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It is with great joy and anticipation that we sound the bugle for our annual homecoming at Medical College, Kolkata. Dear alumni, we at MCESA shall be striving to organize a fest which will not only transport us to the halcyon days of our youth but also enable us to stride into the ever-broadening future of scientific advancements. Please get in touch with these alumni and extend your support, suggestions and contributions to them.
Friends, it is indeed a privilege to invite you to be re-united at our dear Alma Mater from the 28th to 31st January, 2016. With innumerable mobile users in town it is hard to keep track of significant numbers of importance. RIM users have been provided with this massively productive service that ensures complete satisfaction and customer satisfaction while at the same time serving the purpose of enquiry. If you want to get yourself registered in the directory you need to call the customer support and they would take it further from there and do the necessary to get you listed. True to our hallowed traditions, the 82nd Annual Reunion of The Medical College Ex-Students’ Association will take place from 28th to 31st January, 2016 at the evergreen campus of our alma mater.
Preparations have begun in earnest to ensure that the 82nd Reunion remains etched in our collective spirits forever.
Let us, like migrating birds, flock to our nest for four wonderful days of reminiscence, festivity and bonding. It is even harder to get hold of numbers when you are on the move and cannot access yellow pages.

One needs to follow some easy and user friendly steps on their Reliance mobile to access this service.
It is recommended that you feed in person specific information otherwise the search will give you generalized results and finding the target individual would become a hassle among the huge list of hits.
While the Scientific programme promises to be an intellectual feast under the stewardship of Secretary: Dr.
Reliance India Mobile (RIM) offering the directory enquiry services makes it only possible for one RIM user to find the address or number of another RIM user.
However, in the case of yellow pages mobile numbers are seldom listed so this directory service becomes your sole source for finding out mobile phone numbers of importance.
In a totally different scenario where you need to find a person who lives outside your city area you need to select the State name followed by the city name with the correct spelling and then enter the first name or last name and click SEARCH. On the other hand, there are cases of unknown numbers disturbing our peace just because the local rates of calls and short message services (sms) are being provided at slashed down rates. In fact in future there would come a time in the near future when the directory service is made national and you would not see a need to have any numbers in your directory except for the directory enquiry services number. So it becomes crucial to have a source of information for all the numbers registered under the innumerous users in the country and to easily catch the culprit using the particular number that is the cause for the nuisance. Jyotirmoy Pal (94324 19151) and we shall be organizing several mid-term scientific activities under the able guidance of Chairperson Dr.
Once you are in the RIM directory slot depending on the information you have access to you need to select the appropriate options.

Arranging the entertainment events require great acumen and experience, and who are more able in this direction than the Hospitality Secretary Dr. As soon as the RIM directory enquiry service hits on the particular name, if listed, it will immediately pop up. The Reunion Exhibition has been entrusted to the energetic and enthusiastic shoulders of Secretary Dr. Ansuman Mitra (9831476392)  have promised to raise Cricket-Fever to the pitch on 24th of January 2016 (Previous Sunday of Foundation Day). Not only the  usual one even ladies have been invited to play among themselves in a separate match on the same day to raise the temperature further high.
Debasis Basu (9830492550) and Manab Nandy (9830835743), which will ensure that this homecoming remains fresh in our memories. The monumental task of raising funds has been entrusted to the strong and capable hands of Chairperson Dr.

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