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Telephone DirectoryThe telephone directory got its start in the late 1800a€™s as a small list of business phone numbers. Telephone directories have also expanded to contain useful information like emergency telephone numbers, area codes, time zones and information on identity theft protection. A 1991 supreme court ruling that telephone companies do not have exclusive rights to listing telephone numbers opened the door for online directories. Using an online telephone directory can be faster because they are searchable and you do not need to flip through tons of pages to get to what you are looking for.
The telephone directory has grown and changed over time but still retains its basic purpose; to provide a way for people to find contact information for businesses and people.
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If you are looking for the Best prices or just to save money in the UK then you've hit the right Uk offer and compare place. We got all the latest, daily updated, discount codes and promotional codes here from some of the largest online stores and shops. It has humble beginnings but it has now grown incredibly large; listing all business, government agencies and individuals who have telephone numbers that are not private. The telephone directory grew to contain phone numbers for individuals, businesses and government agencies. Advertisements can be found throughout the business listings and even in other places like the back cover. Users can find the same information using an online telephone directory and sometimes even more since some have email address information as well. Many online telephone directories even contain reverse phone number lookup; which provides a way to find out who belongs to a certain phone number.

Whether you prefer a traditional printed version or an online version; a telephone directory will give you the information you need. Telephone directories both in traditional print and on the internet are used daily by people looking for contact information for people and businesses. It also became an address finder and lists both phone numbers and addresses for the people and businesses included in the directory.

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