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I remembered when I first heard about the word “Kundalini” was from my former yoga teacher some 14 years ago, she warned me about the danger of awakening this innate energy which could lead to many disorders like hallucination, sex perversion, depression and mental breakdown.
It was only after I met my master, Paramahamsa Nithyananda that I was given the right context from the enlightened consciousness which helped me to drop all the fears and welcome the awakening of this innate potential energy within me. Here I would like to put the right context and understanding about Kundalini energy given by my master. Kundalini Shakti(energy) is an extraordinary inner potential energy which is in every human being, it is the inner potential bio-energy, the possibility for God. In one recent research conducted in Inner Awakening programme on the participants by Nithyananda Dhyanapeetam, it showed that within 18 days of Kundalini initiation, all of the participants experienced 1,300% increase in mitochondria cell energy.  Usually the mitochondria cell energy can increase to maximum of only 25 to 30% from Yoga practice or physical workout. Fundamentally, each one decides what they want to become in life and put their attention in that direction, and they become that. Kundalini awakening is about activating the life energy in you, it should be done directly by an enlightened Master who is master of this science, in his presence, so that the Kundalini is not only awakened, but it is also made to travel in the proper direction. Here is the scale to find out whether your Master is master of Kundalini: He can awaken anybody’s Kundalini just by his casual will! In essence, Kundalini awakening when it is done by an enlightened master is the best thing that can happen to you because he not only heals you from all the diseases and makes you look young with a new body-mind, he also puts you on the path to Self-Realisation to ultimately experience God in you. Teo Siew Yong draws from over a decade's worth of experience in the Vedic healing arts of Yoga and Mediation to share the sacred knowledge and experiences of self healing and self discovery with people who are ready to look within. This entry was posted in Articles and tagged enlightenment, extraordianr, inner potential energy, kundalini awakening, kundalini shakti. Siew Yong (Ma Nithya Durgananda) is a featured author for “Conscious Business” in the best selling Adventures In Manifesting series along side with contributing thought leaders like Chris Farrell, Vishen Lakhiani Scott DeMoulin and many more. FREE ConsultationFREE 10-min no-obligation call to understand your requirement and see if I can help you and if you are suitable for a personalized programme which I am offering. In addition, the National Center for Health Statistics, a division of the US Centers for Disease Control reports that roughly 15% of those who do have home phone service make little or no use of it! So against this clear trend, why does our newest product, Fusion, include landline phone service? In designing Fusion, we hope to reset your expectations about both broadband and voice telephone service. But at the same time, this reduction in minutes of voice calling usage means a reduction in the usage related costs for carriers like us.
Our 411 service was intended from the outset to be free, rather than a fee of $1 or so that most other carriers charge.
But, as you point out, because we are not collecting $1 for every lookup, we cannot provide residential lookup. The moment you can port my old number to Fusion I’m in… any news on the ETA for number porting?
We have done ports of existing numbers to existing Fusion for two beta customers, and we found some problems in our order flow.
Seems I’m in the area but the type of connection my land line has at the junction box precludes me getting the service. Do you have any plans to upgrade your equipment to allow for additional input types and I just have to wait, or could I ask AT&T to change my physical hookup so it is compatible with your equipment?
It’s quite frustrating how much time one has to waste on the phone to sales trying to get accurate information that SHOULD be trivial to provide (and cheaper for Sonic to provide) on the web site. For existing customers on the Fusion platform, we can activate a new number now, and we’ve got a few customers in beta test on porting. When AC power fails, plan old phone lines often continue to work (as they did for many of us after the Loma Prieta earthquake for example). The only problem is that since the switch, I’m not receiving calls forwarded from my GV number to my landline.
Sorry for the confusion – we’re adding COs so rapidly that it’s likely a staff member was unaware that Palo Alto was live. My wife insists that we go with AT&T because of the lack of Call Waiting Caller ID and my concerns about emergency services in an earthquake. I hope you folks are working on a solution for this limitation in providing what might otherwise be an excellent alternative to what I (and undoubtedly many other potential customers currently have. We don’t have anything tangible to offer you today, but we are working on a few ideas. We still use our land line as our primary telephone because of clarity, convenience, and limiting calls while away from home. I understand your usage concerns, but Call Forwarding is a very useful feature for those of us who still consider our landline our primary phone. Support can now initiate a port of a number from any carrier over to an existing Fusion line.

