amount again!
This could be apocryphal but one of the English language dailies published from Hyderabad has claimed today that someone has gone to court challenging the move from TG to TS. Originally Posted by spittie Here's hoping vickzkool is right and people won't have to pay any amount again! Originally Posted by sadsack Originally TG had been allotted to Telangana but it had to be changed because the numerology crazy Chief Minister of the State found that TG was not good for him and upon the advice of various numerologists and astrologers decided to ask for change from TG to TS. The court was dealing with a petition filed by the Telangana Yuva Shakti, a political party represented by its president B Ram Mohan Reddy, who wanted the court to suspend the GO issued by the Telangana state government in this regard.
The number will have a new State code of TS and the district code which will be in numerals. Installation of High Security Number Plates (HSNP) for old vehicles to be re-registered is mandatory. Hyderabad: The long-delayed guidelines for re-registration of old vehicles from AP to TS have been finalised. Under the fresh guidelines, installation of High Security Number Plates (HSNP) for old vehicles to be re-registered is mandatory. However, re-registration will pose a problem for 1.25 lakh vehicle owners registered in any of the 13 Seemandhra districts in AP and plying in GHMC limits. While 73 lakh TS motorists just need to change their state and district codes, these 1.25 lakh owners, whose vehicles are registered in the 13 districts of AP, will have to get fresh numbers. The records are still maintained by the respective RTO offices in Mumbai, Pune, Nagpur, Kolhapur and in many other cities. Since Hyderabad is also the Capital of new state of AP, isn't vehicles plying in Hyderabad technical plying in the state of AP? So technically speaking if what the Chief Minister of the new state of Telangana says is true, even vehicles belonging to the government of post bifurcation Andhra Pradesh will have to have TS number plates. I guess we all have to brace for a new kind of politics and all the difficulties that come with them and hence we have no choice but to put up with inconvenience. Would have been nice if the authorities had thought this through- this move seems to be recipe for diasaster.

The person's contention is that all over the country when the name of a state has been abbreviated to two letters, both letters were in the name of the state itself.
The expenditure for re-registration has to be borne by the vehicle owners — Rs 350 for two-wheelers and Rs 550 for four-wheelers.
As far as the old registrations are concerned, I doubt it has anything to do with revenue rather everything to do with the egoistic political separatism that divided the state in the first place. What makes things even more difficult is that some ministers at the behest of the CM of the New Andhra Pradesh are setting up their own ministerial head quarters in Vijayawada or Guntur. Also with jingoism being prevalent among the populations on both sides, I do not think there will be too much support to the argument that leave the old number plates as they are. Will the Telengana government charge mutation fees for all land in the newly created Telengana for changing the Revenue Record address of all land parcels from 'AP' to 'TS'?? I really do not know why TG is cool and TS is not, to me they are just two letters of the English alphabet and this way or that is not going to make any difference. Can sales tax registration be levied once more from shopkeepers and commercial establishments for issue of new ST codes?? I am sure it is not going to take 10 years to construct a new building for the assembly or find a makeshift one. Will Telengana-domiciled lawyers be charged enrolment fees once again for enrolling with the Telengana Bar Council (when it comes into being) ???
The petitioner contended that the letter S is not there in Telangana so it cannot be called TS, even if it means Telangana State. The only reason that politicians from the other side have fought for Hyderabad as joint capital is to protect their own properties.
Ideally they should just leave old vehicle numbers unchanged, as they should have with the police uniforms.
The High Court will take its own time over this and god forbid if they decide that TS is not right you can add an increasing number of new car and bike owners who will have to change from TS to TG. Since the separatist movement was based in diversity in unity, the T CM does not want the word Andhra in anything that is in Telangana.

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