Please, at least provide delayed-call-forwarding and busy-call-forwarding for those of us who prefer to stick with an existing voicemail solution.
Would going with Fusion, can I at least get downstream fast enough to stream movies from Netflix?
The one capability Fusion has that could be of help to you is the ability to bond two lines, for double the speed. We are rather conservative here when it comes to the economic modeling around our products (no debt; no loans, no leases, lots of care) which is the reason for omitting the call forwarding feature. It has a cost, which could be nominal or it could be large, depending upon where the line is forwarded and how much usage it gets. The basic issue is that Fusion is a bundle, with Internet and unlited nationwide calling, and lifeline cannot be applied to any service except basic voice. There are discussions at the FCC about expanding lifeline to Internet access, but that hasn’t happened yet.
There are a few area where Fusion is designed for cost efficiency, in order to deliver the maximum capabilities at the best possible cost.
Uniform availability of CNAM is one casualty of this drive to reduce costs and deliver a product with unprecedented value.
Overall I like what Sonic is doing, but I really wish you also (again) offered data-only Fusion. I signed up for 2 lines (love it), and at that time the tech suggested that I could have Sonic disconnect the second phone line if I didn’t need it (I do) to save on the taxes imposed by city, county, state, country (whew!). I have hesitated dropping my “Bell” POTS line because it seems to be the most resilient communications system in an emergency (earthquake) mostly because of the robust, redundant power supplies.
Yes, the voice product is traditional style line powered voice, so it will work during a local power outage. Even if I wanted to use the phone, I’d have to search out for a phone to buy to plug into this. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Quick contact to Hotmail messenger technical support professional’s team and resolves every issue related Hotmail. The telephone is the most familiar piece of technology in the workplace and its use is often taken for granted in the way we speak to our customers, the way relationships are forged or broken and the way information is relayed.
At that time the space I received this information was from fear, not the right understanding. It is time-tested, fool-proof, side-effect free science, evolved, experimented, experienced, and expressed by the great Vedic inner scientists – rishis. When the Kundalini energy is awakened, not only does it bring tremendous energy into our mitochondria cell energy levels, it completely recreates, rejuvenates our inner organs, energy levels.
The DNA at the molecular level, the most basic unit of our physical construction is thoroughly awakened by Kundalini awakening. Even fear and greed awakens the Kundalini, but, each time the fear or greed awakens Kundalini, it actually weakens us! Kriyas – the combination of breathing, visualization, verbalisation, all these processes put together is called “Kriya”.
So, Kundalini also awakens in people who want it, who are ready to experience it, who are really interested in it. You trying to awaken your own Kundalini is equivalent to you trying to do open heart surgery for yourself!
I don’t think customers want to drop home phone service, but everyone clearly wants to stop spending money on overpriced phone service that they make very little use of.
The fact is that people use landline voice less than ever before, while per-minute usage costs are dropping for carriers.
Landlines don’t drop calls like mobile phones often do, and the voice quality is better so you can really understand the person you are talking to. Reliable 911 service which provides physical address information to emergency responders is a key lifeline, and it’s awful that so many households do without because it has been overpriced. But fast and inexpensive Fusion Broadband+Phone delivers the fastest broadband plus included landline phone. We partner with Google 411 for this service, and it includes call connect, which is often yet another fee from most carriers.
We have seen a shift to unlisted numbers in most cases, and this seemed like the best compromise in order to avoid fees.
Does Sonic take care of canceling my AT&T landline and DSL services or is that something I have to coordinate after ordering the Fusion bundle online, and do I have to be home for installation? Your current wiring remains in place, and is just moved to our equipment in the central office. An emergency call with AT&T directly goes to the CO where it is directly switched to the local emergency service.

You should expect a similar level of reliability with out landline service as you do with ATT.
The only workaround suggested was to port the number back to AT&T for a minute, at which point you guys could grab it. This arrangement works quite decently for the voice and DSL service on my existing POTS line, though the combination is speed-limited and a bit more expensive than I think it needs to be.
I hoped that since the number was originally an AT&T number, that it might make that more possible. Send me an email and I’ll put you together with someone who can assist with getting this rolling. We cannot both establish new service and port at the same time due to different intervals, so if you do not have Fusion yet, just order, then request the port when it is established. Problem I have now with AT&T is I am at the minimum Downstream and Upstream speeds average around 700 kbps Download Speed and 320 kbps Upload Speed. For example, we streamline by only offering a single product and configuration; uncapped full speed, with phone.
Is the Fusion phone line equally likely to work when, for instance, the electricity goes out? Land line POTS (plain old telephone service) is an important safety net in a widespread emergency such as an earthquake. The ability to communicate in a prompt, friendly and professional manner is essential to creating the right impression and getting your message across. From this misunderstanding, the cognition I made at that time was not to awaken my Kundalini energy for fear of all the dangers. Kundalini energy is responsible for whether we experience emotional fulfilment, Bhakthi (devotion), we experience enlightenment through devotion, or we experience enlightenment through knowledge and wisdom. Kundalini energy is the fulfilment of our lowest basic incompletions like sex, hunger to the highest fulfilment and completion like Enlightenment, expressing the Cosmic Union. Not only can it bring tremendous physical health, mental health, emotional fulfilment but it can also manifest extraordinary experiences and powers and joy in your personality.
Kundalini awakening makes one look young because when the mitochondria cell increases, the degradation process of our cell energy stops. Unless it is your guru who has already proved that he is a master of this science, it is not advisable to go for any of these Kundalini processes. Disconnections are accelerating, with 1% of consumers dropping their landline home phone service each quarter.
Landline service is also useful for fire and burglar alarm systems, medical alert systems, gates and call boxes and more. And because landline voice service is DC (direct current) powered from the central office, it works even when your household power is out. AT&T has played around and when they set it at higher speeds my connection is unstable. Database lookups to fill in the missing ones are simply not built into the cost of the product.
By your logic (line costs the same + keep it simple) static IP should just be included shouldn’t it? Love it, except I’d like to move all this to ADSL2 and what Speakeasy charges for that is completely nuts. This developing effective telephone skills training course will enable delegates to develop, or refresh, the techniques and skills needed to make and take calls effectively. Whatever achievement happens in our life, whether in the form of wealth or in the form of power or in the form of health, or in the form of happiness, or in the form of fulfilment, everything in life, Kundalini is the source. If the Kundalini energy can be awakened and directed, it can get anything we want. When this energy is awakened, the basic incompletions like hunger, sex, all that gets completely completed and it raises the very level we perceive our self. In Vedic tradition, it is very important to have a Siddha Guru, means an enlightened Guru, not only who has experienced his Kundalini completely awakened, but who has also awakened thousands of people’s Kundalini. From my own experience, if you have the right Master, there won’t be any problem and side-effect by awakening your Kundalini.
This makes the incremental cost of delivering landline voice alongside the broadband data very low. With Fusion the call is placed on Sonic’s fiber loop at the CO, routed to your datacenter in Santa Rosa, and then routed back somehow to the Santa Clara CO.
According to Paramahamsa Nithyananda, awakening the Kundalini energy can heal many diseases including cancer just in forty-eight hours!

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